Monday, March 6th, 2006

12 Perfect Cases for Ajax

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Mats Henricson has posted what he thinks are the “12 Perfect Cases” (situations) for Ajax to be used in:

I’ve spent quite some time creating a 2 hour long Ajax course in Swedish. At the end of the course I list 12 cases where I think Ajax is a perfect fit, inspired by Alex Bosworth’s 10 Places You Must Use Ajax, which really only has 6 cases. Well, here is my list. I know some of the cases are closely related, and some of them may be out of order when you try them out.

Among those on the list, the following are included:

  • Rating, voting, yes/no – such as or Blinklist
  • Direct validation of form data – as seen on Remember the Milk’s signup page
  • Automatic update – saving form data once the user is done with the field (named microcontent by AjaxPatterns)
  • Filtering data – as is on Amazon’s diamon search utility

For each of his examples, he explains a bit what they are and gives examples of sites that use the method. It’s interesting to seem them boiled down like this, that Ajax development has already come so far as to have these “prefect fits” for when it’s best to use it. Of course, I’m sure there are just as many more out there in development that could be added to this list soon enough…

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