Friday, July 1st, 2005

Google Maps Iterations

Category: Mapping, Showcase

It is nice to see the Google Maps team tweaking and updating the application constantly. The latest addition has been the migration from the text links for Satellite and Map mode, to buttons on the map itself. My guess is this has been done as: It is in your face. The user is watching the Read the rest…

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Rico LiveGrid: No more next/prev!

Category: Examples, Library

Bill Scott of Sabre and the Rico team decided to add and release LiveGrid functionality. They want to banish NEXT/PREV from the web with this technique, which lets you use a scrollbar to automatically grab more info. You keep scrolling, it keeps fetching. Demos To see LiveGrid in action check out: Basic LiveGrid Yahoo! Search Read the rest…

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TIBCO Ajax Accelerator Program

Category: Ajax

TIBCO announced an Ajax Accelerator Program for their TIBCO General Interface. TIBCO General Interface encapsulates the complexities of asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and adds powerful features including robust component libraries, visual tooling, step-through debugging, automated memory management and other enterprise-grade services, making TIBCO General Interface the flexible choice for professional developers. TIBCO General Interface Read the rest…

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