Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Free Book Chapter: Google Maps API and Ajax

Category: Books

The Pragmatic Programmers recently released a short title in their new Pragmatic Fridays set of short books. Their latest book is devoted to the Google Maps API, and the Pragmatic Programmers have given the chapter on Ajax for members to download for free. Scott Davis, the author, gets deep into the API, and covers: Read the rest…

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Dojo done quick

Category: Articles, Dojo, JavaScript, Toolkit

Andy Smith has posted an article (if thats 404, try this) about getting up to speed with Dojo quickly. He takes a simple javascript example and walks through the steps of converting it to a Dojo widget. Dojo’s packaging system, event system, and widgets are covered. Note that he is using the latest Subversion checkout Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Contact Manager Demo

Category: ColdFusion, Examples, Showcase

John Theis has built a demo ajaxian contact manager, using ColdFusionMX and SQL Server. The demo ties Ajax calls to select, insert, update, delete and search, and the widget itself is dragable, and minimizable. The demo comes along with source code for CF heads.

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DomAPI: JavaScript Toolkit

Category: Toolkit

DomAPI is an application-centric development environment targeted at version 5.0 or better browsers running on Windows, MacOS and Linux, written by the authors of JSCruncherPro. It has a lot of components, and also has an RPC Wrapper. The components need a designer to go through and pretty them up though. Components DomAPI comes with a Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Tooltip.js: Creating simple tooltips

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit, UI, Usability

Tooltip.js is a simple library that builds on top of Prototype and You can create tooltips programatically, or just by using special CSS classes. CSS Styling Tooltips The most simple example is to add a div with the class of tooltip immediately after the item that you wish to activate a tooltip. E.g. <p>Click Read the rest…

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IE Leak Tool: Drip 0.3 Released

Category: Browsers, IE, JavaScript, Utility

We announced Drip, the IE Leak Detector back in June. Since then, the project got picked up by Matthias Miller, and his team has released a new version of the tool. The new features of Drip are: Major enhancements include: Drip now supports popup windows. (Note that the “Auto-Refresh” button does not apply to popup Read the rest…

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How to make XMLHttpRequest calls to another server in your domain

Category: Articles

Abe Fettig, of JotLive and Twisted fame, has written up his experiences trying to get XMLHttpRequest calls working across domains. He discusses three approaches that he took to make this happen: The naive approach Abe verified that he couldn’t access one domain from another. Using an iframe and document.domain iframes aren’t limited to pulling pages Read the rest…

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Monday, November 28th, 2005

Rejax: Ajax Regex Tester

Category: Utility

Brendon Crawford has created a little Regular Expression Tester called Rejax, that gives you instant feedback on your test regex queries. Brendon built the engine on his AJFORM Ajax toolkit, and it allows you to query both PHP and JavaScript-style regular expressions. I wrote about a regex application called Regex Coach, and would love to Read the rest…

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JavaScript Utilities Project

Category: Utility

The creatively named JavaScript Utilities Project is oriented at developing a set of tools and components geared toward enhancing the development model around JavaScript as used for implementing rich Web applications. The project introduces the notion of .jsx (extended JavaScript) and .jsa (JavaScript assembly) files. JSX files provide the ability to include conditional code via Read the rest…

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Tradeover: Trading Simulation

Category: Showcase

Tradeover is a new Ajax trading simulation, a multi-user game. Shades of, 37Signals’ wakeup call to online banks. New trading technologies are just the thing for every bubble :-). XMLHttpRequest is used to speed up navigation, and there’s a nice multi-user feature: a chart showing current user count is updated every fifteen seconds. Awareness Read the rest…

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Using Selenium to test asynchronous calls

Category: JavaScript, Testing, Toolkit

Joseph Moore recently wrote about how his team is working with Selenium to test their ajax apps. Most of the normal Selenium actions weren’t working well for the ajax calls, as they are expecting synchronous communication. So Joseph used the “waitForValue” and “waitForCondition” features, which can just sit and watch for the DOM or input Read the rest…

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Sunday, November 27th, 2005 – a German community site for Ajax

Category: Ajax

Dominik Hahn has started a German Ajax community site called, and is looking to support the German Ajax community. So if you are looking for discussion and resources for ajax in German, give his new site a try.

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Gollum Wikipedia Browser

Category: Showcase

Gollum is a “browser within a browser” app specialised for wikipedia reading. The aim is provide a simpler interface and some value-add features. Rendering a wiki with an Ajax app is also an idea used in the Ajax Patterns Reader (featured earlier). There are also Ajax wikipedia mashups like Placeopedia. All of this will likely Read the rest…

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Friday, November 25th, 2005

Forbes Article: A, J, and X for Your Business Needs

Category: Business

A new Forbes article introduces Ajax’s benefits to business in a novel way: what’s offered by the A, the J, and the X. … It’s Asynchronous! Writely‘s Sam Schillace: “In terms of using asynchronous processing, the most significant is to send small updates back to the server from the editor as the user is working Read the rest…

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OpenLaszlo 3.1: XMLHttpRequest Added

Category: Flash, Toolkit

OpenLaszlo 3.1 has been released. OpenLaszlo is an open-source platform for the development and delivery of rich Internet applications on the World Wide Web. The OpenLaszlo platform consists of three main components: The OpenLaszlo compiler takes an OpenLaszlo source files and compiles it into a Flash file that runs in any browser. The OpenLaszlo Runtime Read the rest…

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Web Browser Developers Work Together on Security

Category: Security

It was great to see browser developers getting together to take on security: Core KDE developer George Staikos recently hosted a meeting of the security developers from the leading web browsers. The aim was to come up with future plans to combat the security risks posed by phishing, ageing encryption ciphers and inconsistent SSL Certificate Read the rest…

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