Friday, December 2nd, 2005

6 Places You Must Use Ajax

Category: Editorial

Alex Bosworth has written up his thoughts on areas that you must use Ajax, and areas in which you shouldn’t. Places you must use Ajax Form driven interaction. Forms are slow. Very slow. Editing a tag on a bookmark? Click on the edit link to load the edit bookmark form page, then edit the Read the rest…

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Taking Firefox 1.5 for a ride with SVG and Canvas

Category: Browsers, Canvas, Firefox

As soon as Firefox 1.5 comes out, people want to play with some of the shiny nobs. SVG: How Did The Moon Get Into Orbit? One of the early post-release examples of SVG support on Firefox 1.5 was this demo showing moon orbits. If you take a peak into the source you see the magic Read the rest…

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Real-world Rails RJS templates

Category: Ruby

Ajax is getting even easier for Rails developers. Scott Raymond has talked about his first use of RJS Templates for IconBuffet. Using RJS, Scott was able to get rid of a bunch of JavaScript and replace it: This addition allows you to generate Javascript from Ruby, which can be returned by Ajax calls and evaluated Read the rest…

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Google Yahoo! Challenge: Maps and Mail

Category: Ajax, Examples, Flash, Mapping

Jon Aquino has done a cool demo with Google Maps side by side with Yahoo Maps, with Yahoo’s Ajax and Flash versions. Although this doesn’t really have much practical day-to-day use (especially because you can’t search for an address), its could be valuable for comparing the source code for the three different APIs. Note that Read the rest…

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005

New in JavaScript 1.6: E4X , Array Extensions, String generics

Category: JavaScript

Now Firefox 1.5 is out, Mozilla keeps moving. The Mozilla Developer Center wiki has posted a few nuggets on JavaScript 1.6. E4X Info ECMAScript for XML (E4X) is a powerful technology for creating and processing XML content within JavaScript. We’re going to continue to improve our E4X support, including adding transparent integration with the existing Read the rest…

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Tuning Ajax

Category: Articles

Dave Johnson has written a piece on Tuning Ajax. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about and likely even used AJAX. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is becoming an increasingly pervasive deployment methodology, which necessitates that people start to both understand how it works and actually consider it more seriously as an enterprise-level development Read the rest…

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Delancey: Online Bookmark Manager

Category: Showcase

DeWitt Clinton, of A9, recently launched Delancey, an Ajax-rich application that enhances the social bookmarking service. Delancey presents an alternate view of a user’s bookmarks by keeping track of which ones are used most frequently.

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Audible Ajax Episode 9: Glenn Vanderburg Interview

Category: Podcasts

In our ninth show, we interview Glenn Vanderburg, a top class technologist, on his views on JavaScript as a programming language, and Ajax. This episode is very timely, giving the posting on ‘JavaScript and “Serious” Programmers’. Glenn explains the power of JavaScript (as well as some of its quirks), and how we need to take Read the rest…

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Ultra-Lite Content Management with Dobrado

Category: Showcase

Dobrado is an open-source windowing system, with free-floating, draggable, Portlets, as we’ve seen with Protopage, the Backbase Windows Demo, and Bindows. The focus for Dobrado is on easy content management. Each portlet contains some rich text, and users edit that text with the easy-to-use FCKEditor toolbar. Overall, it’s a very simple way for non-techies to Read the rest…

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QuirksBlog: JavaScript and “Serious” Programmers

Category: Programming

Peter-Paul Koch asks: Who will create the AJAX apps? In his view, client-side programmers aren’t qualified: I think that client side programmers can use a bit of education in application design and software development. Typically, our scripts are rather small, both in extent of user interaction and in number of lines, and they don’t constitute Read the rest…

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