Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Forget Your Passwords with Agatra

Category: Security, Showcase

Agatra is a new service for managing all your passwords. Based on your Agatra master password, it will maintain a list of logins and passwords for all your favourite websites. It’s more than a memory tool, because Agatra’s list of sites will actually launch the links – in most cases, you can login automatically from Read the rest…

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SafariTest: Browser Testing for non-Mac folk

Category: Browsers, Utility

We talked about in a past entry. If you have a lot of the browsers covered, but really need a way to check out Safari, then you can use SafariTest. Other than just supporting Safari, there are some issues: frames and Flash movies are not perfectly supported if your page uses client-side redirection you Read the rest…

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Web 2.0 Startup

Web 2.0 Technology Experts/Developers (Hands-on) This is an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity for Web 2.0 technology experts who have a passion and commitment for starting a hi-tech internet company with a distinctive value proposition. Only serious-minded entrepreneurial candidates, who are willing to work with like-minded dynamic spirited entrepreneurs, may apply. Candidates applying now will be considered Read the rest…

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Claw: PHP frameworks get Ajax

Category: Examples, PHP

Claw is one of the latest Ajax PHP frameworks. The latest version of Claw has integrated Prototype. The templates look like this: <html> <head> <title>{$title}</title> {ajax->init} {ajax->autowrap on=false} {tpl->script} {ajax->create_updater item=’time’ to=’ajaxTime’} {ajax->repeat name=’time’ do=$time_updater delay=5} {ajax->create_updater item=’hello’ use_form=’hint_form’ to=’ajaxHello’ claw_is=’ajaxified’} {ajax->create_updater item=’source’ to=’ajaxSource’} {/tpl->script} </head> <body onload=”{$time_repeater}”> <div id=”hello” style=”background-color: #EEEEEE;”> {$message} </div> <form Read the rest…

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24 Eyes: Ajaxian RSS Dashboard

Category: Portal, Showcase

Kevin Rose of said “man, recently we keep seeing more and more portals out as Ajax examples”. Well, we have another one with 24 Eyes. Special features of include: RSS Dashboard with at-a-glance news overview Web 2.0 user interface with instant personalization Multi-country services with local content Preconfigured content with 200+ catalogs Social Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Ajax is Here to Stay

Category: Editorial

Andre Charland has chimed in with his thoughts on why Ajax isn’t just about hype, and that it is here to stay, with his top ten list: Open Standards Based Usability and User Experience Are King Cross Browser and Cross Platform Benefits of Regular Web Applications Low Incremental Cost Plays Nicely with Flex and Flash Read the rest…

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Extra Tasty: Alcohol + Ajax

Category: LiveSearch, Showcase

Extra Tasty is the latest site by Skinny Corp. This community surrounds Alcohol, and shows you why Web 2.0 is here. We need to make things easier for alcoholics to use the web! There is definitely room for more Ajax on this site, especially around the collaboration features.

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Proxy Systems Ajax DNS Tools

Category: PHP, Showcase, Utility

Cotton and the folks over at Proxy Systems have released an Ajax Netadmin / DNS tool. If you head over to the tool area you will find: Live DNS DNS Traversal HTTP Headers Whois Search IP Whois RBL Search Ping DNS Report

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CSS Quick Tip: overflow: hidden; and IE

Category: CSS, Tip

I have run into the same issue with three projects in a couple of weeks. The issue is a common one, and it comes out as IE not listening to your CSS dimensions. For example, take this blog. We commonly attach images to our posts, and what if we post a large image? The rightbars Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

When do DOM elements become available?

Category: JavaScript

Dave Flanagan asks: when do DOM elements become available to embedded scripts? (i)f you have an element <div id=”foo”>, when can you call getElementById(‘foo’) and be sure that you’ll get a valid result?” It should be so simple! Most people rely on window.onload, though that’s usually later than need be, and Dave comments that it’s Read the rest…

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DPolls: An Ajax Pollster

Category: Showcase

DPolls is an Ajax incarnation of the polling genre. Interaction occurs in-page, without any need for refresh, which is perfect for encouraging people to actually vote. When you choose an option, you’ll see a progress indicator appear, followed by an animation showing the results growing to their rightful size. The animation seems a little gratuitous, Read the rest…

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TIBCO GI: Community Developer

Community Developer – Palo Alto, CA Job Description TIBCO General Interface seeking JavaScript star with technical writing skills to lead TIBCO General Interface developer community interaction and content. TIBCO® General Interface is a rich Internet application (RIA) framework and visual development environment built entirely in JavaScript, DHTML, XML/XSL which enables developers to create extremely interactive Read the rest…

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xajax 0.2 Stable Released

Category: PHP

J. Max Wilson of xajax has released version 0.2 stable of the PHP Ajax framework. Some of the changes The character encoding method for the XML response data will now honor the XAJAX_DEFAULT_CHAR_ENCODING constant defined in “” by default. To change a specific XML response, use the setCharEncoding() method to specify the encoding method. Note Read the rest…

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JavaScript: Marriage of Dynamic and Static a killer feature?

Category: Editorial

Jon Udell wrote an opinion piece titled ECMAScript: The Switzerland of development environments? in which he discusses the progress of JavaScript, er ECMAScript. He puts together a bunch of threads from seeing Macromedia’s Flex 2, to hearing Charles Petzold talk questioning “Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?”. In the end he comes to a hypothesis Read the rest…

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Accessibility / Section 508 with Ajax/Atlas

Category: Accessibility

Over on the .Net side, Wally is talking about Accessibility / Section 508 with Ajax/Atlas When people talk about Accessibility, I think of Section 508 and allowing blind/disabled people to use an application. I put this small test of Atlas together for a blind friend of mine to test. It is located here. It seems Read the rest…

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AjaxTrans and Ads

Category: Showcase

We recently posted about AjaxTrans which has been updated with another proof of concept. This time Joel Parish has added an example of calling out to ads as you type! This is exactly why the critics who cried “Ajax will kill Ads because there will be less page loads” were so wrong. We just need Read the rest…

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