Thursday, February 16th, 2006

JavaScript Style Guide

Category: Dojo, JavaScript

Ah the hours of arguing over coding style. We have all been there. It starts with: Should our team/company have guidelines? And then it gets to: { braces MUST be on the same line, are you NUTS!!! It is often good to look at what others are doing, and the Dojo Toolkit has their Javascript Read the rest…

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Thoughts on the Ajax Toolkit Spectrum from a Microsoft-ie

Category: Editorial, JavaScript, Toolkit

Harry Pierson of Microsoft has replied to the other Dion’s Ajax spectrum with his own thoughts. With respect to AJAX toolkits, the question becomes just how easy will these lightweight toolkits compose? Because while Dion describes Google Maps as “a simple JavaScript include”, that’s just the technicalities, it doesn’t begin to deal with the semantics. Read the rest…

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Mastering Ajax with IBM developerWorks

Category: Examples, Programming, XmlHttpRequest

The IBM developerWorks site has posted several parts of a series related to working with Ajax, building developers up from knowing nothing about the technology to some of the more advanced features it offers. There are three parts to the series that have been posted: Part 1 is an introduction to Ajax – what it Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

TIBCO GI: Software Engineer

Category: TIBCO

Job Description TIBCO Software Inc. currently has openings for two software engineers to work on the TIBCO General Interface product. TIBCO General Interface is a mature AJAX software development platform with an established customer base and real-world deployment. We have been in market for over four years and were recently awarded the 2006 Technology of Read the rest…

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Zetools: Ajax dhtml/JavaScript Programmer

Los Angeles based EMMY Award Winning Interactive Television and Digital Media Company – seeks extremely smart, down-to-earth, experienced individuals who want to be challenged with highly visible, cutting-edge projects involving Video-On-Demand content from the top ten national media brands. We’re seeking top-notch, talented JavaScript and AJAX developers to join our crack team full-time, or on Read the rest…

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Cross-Domain XML

Category: JavaScript, Remoting

Like it or not, there’s plenty of people who want to do cross-domain remoting. The typical technique is via script tags, and since this means the response must be valid Javascript, JSON is usually the message format. But what if you want to grab some XML instead of a JSON-formatted object? Dave Johnson explains how Read the rest…

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 9:40 am

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Two kinds of AJAX: HTML++ vs Client / SOA

Category: Ajax, Programming

On the SitePoint PHP Blog, Harry Fuecks discusses what he sees as the two types of Ajax applications out there – “HTML++” and the standard “Client/SOA” model. Think this needs stating clearly, following the comment from Bill Edney on of technicalpursuit (Tibet), and because I think it reflects experiences people are having with AJAX. In Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 8:51 am

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Ajax Agent: Open Source Ajax Toolkit

Category: JavaScript, Library, Perl, PHP, Toolkit

Ajax Agent is another Ajax toolkit/library/framework created by some old Ajax pro’s (the Lead Architect behind Onepage Portal Server (now Sybase Enterprise Portal) & one of the core engineers behind the Content Express For Microsoft Commerce Server). Their aim is to make Ajax work as simple as possible. The PHP version offers three steps to Read the rest…

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CFAjax: What it is and How to Use it

Category: Ajax, ColdFusion, Programming, Toolkit

On DevArticles today, there’s a new article posted that looks a a seldom mentioned branch of the Ajax development family tree – ColdFusion integration – and a package that makes it possible, CFAjax. This is for ColdFusion aficionados who want to use Ajax. Ajax is implemented in such a way that ColdFusion method calls on Read the rest…

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3.8 rating from 54 votes 1.5.2 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype, the quality effects library, has a new release featuring auto-scrolling draggables. New Features Added auto-scroll option to Draggables and Sortables, activate with scroll: ‘id_of_scroll_container_element’. See test/functional/dragdrop3_test.html for usage/demo Add limit option to effect queues to limit the maximum number of effects in a queue, new unit tests for scoped effect queues, fixes #3498 [thx Read the rest…

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4.1 rating from 23 votes iTunes Counter: Now it’s a billion

Category: Showcase

We featured the original iTunes counter but Dunstan Orchard and team. Now they are up to a billion, and they have a new countdown going on. This time, not only do they have the count, but they have a moving list of album art that has been purchased. You can check out how it works Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Debunking Strong Misconceptions About Cross-Domain Ajax Security Issues

Category: Ajax, Programming, XmlHttpRequest

On the Technoblog, there’s a new post that seeks to debunk misconceptions about some of the issues that have come up surrounding the use of cross-domain Ajax connections. Quite a number of people have been discussing possible cross-domain Ajax security issues recently. These are smart people that generally know their technologies very well, but for Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 3:12 pm

3.6 rating from 37 votes – Tutorials, News, Workshops, etc.

Category: Ajax, Articles, Examples, JavaScript, Programming

There’s a new site offering some Ajax help for everyone out there, from beginner to pro – It calls itself a “resource for ajax tutorials as well as information surrounding Ajax and web 2.0”. The site aggregates some of the better Ajax-related tutorials and information out there. So far, they have a few tutorials, Read the rest…

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Bending HTTP until it breaks

Category: Ajax, XmlHttpRequest

Kris Wehner brings up a good point in this latest blog entry today – that Ajax inherently can cause more trouble to the server than it might be worth. I’ve said before that I’ve been watching the AJAX fad with keen interest over the last few months, waiting for the inherent problems to start eclipsing Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 2:50 pm

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Audible Ajax Episode 15: Kevin Hakman of TIBCO

Category: Podcasts, TIBCO

Ben and I had the pleasure of visiting TIBCO GI head quarters in the valley. They showed us their tools, and we got to interview Kevin Hakman about all things Ajax, including their recent announcement on pricing and features. What we cover on the podcast When did TIBCO start in the Ajax business? Why did Read the rest…

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AJAX and Unit Testing – it’s time to mingle

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Testing

Jim Plush has a new post over on his blog today suggesting the “mingling” of two things that can help to make more powerful, robust web applications – Ajax and Unit testing. I’ve decided to write a little two part introduction into unit testing your AJAX applications with JSUnit. AJAX applications now are adding a Read the rest…

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