Friday, June 16th, 2006

Are all AJAX homepages doomed?

Category: Editorial, Web20

In this new article, E-Consultancy asks the question “Are all Ajax homepages doomed?” Dozens of personalised homepages have emerged over the past 18 months as developers started to programme lovely drag and drop interfaces, allowing users to customise the layout of their personal homepage. Cool technology, great use of AJAX, but is there trouble ahead? Read the rest…

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What Would World Wide Web Developers Do?

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Survey

While not specifically Ajax-related, I definitely think that this new post on Jeff Attwood’s blog shares some very valuable information about the environment we all develop in – web browsers – and the usage trend he’s seeing on his site. To get an idea of what web developers are using — as compared to typical Read the rest…

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Using Ajax Agent and PHP for Auto-Complete

Category: PHP, Programming has a new tutorial today from Jay demonstrating how to use the AjaxAgent software (a PHP library) to create an auto-complete text box for your site. In this HOWTO I will explain how to use AjaxAgent and PHP to create an Ajax Auto-Complete box with a drill-down list of data. Although the state of Read the rest…

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Thursday, June 15th, 2006

AJAX Storage Security

Category: Articles, Security, Storage

Corey Benninger of Foundstone has written a paper on Ajax Storage Security (pdf): I wanted to let you know Foundstone has a white paper on their website about AJAX Storage from a security angle. The paper focuses mainly on where Flash shared objects (used in Dojo), and IE persistence user-data, gets stored on the local Read the rest…

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Netflix Purchase Dialog

Category: Showcase

Netflix is up to it again. This time they have added a feature for buying DVDs on the Netflix site. This makes the purchase process simple. Like the Queue-Add feature, this is also modal. Printing of the receipt can be done from within the box, without loading an additional page.

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Matton Image Lightboxes

Category: Showcase

Matton Images has created an Ajax version of lightboxes. A Lightbox being defined as a place to store images that one might be interested in before purchasing. Traditionally, Lightboxes have been a nightmare to use and manage. Ajax allows our users to quickly add images to a Lightbox, through a drag and drop interface. It Read the rest…

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Ajax anti-patterns

Category: Ajax, Usability

In this blog entry from Ed Burnette, he voices some opinions about what he calls “Ajax anti-patterns”, things that Ajax sites need to watch out for as they’re developing their sites. Microsoft recently rolled out, a beta Ajax home page, to mixed reviews. The interesting part to me in all this are the lessons Read the rest…

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AJAX Developers Tell Microsoft IE Is Not Enough

Category: Editorial, JavaScript

It looks like Ajax developers out there are finally getting to the point of wanting more out of their tools – including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. According to this article over on eWeek, the popular vote at the recent Microsoft TechEd (2006) from developers when asked how many work cross-platform was an almost completely unanimous “yes”. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

An axe to grind with Ajax

Category: Editorial

In his latest column for, Alex Krapf talks about his “axe to grind” with Ajax. Recently, my buzzword detector went off when I tried to attend the monthly New England Java Users Group meeting and found myself wait-listed: The room with a capacity of about 300 was oversubscribed by a factor of two. What Read the rest…

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Understanding Ajax (Prentice Hall)

Category: Ajax

Joshua Eichorn mentions, in this new blog post not only that he’s getting married (congrats!) but also about a new Ajax-related book that he’s been working on: Understanding Ajax (Prentice Hall). The book is finally into production and I’m just starting to get some chapters back from the copy editor. I do have one thing Read the rest…

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A Yahoo Mail Ajax Worm?

Category: Ajax, Editorial

Web applications, just like any other environment, can have their share of issues. Thrown something as dynamic as Ajax into the mix and you could have some real problems if it’s left unchecked. Unfortunately, as Eric Pascarello mentions in this new blog post, there just might be one such issue with one of the larger Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Java and Ajax Webinar

Category: Java, Recording

eBusiness Applications’ Dave Johnson will be presenting a live webinar tomorrow on Implementing Ajax with Java. June 14, 2006 – 2:00pm EDT, 11:00am PDT. Register here. Topics covered: What is AJAX and what are the basic technologies The basics of the Java DWR AJAX Framework What are the critical application architecture decisions How should developers Read the rest…

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Google Ajax Search API

Category: Google, JavaScript, Library

Google has released a new search API that lets you add an Ajax version of Google Search to your site (instead of just a simple search box that heads off to Google land). As well as the API itself, you can take a look at the search module as an example:

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MxGraph: Clientside visual graphing

Category: Showcase

MXGraph has been released, which shows you how to build interactive visuals simply from your browser: MxGraph is JGraph in a browser. It uses Javascript, SVG and VML, along with an XML communications protocol to provide an interactive graph visualization toolkit in a standard Internet browser. The demo of MxGraph is a pure client-side implementation, Read the rest…

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Is “Asynchronous” Really Used in Ajax?

Category: Remoting, Usability

“A” may stand for Asynchronous, but PPK recently asked his readers if people are really exploiting the asynchronous nature of Ajax. Are there really situations where the user can do something while a request takes place? For instance, GMail makes an asynchronous call to grab some mail data – do you actually play around with Read the rest…

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GWT in the Wild: Mortgage Calculator

Category: Google, Showcase

From Colorado Homefinder comes this real-world example of GWT to implement a mortgage calculator. CTO Anthony Francavilla says it was the perfect opportunity to try out GWT – a self-contained project and “something useful we could put into production right away”. The team will be blogging about their experiences and the first installment is already Read the rest…

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