Monday, October 23rd, 2006

QEDWiki and ATF

Category: The Ajax Experience

David Boloker of IBM spoke about QEDWiki at The Ajax Experience on Monday. QEDWiki is still a few months away from being released, but is pursuing the agressive goal of providing the typical business user with a tool to create Ajax-enabled mashups. The product will ship with a number of built-in widgets (synonymous with wiki Read the rest…

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So You Wanna Be a DOM Star

Category: The Ajax Experience, Unobtrusive JS

Aaron Gustafson started several Ajax Experience atendees off on a great note with his presentation entitled ‘So You Wanna Be a DOM Star’. Gustafson stressed a very proactive and pragmatic approach to JavaScript development. His key suggestions included: Understand what your script is attempting to accomplish, and then script your scripts (in other words, don’t Read the rest…

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Where to use WYSIWYG: Abe Fettig

Category: Presentation, RichTextWidget, The Ajax Experience

Abe Fettig works on JotSpot, which has evolved its rich text editor as new releases have come out. People have a love hate relationship with WYSIWYG, especially developers, and Abe started out there: “I didn’t always like WYSIWYG” He starts off redefining what most people think of WYSIWYG. It doesn’t mean Microsoft Word. vi can Read the rest…

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Photos from The Ajax Experience

Category: The Ajax Experience

James Duncan Davidson is taking photos at the show, and some have already been uploaded:

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Ruining The User Experience

Category: Presentation, The Ajax Experience

Being a semi-professional experience ruiner myself, I was attracted to this session with Aaron Gustafson – Easy Designs, LLC at The Ajax Experience). Much of the content was fairly basic “must know” stuff. A little review never hurts though; Besides — if you don’t know this stuff: you really _need_ to know before you get Read the rest…

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Practical Design in Ajax by Sarah Nelson and David Verba

Category: Books, CSS, Design, The Ajax Experience, UI, Usability

Sarah Nelson and David Verba of Adaptive Path presented Practical Design for Ajax, a very good overview of many of the design and user experience issues in web development. They covered a lot of ground in 90 minutes and still had some good concrete examples. There were also several book recommendations to explore issues more Read the rest…

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Animation & Data Visualization in Javascript

Category: Presentation, The Ajax Experience

The argument against data visualization in JavaScript is obvious: it’s intense stuff. Potentially millions of computations running continously under the covers is daunting enough – throw in the animation monkeywrench and the prospect of a JavaScript implementation may be just a tad daunting. The answer to the question “Where do we have available CPU cycles?” Read the rest…

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ASP.NET: Replacing HTML without UpdatePanel

Category: .NET

Scott Guthrie has posted a discussion of injecting HTML into a page in ASP.Net, without using UpdatePanels. Usually when I integrate AJAX functionality into my code I just end up using the built-in server controls that ASP.NET AJAX provides (UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, etc) and the cool controls in the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.  Scott Hanselman had Read the rest…

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Clorox – Shared Memory Abstraction for AJAX Applications

Category: Framework, JavaScript

Take a step back and squint and you’ll see that Ajax, with it’s ability to pass structured data back and forth between client and server, can be used to implement just about any architecture or abstraction that involves communication between execution environments. The only things getting in the way are the platform and performance limitations Read the rest…

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Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

Dojo 0.4 Release Upon Us

Category: Announcements, Dojo

The Dojo team is eyeing a full release for Tuesday at The Ajax Experience (a lot of the team will be here!). Today they put out which will probably be the final release candidate, so baring any issues in testing we will be ready. Dojo 0.4 Features GFX Library Internationalization infrastructure dojo.debug.console: console logger, improved Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 12:45 pm

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Specifying ECMAScript 4 via ML

Category: JavaScript

Brendan Eich has mentioned that ECMAScript Edition 4 will be specified in ML. Dave Herman says: One of the immediate benefits of this approach will be that our definition will also serve as a reference implementation. LtUers will of course recognize this as the approach of “definitional interpreters”. Our initial intention was to write a Read the rest…

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Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Scrybe: Online Organiser with true Offline support

Category: Offline, Showcase

Scrybe is an on-line organiser that looks too good to be true, and some are dying to try. Some core features are: Offline Support: Go to “work offline” and it just works? It even synchronizers up when you get online again. Context: It knows the context it is in. Timezones: Easy to change timezones, and Read the rest…

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Friday, October 20th, 2006

ASP.NET Ajax Beta Released

Category: .NET, Announcements

Scott Guthrie of Microsoft announced the first beta release of the new ASP.NET Ajax framework (formerly Atlas). There are some significant changes including: $() is now $get(): This means that you can play nice with libraries such as prototype. It is really interesting that Microsoft took this step instead of saying “screw it. why should Read the rest…

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Prototype based JavaScript tooltip

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

JavaScript Tooltip libraries number about as many as rounded CSS corner libraries. Jonathan Weiss thought the ones he saw were “too complicated and bloated, did just too much and most of the time were still not flexible enough with the tooltip. So I decided to create my own library that is based on prototype.js”. It Read the rest…

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IE At Virtual Arms Length

Category: Articles, IE

Alex Russell ran into someone who didn’t test IE at an IE launch party? In IE At Arms Length Alex talks about how he takes responsibility for testing the various versions of IE, even from a Mac. The Basics A high-end mac laptop, stuffed to the gills with RAM and a fast HD An external Read the rest…

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YUI BorderLayout: Rich cross browser layouts

Category: JavaScript, Library, Sencha, UI, Yahoo!

Jack Slocum has been Exploring Cross-browser Web 2.0 Layouts with Yahoo! UI. After realising that almost every desktop application and many of these new web interfaces all start with a common layout, he decided to create a reusable layout manager called BorderLayout in JavaScript. His requirements were: Must be cross-browser – JavaScript errors and inconsistency Read the rest…

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