Friday, October 20th, 2006

IE7: Twice as performant as IE6, but half as slow as FF 1.5

Category: Browsers

Ross Dargahi of Zimbra complained about IE 6 performance. Since IE 7 is here, he decided to retry his tests and see how Microsoft had done: Microsoft’s IE team has clearly been hard at work on improving their browser’s memory management and JavaScript performance. IE 7 has made some significant leaps forward based on some Read the rest…

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Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Bubble Generator

Category: Fun

I am sure you are thinking “what I am missing is a web application that lets me add bubbles to images”. Well, the gift of Web 2.0 has stepped up to the plate with TehBubbleGenerator. Now you can upload an image, add bubbes, and save them away. Remind you of another bubble? :)

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Declarative Ajax Components and XML Namespaces

Category: Articles, Browsers

Dave Johnson has delved into the world of Declarative Ajax Components and XML Namespaces. His article discusses the usage of XML namespaces, and how they are supported in IE and Firefox. He pondors the xml way: < View plain text > xml <ntb :grid … /> and the microformaty way: < View plain text > Read the rest…

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New ZK Google Maps Component

Category: Framework, Mapping

Integrating a third party mega widget like Google Maps into a server-side framework like ZK or Echo2 is not so straightforward. At best these widgets sit there on the page sending and reacting to events independent-of and invisible-to the Ajax app in which they are embedded. At worst they consume and generate conflicting events and Read the rest…

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Backbase Struts Edition

Category: Announcements

Java folk. Still writing Struts applications and want to spice them up with some Ajax? Backbase has released a Struts edition that tries to help you out: The Struts Edition provides a comprehensive AJAX development framework to ajaxify Struts-based applications. It combines the richness of AJAX on the client with the maturity of Struts on Read the rest…

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

IE 7 Released

Category: Announcements, Browsers, IE

If you have not been playing with an early release to test your sites, maybe now is the time. IE 7 has been released to the wild and you can download it here. The first word came from the IEBlog: Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final Read the rest…

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Google Gadgets for your site

Category: Google

Google Gadgets used to be for Google pages. That has now changed. Now you can checkout the gadgets and download code to put on your own sites. Google Gadgets for the whole web has a few limitations, which gadget authors should be aware of when writing gadgets for third-party webpages. To ensure that your gadget Read the rest…

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Mobilizing Web 2.0

Category: Editorial, Mobile

This article argues Web 2.0 apps don’t automatically translate to the mobile phone – you have to re-think the UI, maybe even throw away the browser altogether. “Beware of naive copying of PC services,” said David Wood, executive vice president of research for Symbian Ltd. “Some don’t translate.” He was speaking Wednesday at the Symbian Read the rest…

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Graft: Making Javascript DOM a Piece of Cake

Category: JavaScript, Library

schadenfreude has been frustrated by DOM, and and decided to make Javascript DOM a Piece of Cake with the graft() Function, This comes from Sean Burke and his Higher Order JavaScript book. Graft enables code such as this: < View plain text > javascript graft(     document.getElementById("mycontentdiv"),     ["table",         Read the rest…

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Benchmark: DOM vs. innerHTML

Category: JavaScript, Performance

Gleb Lebedev has gotten into the fun benchmark game. He created a benchmark of DOM vs. innerHTML testing on FF 1.5, IE 6, and Opera 9. His example was building the Google page entirely using the DOM or innerHTML as seen in code here. The results show that innerHTML is king for all browsers:

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YUI: Setting the record on library file size

Category: JavaScript, Library, Yahoo!

Eric Miraglia has written a detailed post on YUI: Weighing in on Pageweights, that discusses the “file size” issue of JavaScript libraries: When we opened up the YUI Library in February, we talked about some of our motivations for creating an entirely new JavaScript toolkit. One of those motivations, we said, was that Yahoo!’s diverse Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

GWT Roundtable Podcast

Category: GWT, Java, Recording

The latest Java Posse podcast is a 70-minute roundtable on GWT, featuring the GWT tech lead, the GWT widget library keeper, and the developer of GPokr, join Posse hosts Dick Wall, Carl Quinn, and Joe Nuxoll. Robert Hanson – Keeper of the GWT Widget Library Blog – GWT Widget Library – Ryan Dewsbury Read the rest…

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Halfnote: Secure Document Sharing

Category: Browsers, Showcase, Storage

Halfnote is a web based secure notepad created by Aaron Boodman. Aaron created this originally to allow him to share documents between his own computers in a secure manner. The web application uses local storage in IE 5+ and Firefox 2 to store an encryption key. This means that your notes are encrypted with a Read the rest…

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MyESPN Beta: Ajax Portal

Category: Showcase

Cody Swann of the ESPN team let us know about the new MyESPN Beta, a rich portal for ESPN content built on Behaviour/Prototype. It all works very cleanly. When you signup it walks you through configuring your portal in a way that is much nicer than showing you an empty/sample page to “go and tweak”. Read the rest…

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DOM Helper: IE Inline CSS Editor

Category: CSS, IE, Utility

Rhys Jeremiah created DOM Helper, an inline CSS editor for Internet Explorer: Well I’ve finally got round to producing the inline CSS editor that I wanted to do in the first place. The first stab, was in C++ and although it worked, it was a complete nightmare. It didn’t allow you to alter CSS files Read the rest…

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Using Applets to Play Outside of the Sandbox

Category: Security

Imaging Experts has a solution to allow you to get out of the sandbox via signed applets the right way. The problem they ran into was that they were getting the following message when trying to write to a file, even with a signed applet: access denied ( C:\images\img1.tif read) at Source) at Read the rest…

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