Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Yahoo! TV: Ajax’d up Beta

Category: Showcase, Yahoo!

Yahoo! TV has had a face lift. and it has a lot of the usual suspects from YUI: Nice smooth tabs: A carousel for picks, and a mini tv listings on the right side: The full tv listings show up on demand as you scroll down: Some are not too enthused. Dave Winer commented: Yahoo Read the rest…

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eXo platform goes from portal to enterprise WebOS

Category: Portal, Showcase

I have watched the eXo platform grow for a few years. Benhamin Mestrallet and his team do great work, and now we are seeing the next boost. They have revamped their UI with Ajax, and it is looking really good. Each window is a portlet, and both portlets and portal are fully Ajax enabled. This Read the rest…

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DOMTool: Given HTML generate DOM methods

Category: JavaScript, Library, Utility

Stuart Colville has developed a tool for generating DOM methods from an HTML snippet called DOMTool: The idea is that you drop a snippet of HTML in the input and the tool puts it into the document with innerHTML and then loops through that structure to generate the DOM methods needed to append that piece Read the rest…

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Black Background Technique

Category: Usability

Jason Fried of 37 Signals talked about a Basecamp design decision that had to do with their help section. An Ajax callback on an input selection was occuring too fast: Speed is good, but speed can also be deceiving. Sometimes things can happen too fast. Sometimes it doesn’t look like anything changed. That was the Read the rest…

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Gameboar: Ajax Aggregation

Category: Showcase

Gameboar is a new entrant in the long line of aggregators. The niche is video games, and Ajax is used for the fetching of feed data from the server and also in the ‘Notebook’ feature, this enables users to save links to articles that they would like to read at a later time. The site Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

symfony 1.0 beta released

Category: Ajax, Framework, PHP

symfony, the popular PHP Ajax framework, has released a beta of their 1.0 framework. New Features in 1.0 Easier installation and larger compatibility. Symfony is now compatible with magic_quotes_gpc set to on and PHP 5.2. Pake and phing are now bundled with the core classes, so symfony has no more external dependency. It is very Read the rest…

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TDD and Javascript with JsMock

Category: JavaScript, Testing

I’ve been using JsUnit for a while now to do Test Driven Development with OO Javascript. I’ve been implementing mock objects simply by stubbing out methods and adding in a limited amount of logic, but it’s just not the same. So, this past weekend was the time to come up with a port of jMock Read the rest…

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 11:21 am

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Including Dojo via the AOL CDN

Category: Dojo

AOL has been hosting Dojo builds for awhile, but now Alex Russell has: constructed a couple of very small “wrapper” files that will let you include the “Ajax” build of Dojo from various versions through the cross-domain loader. Including the latest stable Dojo couldn’t be simpler: <script src=””></script> It’s also trivial to test out the Read the rest…

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Passlet: Ajax password manager with AES client-side encryption

Category: Security, Showcase

Passlet is a new Ajax password manager that does all encryption/decryption on the client side. Passlet uses the industry-standard key derivation function PBKDF2 (c.f. RFC 2898) to derive a 128-bit AES key from the master password. Here is the Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2) JavaScript implementation. Agatra (covered earlier) offers similar functionality, but Passlet Read the rest…

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Cogmap: Org Chart Wiki

Category: Scriptaculous, Showcase

Cogmap is an organization chart wiki, designed to let you view, edit, and create org charts. How about that for a niche! The charts themselves use effects, sliders, and drag and drop techniques.

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Beginning Google Maps Sample Chapters

Category: Books, Mapping

Beginning Google Maps Applications has a couple of sample chapters to peruse. The sample chapters currently available cover: Interaction: Now that you have your first interactive Google Maps web application, grab aGPS and start looking for geocaches to add to your map! Get your friends involved, too, and show off what you’ve learned. Geocoding: This Read the rest…

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Prototype Event Extension: Event.wheel(e)

Category: Library, Prototype

Frank Monnerjahn took the work from here and created a Prototype Event extension which makes it trivial to use the mouse wheel in Prototype with Event.observe(..). The demo shows this in action. The Code < View plain text > javascript /*  * Orginal:  * prototype extension by "Frank Monnerjahn" themonnie  */ Object.extend(Event, { Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Opera Mini 3.0 and The Ajax Phone

Category: Mobile, Opera

Opera has announced Opera Mini 3.0 which includes: Feed Reader: I’ve let this replace the native feed reader I have on my phone. The UI is better than what the Sony Ericsson M600i offers, and it actually supports a multitude of formats, including Atom 1.0 Photo upload. My phone has no camera, but here it Read the rest…

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Tasks added to Google Calendar by Milkers

Category: Calendar, Showcase

The Remember the Milk folks have added task management to Google Calendar (something many wish Google had added themselves). We know that many of you are managing your tasks with Remember The Milk and your events with Google Calendar, and we thought it would be very cool if we could bring the two together. This Read the rest…

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YUI Resizable Component

Category: Examples, Sencha, Yahoo!

Jack Slocum keeps ’em coming with his detailed post on a reusable component for resizing elements. Jack’s YAHOO.ext.Resizable component does what it says on the tin, and he shows you: Basic Resizable div Wrapped elements (e.g. text area inside) Preserve Ration (e.g. image resizing) Transparent Handles Customizable Handles Snapping to increments Animated Transitions < View Read the rest…

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Monday, November 27th, 2006

Mootools Primer

Category: Examples

Aaron Newton has posted a Mootools Primer / Tutorial that includes “a how-to tutorial on the Mootools library. Most of the code examples will allow you execute them by clicking on the “execute this code” link above the example. Clicking this will echo out the code and the result in the Firebug debugging plugin for Read the rest…

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