Monday, November 27th, 2006

Google Docs and Spreadsheets Team: Web native matters

Category: Editorial

Richard MacManus linked to a Gizbuzz interview of Jen Mazzon and Sam Schillace of the Google Docs and Spreadsheets team (both ex-Writely). Nothing ground-breaking, but it is interesting to hear about their thoughts on Ajax: Browser compatibility issues – like the early graphic Web Next was a question about browser compatibility issues and how that Read the rest…

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Review of ‘Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks’

Category: Book Reviews

This is a review of Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks by Nathaniel T. Schutta and Ryan Asleson. This book seeks to give the experienced developer of Java web applications the knowledge necessary to add Ajax to their webapps. This is another Ajax book that goes broad rather than deep. Instead of investigating one or two Read the rest…

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Minus(MO)R a.k.a. Let me write JavaScript but help me!

Category: JavaScript, Library, Rails

Dan Webb has created two Rails plugins to make RJS even better. He has realised that although for some cases RJS is a great thing, you often do want to just use JavaScript, and it looks really ugly to do this: < View plain text > ruby page &lt;&lt; ‘if (someClientSideVariable) {‘ page[‘a’].replace_html :partial =&gt; Read the rest…

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Zamzar: Online file conversion

Category: Showcase

Zamzar is a simple, single page ajax application that lets you upload a file and convert it to something else. E.g. Make your PDF documents editable by converting them to MS Word Convert your ITunes (aac) files to mp3 Upload up to 5 files at a time to convert simultaneously Take advantage of over 150 Read the rest…

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Saturday, November 25th, 2006

CSS Evolution

Category: CSS, Fun

Evolution of the web in real-time. I hope you are having a good weekend (a Thanksgiving one for the US folk).

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Poly9’s Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Denis Laprise and the Poly9 Group needed a robust URL parser in JavaScript, so they created the Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser. < View plain text > javascript var p = new Poly9.URLParser(‘’); p.getHost() == ‘’; p.getProtocol() == ‘http’; p.getPathname() == ‘/pathname’; p.getQuerystring() == ‘arguments=1’; p.getFragment() == ‘fragment’; p.getUsername() == ‘user’; p.getPassword() == ‘password’;   p.setURL(‘’); Read the rest…

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Category: JavaScript, Tip

Andrea Giammarchi has taken the work of Dean Edwards, Mark Wubben, and Paul Sowden to create his DOMContentLoaded Final Solution. The work comes with a test page for http and https, and is documented in this function: < View plain text > javascript function onContent(callback){ // (C)     // [please note that this Read the rest…

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Friday, November 24th, 2006

Using the Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) Webinar

Category: Presentation

We don’t normally post webinars, but thought “what the hell it’s Friday”. On November 30, the Eclipse foundation will be hosting a 1 hour webinar titled Using the Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF). Eclipse ATF provides exemplary tools for creating and debugging Ajax applications. These tools include enhanced JavaScript editing features such as edit-time syntax Read the rest…

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Another trick to allow Array subclasses

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Dean Edwards talked about his hack that got us the ability to subclass the Array object in JavaScript. Hedger Wang has a new hack that uses window.createPopup instead of an iframe to for IE to fix some issues. If you take a view source to see what is in there, you get the gem: < Read the rest…

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Dropboks: File Storage on One Page

Category: Prototype, Showcase

Dropboks is a single page application build on Prototype and friends, that allows you to simply upload files for safe keeping. The application is ad free, and survives on user donations. They do a good job at letting you use it pre-signup, and giving good info via tooltips.

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Spelling Cow: JS Spell Checker

Spelling Cow allows you add a script tag, and spell check is enabled on your website. There are also some variables you can tweak too if advanced features are needed. This means that you can add spell checking to your applications, but as the latest browsers have added inline spell check, is there use to Read the rest…

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CSS Tab Designer

Category: CSS

Now we are getting niche. A tool that lets you design CSS tabs: With the CSS Tab Designer, you can: Quickly design your list visually. Choose from a variety of styles/colors (60+ different designs/colors supported). Generate strict xhtml compliant code.

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

Open-jACOB Draw2D

Category: JavaScript, Library, Showcase

Open-jACOB Draw2D is a JavaScript library that allows you to create drawings and diagrams. The User interface allows interactive drawing by using your standard browser. No additional software; no third party plug ins. Just run it and use it. Open-jACOB Draw2D is the graph component of the Open-jACOB online Workflow editor. The purpose of this Read the rest…

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Google Pages Adds Nice Image Editing

Category: Google, JavaScript, Showcase, UI

When I heard about JotSpot heading to the Googleplex I was excited to know that Abe Fettig (Jot) would be teaming up with the brains at Google Pages, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the world of WYSIWYG editing tools. Google Pages just released a few features, and one of them is Read the rest…

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qooxdoo 0.6.2 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library

qooxdoo has a new release that adds support for Webkit. As mentioned above and already announced in our developer blog, qooxdoo now includes support for WebKit. We expect to fully support the next major version Safari 3.0 which will be based on the current development of WebKit. There is only limited support for Safari in Read the rest…

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Lollygag: Latest non-Atlas .NET Framework

Category: .NET, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

The Lollygag framework is a new Ajax framework for .NET. As Steve the author put it: We attended the first Ajax Experience conference in San Francisco and we got super excited about the potential for building Ajax applications. Since we have a Microsoft .NET background, we planned to start building Ajax applications using Microsoft’s Atlas Read the rest…

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