Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Google Book Search gets an Ajax upgrade

Category: Google, Showcase

Nathan Naze and his team at Google have upgraded Google Books: Zoom in on text and images. Here’s a cool full-page sketch of a ship from an 1898 book on steam navigation. Looking for something less dated? Perhaps this colorful page of a room from a book on interior design. Want a better look? You Read the rest…

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SWFAddress 1.0: Deep Linking for Flash

Category: Flash, JavaScript, Library

Michael Klishin has released SWFAddress 1.0, a new open source JS library (and set of simple techniques) that targets Flash/Ajax SEO and deeplinking problem. SWFAddress uses URL rewrite at client and server-side to redirect from “plain” URL to anchored URL that SWFAddress understands and acts accordingly to what developer implemented. Thus one can use links Read the rest…

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DIY Widgets: XSS components to other sites

Category: Articles, JavaScript

Dr Nic Williams has written up a piece on how to embed your components on another site using a XSS approach instead of an iframe one. The tutorial goes though: The user will load up the webpage (e.g. Ajaxian mock page) that has a small <script src=””></script> snippet in it [2]. When the page is Read the rest…

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Ask it Online: Surveys beefed up with Ajax

Category: Showcase

AskItOnline is the first product from Triexa, and offers a simple to use Ajax interface to create, edit, and take surveys online. The interface allows you to drag and drop build your survey. The survey is fully WYSIWYG so you can mouseover any element and change it on the fly. There are nice quick keys Read the rest…

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4.1 rating from 20 votes 1.7 beta: Now with Morphing

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype, Scriptaculous, UI

Morphing with CSS is all the rage now, and has stepped up to the plate with their 1.7 beta release. The two main features are: Morphing Effect.Morph is added to the pack, along with a nice helpful any_element.morph to go with it. E.g. showing both styles to morph elements using the given CSS: < Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Authenteo: Ajax WYSIWYG CMS

Category: RichTextWidget, Showcase

We have often talked about the holy grail of a usable WYSIWYG CMS system where users build their website by just being on their website and editing layouts and pages. Kris Zyp is trying to do that with his new Authenteo system. We have released a beta version of our new development framework and content Read the rest…

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AjaxCore: PHP Ajax Framework

Category: JavaScript, Library, PHP

They keep on coming folks. Mauro Niewolski has created AjaxCore which is “a multi-purpose PHP framework that ease the development of rich Ajax applications, by generating the appropriate JavaScript code. AjaxCore takes all the dirty work of JavaScript code generation and provides a solid foundation. The concept is to extend a Generic AjaxCore class and Read the rest…

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myfabrik lite: content storage

Category: Showcase

myfabrik has released myfabrik lite, an application to let you “host and deliver content”. The interface to the storage is clean and ajaxy, and tags are prevalent (as is the law these days). ( via Richard )

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Dojo File Upload Progress Bar Widget

Category: Component, Dojo

Jeremy Quinn has created a File Upload Progress Bar Widget in Apache Cocoon using the Dojo framework (which Cocoon has been using in general for about a year now). It is simple to use: < View plain text > HTML <!– simple –> <div class="dojo-FormUploadProgress">Upload Progress :</div>   <!– full i18n and css –> <div Read the rest…

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Monday, November 20th, 2006

Groups Wiki: Ajax’d WYSIWYG Wiki

Category: RichTextWidget, Showcase

Ben Nolan has created his take on an ajax’d up wysiwyg wiki called GroupsWiki. Some of the interesting features are: Always editing, users are always editing their wikis, we attach events to the links so that they can open new pages even while contenteditable is enabled. Ajax image insert using a micro-version of lightbox. We Read the rest…

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Ajax Queue JavaScript Class

Category: JavaScript, Library

Chris Marshall has a background in writing low-level asynchronous code in C++. When he started to write Ajax code he saw the need to manage concurrency and created a Ajax Queue Class that handles all of this for you. An example using the library is this file browser where you see the root of the Read the rest…

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Measuring the aggregate performance of Ajax applications

Category: JavaScript, Library, Performance

Ryan Breen spoke at The Ajax Experience on Ajax performance, and just released a preview of Actual Experience XF with Actual Experience Lite. Instrumentation To instrument a page for collection of metrics, you first include a small .js file in HEAD. Out of the box, the tag will track the DOM Ready and onload times Read the rest…

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Sandboxing JavaScript with iframes

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Dean Edwards is hacking away again. This time he created a sandbox object that allows him to eval code outside of the context of window. His scenario was with templating: < View plain text > javascript // create an <iframe> var iframe = document.createElement("iframe"); = "none"; document.body.appendChild(iframe);   // write a script into the Read the rest…

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Saturday, November 18th, 2006


Category: JavaScript, Library

Walter Higgins is a believer in having a template language for you to use within JavaScript. He had issues with TrimPath’s templating system, so he ended up creating SXOOP.template: Writing TinyTemplate in Perl was a breeze and the codebase is tiny. I used a similar approach to writing SXOOP.template which resulted in a tiny codebase Read the rest…

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Friday, November 17th, 2006

TIBCO General Interface 3.2 Released: Check out our exclusive screencast

Category: Announcements, Interview, JavaScript, Library, TIBCO, Toolkit

TIBCO General Interface 3.2 has been officially released.This is a big release as it contains two big changes: Open Source License. Yes, GI is open source! Firefox support There are many other items of interest too, such as SVG charting, and the load time optimizations.Ben and I got to sit down with Luke Birdeau, the Read the rest…

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Yahoo! UI: 0.12 Release

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library, UI, Yahoo!

Version 0.12 of the YUI Library has been released: The TabView Control: Written by YUI Animation and Dom author Matt Sweeney, this dynamic tab solution is the newest YUI addition and features robust support both for progressive enhancement and for high-gloss richness. Check out Matt’s roster of TabView examples for an idea of what the Read the rest…

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