Friday, November 10th, 2006

JavaScript Particle Engine

Category: Fun, JavaScript, Library

For some Friday fun, Jason Harwig likes to write a particle engine in the programming languages that he learns and uses. His latest is in JavaScript and is configurable for you to explode all around you :)

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W3C Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

Category: Standards, W3C, Widgets

Arve Bersvendsen of Opera let us know about the new working draft from the W3C: Widgets 1.0. Everyone and their mother have created their own widget specifications, and now as a developer you need to make choices. Do you want it to work on Dashboard? Google? MSN? Yahoo!? If the big hitters supported this widget Read the rest…

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Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Zimbra Demonstrates Offline Ajax

Category: Offline, Showcase

I know that the network will catch up, but in today’s world people want to be able to access their data when they are offline, whether it be on a plane, or just when the darn cable connection does out again. Zimbra demonstrated taking their Ajax collaboration app offline today: The design goal is to Read the rest…

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Endless Pageless: Keep scrolling for more content

Category: Articles, Examples, Prototype

Pete Forde has taken the Pageless implementation seen in the Humanized Reader, implement it with Prototype, and write this piece on it. They implemented the feature on their Live Filter demo, so now as you scroll down you see more results coming back at you automatically. No next, previous, or Gooooooooooooooooooogle (for SEO you will Read the rest…

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Fjax: Switching the A to F means what?

Category: Flash, Framework

Jay and Steve McDonald didn’t like traditional Ajax (the libraries, the XML parsing (even though you can use JSON of course)) and decided that they could create “smoother, more desktop-like web experiences that AJAX promises”, as they said in an interview at What is Fjax? Website: “Fjax is an open, lightweight, cross-browser methodology for Read the rest…

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Nottr: More Web 2.0 Notes

Category: Showcase

Web 2.0 notes seems to be the hot thing. The Ajax chat of 2006 if you will. Thiago Jackiw, developer of the acts_as_solr plugin for Ruby on Rails, has just launched his latest Ajax’d project, is a free website where you can write your notes and: Share them through the web in a Read the rest…

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Python in ASP.NET

Category: .NET, Editorial

Darryl Taft reported that “In a session at the DevConnections conference here, David Ebbo, an architect on Microsoft’s CLR (Common Language Runtime) dynamic language team, and Jeff King, a program manager in the Microsoft Developer Division, discussed how Microsoft has implemented IronPython on the company’s ASP.NET platform.” In addition, Ebbo said his team has delivered Read the rest…

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Real-Time Collaboration: ConceptShare and Thinkature

Category: Comet, Showcase

TechCrunch reports on two products in the growing category of real-time collaboration. These products let two or more people create a shared workspace, mark it up, manipulate images, and chat together. Kind of a real-time wiki for a limited set of contributors, and not too different from the sort of collaboration available in Google Docs Read the rest…

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Dojo Charting Engine Released

Category: Component, Dojo, JavaScript, Library

The Dojo Toolkit keeps adding packages (thankfully they have package management too!). Today, “Greenplum and SitePen announced the contribution of the new Charting engine to the Dojo Toolkit. Originally designed as the foundation for the Greenplum Monitor–a browser-based database monitoring application to be released later this year–the Charting engine is a cross-browser way of creating Read the rest…

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Helipad: your web notepad

Category: Showcase

Alex Young (author of Tiktrac) and his team have created a new product called Helipad. This tool aims to be a web-based version of your notepad. It’s a simple online notepad that provides tagging, colourised tags, auto-save, and allows people to turn their documents into plugins and themes through their add-on engine. Here is the Read the rest…

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Is Converging Towards the Desktop Good?

Category: Editorial, Usability

Aza Raskin spoke at The Ajax Experience about the desktop being dead. The talk was entertaining, and he kindly posted his slides. He has followed up the talk with a question: Is Converging Towards the Desktop Good? in which he takes the side of “No.”. He comes out against recreating windowing toolkits in JavaScript, and Read the rest…

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MochiKit.Animator: New Animation in MochiKit

Category: JavaScript, Library

“MochiKit.Animator is an enhanced*, fully vectorized version of Bernard Sumption’s animator.js. It eschews the use of classes and instead uses composition to build complex effects in one or two lines of code. The idea is to have everything work “right”. This means not having to specify start values, maximum efficiency during playback, and clean, automatic Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

DOM events in the Microsoft Ajax Library formerly known as Atlas

Category: .NET, Ajax

Evil Microsoft. The client-side DOM event model in Atlas (ASP.NET Ajax Extensions) was the IE model. Atlas implemented this model for the other browsers to make it work, and many didn’t like this. This has now all changed and a new API is in town. The new model for DOM events is thus introducing a Read the rest…

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Adobe Open Sources JavaScript Engine in Mozilla Foundation

Category: Adobe, Announcements, Firefox

This is huge news. Adobe and the Mozilla Foundation announced that Adobe has contributed source code from the ActionScript Virtual Machine to the Mozilla Foundation: Mozilla will host a new open source project, called Tamarin, to accelerate the development of this standards-based approach for creating rich and engaging Web applications. The Tamarin project will implement Read the rest…

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Ajax and Security – Discuss

Category: Books, Editorial, Remoting, Security, Testing, The Ajax Experience

Often when you hear discussions regarding Ajax and security, its said that the issues remain the same as they were ten years ago: don’t trust user input, don’t expose sensitive data without encryption, code for security from day one, never display system errors messages, etc. While that is all true and good, one thing I Read the rest…

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Yahoo! UI: BasicDialog Updated

Category: Sencha, Yahoo!

Jack Slocum has updated his fantastic YAHOO.ext package yet again. The main changes are: CSS Sprites First off, many of the images for the TabPanel, BasicDialog, BorderLayout and Button classes have been made into CSS sprites. This should improve loading time for images and prevent flickering. All components developed in the future will use CSS Read the rest…

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