Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

3D Rendering in JavaScript

Category: Games

We need more spinning 3D objects in our applications. Well, of course we do not, but this proof of concept is interesting to see. The demo renders arbitrary triangles using pure JS/DOM/CSS (no use of canvas and co. here). Brendan Eich showed off some very nice canvas demos at the show last week, including DOOM Read the rest…

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IE7: Were they ready?

Category: IE

Over at they did some analysis on the impact of the IE7 release and whether “the web was ready for it”. On Friday 20th October – just two days after IE7 was released – we kicked off a short internal study. We fired up two machines and compared the homepages of all one hundred Read the rest…

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Widgipedia: widgets resource

Category: Component

Widgets, Gadgets, whatever you call them. They are the rage. Widgipedia is aiming to be a resource for the widget community allowing you to check out a range of widget galleries, tutorials, code libraries and more. The site also has its share of rich functionality.

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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

GWT 1.2 RC: Mac OS X Support

Category: Google, GWT

Bret Taylor of GWT (and Mr. Google Maps btw :) has announced RC1 of Google Web Toolkit 1.2. Full support for OS X development Develop with GWT on OS X as easily as on Linux and Windows Much faster hosted mode Debug your GWT apps much more quickly. Hosted mode startup time has improved significantly Read the rest…

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Leveraging HTML/JavaScript and Ajax in Apollo Applications

Category: Adobe, Presentation

Chris Brichford gave a talk at Adobe MAX on Leveraging HTML and JavaScript within Apollo. Here are some notes from the talk: Overview of Apollo Apollo is a cross-platform runtime that allows you to take your web skills to build desktop applications. Your applications can be all Flash, all HTML, or a mixture of both. Read the rest…

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Minikit: visual effect bag

Candyscript has packaged together bits and pieces from moo.fx, nifty corners, and their own library to create Minikit: Minikit works alone, but is transparently compatible with mochikit. What this means is that if you are using the mochikit library, minikit will use it’s features, which are superior to the more lightweight variant, which is built-in Read the rest…

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Optimizing Page Load Time

Category: Articles

Aaron Hopkins of Google has released an article on Optimizing Page Load Time which came out of his experience optimizing page load times for a high-profile Ajax application. He starts off talking about “how much I could reduce latency due to external objects. Specifically, I looked into how the HTTP client implementation in common browsers Read the rest…

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3.9 rating from 59 votes animated home page

Category: Prototype, Showcase

Gregory Fortin replaced his usual Flash effects and dove into Prototype and to create F.Prod, his site that looks like a business card.

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