Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Backbutton Overloading

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Mario Heiderich wonders if being able to do this is a bad thing: < View plain text > javascript window.onunload = function(){ location.replace(document.location); }; With this one line of code (test page here) you can keep a user around against their will, other than killing that tab/window.

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Create cross browser vector graphics with Dojo

Category: Canvas, Dojo, UI

Dylan Schiemann, co-creator of the Dojo toolkit, has written a broad piece on creating cross browser vector graphics with Dojo. The article delves into the new dojo.gfx library that abstracts the slight mess of SVG vs. Canvas vs. VML. One of the examples in the article discusses drawing a clock with this snippet that shows Read the rest…

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New Mapping Mashups: Home Search and Weather

Category: Mapping, Showcase

A couple of new mapping mashup tools have been released: dsSearchAgent Home Search and WeatherBonk. dsSearchAgent Diverse Solutions created a new property search application that implements Prototype, the latest version of YUI, and MooFx v1 into our very own, and we think quite unique, home finder app. Weather Bonk Weather Bonk mashes up weather onto Read the rest…

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JavaScript Variable Dump in Coldfusion

Category: ColdFusion, JavaScript, Library

We don’t mention Coldfusion enough. Sorry guys. Rey Bango told us about a JavaScript version of cfdump: The Dump method is based on one of the tags available in Coldfusion ( <cfdump>) providing the ability to display simple and complex variables in a user friendly way that is perfect for debugging/inspecting data. There is no Read the rest…

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Do you hate splitpane views?

Category: UI

Jesse Kuhnert, the Dojo and Tapestry commiter, must have had one too many UIs with split-panes on his desktop. It drove him to write about why splitpane views suck..: I’ve recently been involved in some discussions surrounding ixd issues and attempted to use Yahoo Mail and Google Mail as examples of bad/good interface design techniques. Read the rest…

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Adobe Apollo Demos

Category: Adobe

Mike Chambers and Christian Cantrell of Adobe had some fun with a video camera, and Mike interviewed Christian as he demoed a couple of applications that has has written using the Apollo platform. The demo’s show a lot of integration between the world of Flash and HTML. First, Christian shows a little app that keeps Read the rest…

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Maximizing Performance with Compression and Combination

Category: Articles

We are having fun watching Firebug’s network mode as we visit various sites, and seeing where the browser spends time waiting. Yesterday we talked about cheating the system by using CNAMES to get around the number of connections per host limitation. Today, Niels Leenheer blogged about making your pages load faster by combining and compressing Read the rest…

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Free Ajax Ringtone Maker

Category: Ajax, Flash, Showcase

My sister-in-law was just asking me about editing ringtones, and then an hour later I get told about this free Ajax ringtone maker. You can send it some audio, make quick edits (Flash/Ajax integration), and then create the new ringtone. There are social features too. When you create the new tone, you choose how public Read the rest…

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Using CNAMES to get around browser connection limits

Category: Ajax, Articles

Ryan Breen has written up a detailed post on Circumventing browser connection limits for fun and profit in which he discusses the old-fashion limits of 2 connections per HTTP/1.1 per host, and the benefit you get from a simple CNAME hack. The average load time when using 2 connections is 7.919 seconds. The average load Read the rest…

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jQuery updates: 1.0.4, documentation, and people

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Library

You have to hand it to the jQuery guys, they work really hard with their community. There have been a few posts recently that relate to the jQuery world: jQuery 1.0.4 Release A new 1.0.4 release focused on updates to the Ajax functionality: Extensions to $.ajax() Add extra headers to an Ajax request using beforeSend Read the rest…

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OpenKM: Ajax Document Management System

Category: GWT, Java, JavaScript, Showcase

Paco Avila and his team have announced OpenKM, a document management / knowledge management system that looks like a desktop application. OpenKM is based on: JBoss 4.0.3SP1 ( version basis for the development ) Java J2EE ( JDK 1.5 ) Jackrabbit GWT ( Google Web Toolkit – Ajax ) It is interesting to see a Read the rest…

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Yahoo! Movies Makeover

Category: Showcase

Yahoo! Movies seems to have had a make over (or I have been on another planet recently): It matches the recent makeovers of Yahoo! TV and the main homepage, consisting of common widgets such as carrousels from the world of YUI. There is also a fair amount of Flash to do some of the heavy Read the rest…

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Monday, December 18th, 2006 Updated: Now with Lightboxes

Category: Showcase

There has been a fair amount of talk on the new site design of Digg was an early adopter of Ajax technology (the polling, the digging itself, etc), and what is interesting about this new design is that they haven’t gone crazy with new Ajax features. That being said, there is a lot of Read the rest…

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Creating a reusable Ajax driven dialog with YUI

Category: Articles, Sencha, Yahoo!

Jack Slocum is back with an example for creating a reusable Ajax driven dialog with YUI. The example is an Image Chooser, and Jack goes through explaining how he build the application: Creating the Dialog Adding the Toolbar Working with Layouts DomHelper Templates JSON with JSON View

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New Chat Prototype using Comet and Prototype

Category: Chat, Comet, Prototype, Showcase

Chris Chabot has recently announced a new chat prototype based on a comet iframe connections for real time messaging, ajax for posting messages and sending commands, prototype.js and as javascript framework, and bases of the newly written dhtml components. As a side effect of this project, the library & socket daemon framework used by Read the rest…

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aSSL – Ajax Secure Service Layer

Category: Security, Utility

Francesco Sullo has created aSSL: Ajax Secure Service Layer an open source library built to substitute the need for SSL in Ajax applications. First a random 128-bit key is negotiated with the server, then, once the connection is established, data is exchanged using BlockTEA. The most recent version of aSSL (v1.1) implements what Francesco calls Read the rest…

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