Monday, December 4th, 2006

Dojo Fisheye Example

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Richard Sharples has written up his experience mixing Dojo with Roller. It consists of setting up the Dojo library and then: Category Changing JS < View plain text > javascript function selectCategory(catname){   var url;     if (catname == ‘All’ ) {     url="$url.home"   } else {     url="${url.home}category/"+catname   } Read the rest…

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006

Testable Ajax Seminar

Category: Programming, Recording

Googlers Joe Walnes and Adam Connors gave a presentation on testable Ajax back in September (we didn’t cover it at the time) … “Does my button look big in this? Building testable AJAX applications.” at the Google London Test Automation Conference. The theme is how to automate website testing with all the complexity Ajax adds. Read the rest…

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Yahoo! Performance Engineers discuss what the 80/20 Rule Tells Us about Reducing HTTP Requests

Category: Yahoo!

Tenni Theurer, a performance engineer at Yahoo!, has written a post on What the 80/20 Rule Tells Us about Reducing HTTP Requests. It focuses on looking at the entirety of a page load, using the example of ASIDE: I have been using the beta of Firebug to see exactly this kind of data when Read the rest…

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Does AJAX cause a larger “Attack Surface”? No.

Category: Articles, Security

What Hat Security digs deep into the mess of “Ajax is insecure” hype with their article on Myth-Busting AJAX (In)security. They discuss: Does AJAX cause a larger “Attack Surface”? No. Does AJAX make the “Attack Surface” harder to find? Yes and No. Can AJAX cause “Denial of Service”? Not really. Does AJAX rely on client-side Read the rest…

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Running IE7 and IE6 at the same time: Windows and Mac

A common issue with testing IE 7 and IE 6 is, how do you get to do this in an environment which is true to the user environment? The IE team has blogged about IE6 and IE7 Running on a Single Machine, and their answer is to give us a Virtual PC image that contains: Read the rest…

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Wrapping the pre tag

Category: CSS, Tip

Making preformated text wrap in CSS3, Mozilla, Opera and IE is the tip that let’s you use the pre tag to keep the formatting, without cursing yourself when some of the content is too long and doesn’t wrap: < View plain text > css /* Browser specific (not valid) styles to make preformatted text wrap Read the rest…

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Death of Page View Metrics?

Category: Business

Steve Rubel says page view metrics have four years to live. The page view does not offer a suitable way to measure the next generation of web sites. These sites will be built with Ajax, Flash and other interactive technologies that allow the user to conduct affairs all within a single web page – like Read the rest…

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Friday, December 1st, 2006

htmlPlayground: GWT based reference guide

Category: Google, Showcase

htmlPlayground is an XHTML, CSS reference with example + starting point of Web 2.0 Code editor written by Zsolt Georgescu using GWT. HTML tags and CSS properties, the most common technologies used in making web pages connected each with an example what you can see in action in the online code editor. With our on-line Read the rest…

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The Morning Outline: Ajax Video

Category: Showcase

Take a view source on the Ajax Video Player at the morning outline.

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TIBCO GI 3.2: Take a peak at the source code that was just released

Category: Announcements, TIBCO

TIBCO General Interface 3.2 was released earlier this month under the rather liberal BSD open source license. The intent behind that release was to enable developers to use and deploy the product at no cost under the terms of the BSD license. Now TIBCO has taken the next step, bundling the fully commented and unobfuscated Read the rest…

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Miro: light-weight JavaScript rendering engine

Category: JavaScript, Library

Edwin Khodabakchian and Olivier Devaux started off integrating Google Custom Search capabilities into, using the Google JavaScript tools. They wanted to go beyond this, and tell their story in Experience #1: Miro, Ajaxlets and the Google Custom Search API which goes through various iterations of the project. It includes a tutorial on Miro, A Read the rest…

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Send Me a Pic

Category: Examples, Prototype, Scriptaculous, Showcase

Bob Buffone, Chief Architect of NexaWeb Technologies, has created a sample single page Ajax application called Send Me a Pic that allows users to search Flickr images and create a customized image that is personalized for any mobile phone. Custom images can be text messaged to user’s phones by simply entering the phone number. Bob Read the rest…

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