Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Eval’ing with IE’s window.execScript

Category: JavaScript, Programming, Remoting

Plaxo’s Joseph Smarr has been playing with on-demand javascript, i.e. downloading extra JS code after the page has already loaded. When you grab the code via a remote call and eval() it, it doesn’t get into global scope. So here’s how he dealt with it. Here’s a simplified version of the situation we faced: function Read the rest…

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Sound with JavaScript but not Flash

Category: Articles, Examples, Sound

Reinier Zwitserloot wanted to see if he could add sound support without embedding a Flash bridge, and shared his research in his article on Sound in Web Browsers without Flash. Check out his test page for a Sound Check An example API < View plain text > javascript function sound2Play() {         Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:55 pm

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Synchronous Calls and Browser Freezes

Category: Articles

Mark Pruett did some experimenting with a hypothesis: After launching a synchronous call, other browser windows or tabs will be frozen, and the asynchronous calls will not be serviced until the sync call completes. For my experiment, I open up a browser window, then open a second browser window using the “New Window” menu option. Read the rest…

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Vitamins for Prototype

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library

The new Devjax library is a collection of plugins based on prototype library to add more functionality for scriptaculous, RICO and extends the DOM library of prototype. An example of the work is a WYSIWYG component: < View plain text > javascript editor = new Devjax.Editor(‘editor-example’,     { width: ‘100%’,height: ‘200px’,     ImagesFolder: Read the rest…

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Mootools 1.0 Announced

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

Mootools 1.0 was officially announced to the world. Big Changes All the MooTools Classes use now Events. No, not element events. Class Events. Right, you can add as many onCompletes as you want, onChange(s), onStart(s).. Well, you get the idea. Options starting with “on” become events, so need to change your code on this one. Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

The Internet’s first live shopping game show.

Category: Fun, Games, JavaScript

Jellyfish (previously mentioned here) took their “smack shopping” promo to the next level last week with the introduction of “The Smackwheel”. Billed as “The Internet’s First Live Shopping Game Show”, the user picking the closest percentage-off to the actual best deal gets a chance to step up and spin. The js wheel is “broadcast live” Read the rest…

Posted by Jim Halberg at 3:10 pm
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Joe Hewitt Firebug power user demo

Category: Utility

Joe Hewitt (Firebug creator) gave a power-user demo of Firebug at the Yahoo! campus to share and explore the Firebug 1.0 release. The video shows you the subtle features within: Highlighting the DOM that you know your Ajax call will eventually update, and see Firebug showing you what is updated The profiler at work: the Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:27 am

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WAML: Web Application Markup Language

Category: Framework, Yahoo!

Evgenios Skitsanos has created WAML: Web Application Markup Language: WAML is another approach of combining existed AJAX frameworks under single Application Markup Language. WAML – Web Application Markup Language. WAML allows you to define your web application appearance and functionality by using simple XML like syntax mixed with HTML. The idea behind WAML is to Read the rest…

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Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax Cheatsheets

Category: .NET, Articles

Milan Negovan has a new set of href=””>cheat sheets for the Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax library. The existing cheat sheets have been updated for the 1.0 final release, and Milan has added two new ones for DomElement and DomEvent. Check out the

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Quizlet: Mootools based learning tool

Category: Showcase

Andrew Sutherland recently launched Quizlet, a site for learning vocabulary. It gives you tools to study vocabulary words that you enter. Quizlet is a mootools based application, and is subtle in its use of the framework.

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Monday, January 29th, 2007

SoundManager 2: A Sound API for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library, Sound

Scott Schiller has come up with something very useful: SoundManager 2 a sound API which lets web developers easily load, play and control sounds (via Flash 8) using Javascript. Scott talks about his back story to how this API came about, for the jsAMP program. There is a full project page with API documentation, some Read the rest…

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OAT: OpenAjax Alliance Compliant Toolkit

Category: JavaScript, Library, Toolkit

Ondrej Zara and his team at Openlink Software have created a Openlink Software JS Toolkit, known as OAT. It is a full-blown JS framework, suitable for developing rich applications with special focus to data access. OAT works standalone, offers vast number of widgets and has some rarely seen features, such as on-demand library loading (which Read the rest…

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Pikapet: Greeting Card Generation

Category: Showcase

Pikapet is a system for creating and personalizing greeting cards completely made with Javascript. Its features include text effects, borders, image adjusting (zoom, position) and simple card manipulation in general. This is yet another example of WYSIWYG tools.

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Fun with browsers: for in loop

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Tobie Langel is having fun with for loops in JavaScript and wrote about how they are broken in Safari. This is the classic issue of looping through properties of an object, and getting all properties: < View plain text > javascript var Person = function(name) { = name; }; = ‘anonymous’; Read the rest…

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Zooomr Popup Icons

Category: UI, Usability

Podtech’s LunchMeet vidcast has done an interview with Kris Tate and Thomas Hawk of Flickr rival Zooomr. Zooomr has a lot of nice features, but one thing that stood out in the demo was the use of popup icons that appear when you hover over the photo. As you hover, they show up in the Read the rest…

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Friday, January 26th, 2007

SJAX: AJAX option for automated in-browser testing

Category: Testing

Vitaliy Shevchuk has proposed SJAX: AJAX option for automated in-browser testing which makes testing of Ajax apps simpler with Selenium that having to waitForAjax and friends. The Problem However, things are getting more complicated with AJAX. No page is loaded, but the content has changed. And it hasn’t changed instantly; AJAX is asynchronous by its Read the rest…

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