Friday, January 26th, 2007

Omnidrive: Ajax file explorer access to your files from anywhere

Category: Showcase

Omnidrive has a remarkably rich Ajax interface to their server backend (as well as mac and windows clients). When you login to the web based file explorer you quickly see that the experience looks very desktop-like. Right-click menus, drag and drop, and more. Nik Cubrilovic (CEO) sees OmniDrive as “an open storage platform with a Read the rest…

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Image Thumbnail Viewer

Category: JavaScript, Library

Dynamic Drive has a simple new Image Thumbnail Viewer that allows you to annotate your HTML with a rel=”thumbnail” and a lightbox-esque viewer will be added to the link of your choice.

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The Bug sets 1.0 on Fire

Category: Utility

Firebug 1.0 has reached a final release. We know you have it installed in Firefox already, but if not, you know what to do. Joe Hewitt released the final version with these words: One year and twelve days later I am happy to announce that the leopard’s growl has been quieted to a purr, clearing Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 25th, 2007

JDA Emulator: Spring for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Peter Svensson liked what he saw in MAYA Design Inc.’s JDA implementation, but wanted an open source alternative. He created a free LGPL implementation of Javascript Dataflow Acrhitecture (JDA) called the JDA Emulator. What is JDA? JDA is basically a javascipt microkernel along the same lines as Spring or Hivemind for Java. The wiring of Read the rest…

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Moon Lander

Category: Prototype, Showcase

Ben Nolan (Behaviour.js) has whipped up some Ajax Fu to create a simple Moon Lander using Prototype and the Canvas tag. Take a peak at the game code to see how elegantly Ben did this. Who said JavaScript is hard?

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FdAjax: Full Duplex Ajax with Lighttpd

Category: Comet, Screencast

Grzegorz Daniluk of Refwell has coined Full Duplex Ajax (FdAjax). It smells very similar to Comet in that it allows the server to talk to the client (instead of polling). FdAjax is implemented as a module to the great Lighttpd web server. No additional components are needed. Therefore the configuration is easy and unified. E.g. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

MkeMne:). Make Money.

Category: Showcase, Usability

Mkemne:) is a basic German “finance 2.0” website aiming for an easy interface for users to assess the state of the market. It presents company info and you get to add your favorite companies to a persistent watchlist. It was developed by Nader Cserny of Brand Infection, who was also responsible for the UI design Read the rest…

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The Hardware of Tomorrow Versus the Platform of Tomorrow

Category: Editorial

Joe Walker (DWR. I know you know) is talking about The Hardware of Tomorrow Versus the Platform of Tomorrow. The problem is that web-browsers are a step backwards as far as multi-threading goes. In Javascript there is no such thing as a new thread, and worse than that, the entire platform (i.e. a browser) runs Read the rest…

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PHP for Microsoft Ajax Library

Category: .NET, PHP

Steve Marx has created a PHP library for the Microsoft Ajax 1.0 release that uses the JavaScript piece in PHP land. The Microsoft AJAX Library is a pure-JavaScript library that’s used by ASP.NET AJAX but is also available as a separate download. Because it’s pure JavaScript, it’s not tied to ASP.NET on the backend. PHP Read the rest…

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Using the screen reader virtual buffer to make accessible Ajax

Category: Accessibility

Gez Lemon and Steve Faulkner have gone into more detail on using the virtual buffer in JAWS to enable Ajax interactions. Popular screen readers use a virtual buffer to allow users to interact with web content, whereby the virtual buffer provides a mechanism for screen reader users to interact with web content. This article uncovers Read the rest…

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Xopus: browser based WYSIWYG editor

Category: RichTextWidget

Xopus is a browser based WYSIWYG editor that allows you to copy and paste from a Microsoft Word (or Open Office) document into the HTML page. This demo shows it in action. IE is the only browser supported in 3.1, but we have been promised that Firefox support is in the lab, and will be Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Microsoft announces the ASP.NET Ajax 1.0 Release

Category: .NET, Ajax, Microsoft

Microsoft has announced the final 1.0 release of ASP.NET Ajax (a.k.a. Atlas). It consists of a core platform, and a bunch of controls: ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 delivers a rich client-side AJAX library that provides cross platform, cross browser support for a core JavaScript type-system, JSON-based network serialization stack, JavaScript component/control model, as Read the rest…

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WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 Repetition Model Implementation

Category: JavaScript, Library

Weston Ruter has created a cross-browser JavaScript implementation of the WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 Repetition Model after taking to heart the spec that annotates: The entire model can be emulated purely using JavaScript and the DOM. With such a library, this model could be used and down-level clients could be supported before user agents implemented Read the rest…

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Dojo Offline Toolkit in Code

Category: Dojo, Offline

Brad Neuberg keeps it moving with the Dojo Offline Toolkit API. His latest work details the early API via example. The example is a web based email system, and the code using the API is below (and shows you how you would use it). The interesting news is that you can start work even without Read the rest…

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LockBin: An OpenID Password Vault

Category: JavaScript, Utility

Matt Reider decided to write a password vault called LockBin. What is it, and why is it different? LockBin is an AJAX website built in PHP. It stores our passwords securely, and uses OpenID to do so. It is sort of funny to me that it uses OpenID, because the technology was never intended to Read the rest…

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Visual WebGui: Develop with WinForms and Dual Deploy

Category: .NET, Framework, Toolkit

Visual WebGui provides developers with WinForms like GUI components all accessible from the design time framework of Visual Studio .Net. The design time components look, act and interface like they do in their WinForm format since they inherit their object model from the existing WinForms components. Visual WebGui’s components become a de-coupled version of the Read the rest…

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