Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Aejaks – Tcl/Tk Style Framework Built on Echo2

Category: Framework

For those Ajax cowboys out there who pine for the power and simplicity of Tcl/Tk, there is good news for you: Aejaks lets you write Ajax apps using Tcl. The widget model is inspired by that of Tk, but is not compatible with it. < View plain text > javascript ##################################################################################### # showCode – create Read the rest…

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Java to JavaScript Compilation with Ajax and Spring Integration

Category: Articles, Java

Ben Alex of Interface 21 has written a detailed post on Java to JavaScript compilation. The article discusses some of the choices out there (GWT, OpenLaszlo) and goes into an open source alternative called Java2Script Pacemaker. Spring integration is shown and available for download and it concludes: J2S promises some attractive benefits for projects that Read the rest…

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Fork: One more JavaScript Library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Fork is the latest JavaScript library to be put out there. Fork is a general purpose, namespaced JavaScript library with Ajax, Events, DOM manipulation. There are a few bonus lines of code specifically for use with Ruby on Rails but Fork can be happily used outside of Rails also. Why create yet another JavaScript library? Read the rest…

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Ajax for IBM WebSphere Platform Early Program

Category: Dojo, Java

IBM has released Ajax for IBM WebSphere Platform Early Program. This initial release includes Dojo Toolkit 0.4.1 as well as a comet implementation for WebSphere Platform Messaging (v6.0), and three end-to-end sample applications that illustrate how Dojo can be incorporated into J2EE applications running on existing WebSphere platforms. All of the features (including an offline Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:57 am
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Open source PHP-based Ajax image editor

Category: PHP, Showcase

Pete Frueh has released a PHP-based Ajax image editor under the LGPL. The editor is both front and back end code, and is yet another tool to play with images. You can check out a demo to see it in action. Download the code and take a peak through.

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PradoSoft using Prototype 1.5, with new Comment System

Category: PHP

Prado, the PHP framework, has a new 3.1 release that uses the new Prototype 1.5 version. They also have adopted a new comment system that mimics Jack Slocum’s.

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Ajax Driven Memory Configurator

Category: Showcase

David Chidester has put together a simple example of using Ajax to help a multistep process with the Ajax implementation of a Computer Memory Configurator over at The process for finding the right memory was tedious before hand, and has been simplified with this simple bit of Ajax.

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Saturday, January 20th, 2007

How perceived speed matters, and can kill you

Category: Editorial

I am a fan of NetNewsWire, and since I use multiple computers, I thought it would be nice to use the NewsGator syncing capability. I have used this before, way back when I used the Newsgator Outlook plugin. I ran into some issues (it had created a bunch of empty folders, which I remember happening Read the rest…

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Friday, January 19th, 2007

Prototype 1.5, now with Documentation

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Library, Prototype

It is documentation Friday. The new site has launched, and the call for documentation help rang through to some people. This new documentation includes: Tips and Tutorials (e.g. Ajax, Extending the DOM) API Reference Blog There is still room for a lot more help, so join in.

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Mootools Updated Documentation for 1.0

Category: Articles, JavaScript, Library

Aaron Newton has updated his excellent Mootorial documentation for Mootools. He has updated the docs for the near complete 1.0 release, and has migrates the docs to a wiki, so others can share his load. The examples have the cool feature of plugging into the Firebug console, and at various points you can execute this Read the rest…

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JsHttpRequest: Low level Ajax library

Category: Library, PHP

Dmitry Koterov has written JsHttpRequest a light wrapper on top of XHR and friends that features: Cross-browser compatibility. Library works with IE5.0+, Mozilla 1.7+, FireFox 1.0+, Opera 7.3+, Safari (“+” means “in specified and newer versions”). By this token, code could work without ActiveX and XMLHttpRequest support (but if these capabilities are avalilable, they are Read the rest…

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The story of XMLHTTP

Category: Ajax, Articles, Editorial

Alex Hopmann created XMLHTTP back in the day (at Microsoft, while working on OWA). He has taken the time to ponder the past, and detailed how XMLHTTP came into being. Learn about: How WebDAV was part of the timeline “Web Collections using XML”. Huh? Pre-Ajax Outlook Web Access was a hack? Nooo… XMLHTTP v0.1 wasn’t Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Prototype 1.5.0: Changeset 5969

Category: Announcements, Prototype

Prototype 1.5.0 is here… kinda… in secret… in Changeset 5969. (Chances are as soon as Rails 1.2 ships, we will see this announced)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 4:14 pm

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Ajax Debugging with Firebug

Category: Articles, Utility

Joe Hewitt somehow managed to find the time to write an article on Ajax Debugging with Firebug, which he created. The article will show you that Firebug is more than just a JavaScript console: The Firebug Workflow: modify the page in place Exploring Objects: An AJAX-ian web page never stands still. HTML nodes are constantly Read the rest…

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Event-Driven Web Application Design

Category: Articles, Yahoo!

Christian Heilmann is talking about Event-Driven Web Application Design on the YUI blog: The crux of the matter is that we don’t really yet understand how to build a real web application. We take tried and true methodologies that cover other development scenarios and try to shoe-horn them into something that helps us to achieve Read the rest…

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Colorado Home Stop: More real estate

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Does anyone get the feeling that a fair few people saw early Google Maps mashups and realised that it was a killer app for real estate? :) Alex Blyakhman and his team have added many rich Ajax features to Colorado Home Stop using Dojo. You will see how this app can handle thousands of properties Read the rest…

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