Friday, January 12th, 2007

Attribute Nightmare in IE

Category: IE

It’s Friday, so maybe you want to sit back for a few minutes and walk through some time in Tobie Langel’s life as he tries to get IE to play nice with attributes. This tale walks through the pain of thinking that you have a working version, and then being disappointed again. IE: === Read the rest…

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Animation with Continuations

Category: JavaScript, UI

Kris Zyp has written an article discussing the demonstration using continuations in JavaScript to facilitate writing animations with straightforward linear code. The example is a bunch of bouncing gears that animate up and down as they bounce. Explanation When you click on the button, this calls the addGear function and starts a new “thread” of Read the rest…

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DomQuery – A lightweight CSS Selector / Basic XPath implementation

Category: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Performance, Sencha

Jack Slocum is a machine. We had to add the new YUI-EXT category for him as he is coming up with such good material. His latest, is an article on DomQuery – A lightweight CSS Selector / Basic XPath implementation. Support for more complex schemas and document structures in the grid’s XMLDataModel class has been Read the rest…

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Creating a Flex application using the TurboGears framework

Category: Adobe, Python, Screencast

Screencasts are a nice way to learn certain things. Adobe has done a fun one, and got their own James Ward, and the knowledgeable Bruce Eckel together to write some code. The coding session is the pair of them building a sample app from scratch using TurboGears on the backend, and Flex on the front Read the rest…

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Thursday, January 11th, 2007

XUL UI Widgets that Degrade

Category: JavaScript, UI

Cedric Savarese got creative over his winter break and decided to experiment with XUL in HTML. It shows that you can write XUL UI widgets that degrades gracefully to DHTML widgets in browsers that do not support XUL (IE, Safari, Opera). This time, I was thinking about the interface for the next version of the Read the rest…

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JavaScript Dataflow Architecture: Mashup Creation Prototype

Category: JavaScript, Toolkit

Seung Chan Lim and his team have been working on research prototypes to make the creation of mashups simple. JavaScript Dataflow Architecture is the fruits of their labour. The idea of the research is to allow adhoc assembly of disparate Javascript, HTML and Web services to do rapid prototyping of Web mash ups. The research Read the rest…

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ZipToPhone: Free Texting

Category: Showcase

Mike Keen has created a simple little site that uses Ajax and MooTools effects to deliver free text messages from the web, without the hassle of registration even. Clean and simple.

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Review: Building Ajax JSF Components

Category: Book Reviews

Jason Lee has posted a book review on Building Ajax JSF Components. The chapter begins by making the grandiose claim that “JSF and AJAX are a perfect match.” The authors then attempt to back up their claim by showing how JSF’s lifecycle phase management helps implement components that use AJAX very cleanly, especially from the Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Offline Gmail, Blogger, and Portal Mocked

Category: Offline

Brad Neuberg created some examples of offline projects in order to find a common UI or offline web applications for the Dojo Offline Toolkit. He has put together examples for Gmail, Blogger, and a corporate portal. Gmail Example The first thing to notice is the addition of a new widget on the left-hand side of Read the rest…

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iPhone could change mobile browsing

Category: Editorial, GWT, iPhone, Mobile

Nokia has had a phone that supports Safari for awhile. A Nokia chap was at the first Ajax Experience in San Francisco last May showing off the phone. It had the same features that Safari on the iPhone has (zooming around web pages). Opera Mobile is also very popular on various makes of phones. With Read the rest…

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TIBCO to sponsor DWR development

Category: DWR, TIBCO

TIBCO has announced that they are doing to sponsor work by the DWR lead (Joe Walker) to integrate DWR and TIBCO GI. This is good news for both parties: TIBCO GI users will have a new way to integrate with Java web applications DWR: The integration work between DWR and TIBCO GI will probably help Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Custom DOM Attributes vs. Class CSS styles

Category: Articles, Prototype

Pete Forde isn’t a huge fan of the practical but not pure use of class=”noncssmarker” and has written about Attributes > Classes: Custom DOM Attributes for Fun and Profit. In this article Pete discusses the high level value of attributes, but then goes a lot further and he patches Prototype to make it just as Read the rest…

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PassPack and aSSL

Category: Security

Francesco Sullo’s day job is to work on PassPack an online password manager. PassPack is based on the Host-Proof Hosting Ajax Pattern. How it works PassPack uses a double access technique: User ID and Pass give a user access to her Account, while the Packing Key is needed to access the actual passwords. The “Pack” Read the rest…

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Leafletter: Building mini embedable apps

Category: Showcase

Leafletter is a new service that enables users to create miniature web sites (“Leaflets”) and embed them into social networks, blogs, and other web sites. A Leaflet is a miniature Flash® based web site that can be displayed anywhere HTML is welcome. For instance, a Leaflet could be distributed to the About Me section of Read the rest…

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GUI Dojo Build Tool

Category: Builds, Dojo

Shane O’Sullivan of IBM has released a GUI build tool for Dojo that is built on Eclipse RCP. He talked about this new tool earlier: There has been a lot of talk currently about making the build system for Dojo simpler. The web based method (customise a build on the Dojo website and download it Read the rest…

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Monday, January 8th, 2007

Subverting Ajax

Category: Editorial

A bunch of hub-ub has been created over a presentation at the CCC conference called Subverting Ajax. The FUD has been interesting to watch. Early in the article they discuss how JavaScript is a prototype-based system which is a ‘flaw’ as people can do things like: < View plain text > javascript XMLHttpRequest.prototype.send = function Read the rest…

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