Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

ExpressionEngine Ajax Resources

Category: Articles, PHP

Jamie Pittock has launched a new ExpressionEngine site and has a couple of articles covering the building of Ajax applications using the PHP framework. In ExpressionEngine and Ajax Jamie covers adding some simple features to an ExpressionEngine application using the Prototype framework and Behaviour. < View plain text > javascript var myrules = { ‘ul#thumbs Read the rest…

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Dojo Offline Toolkit Kicks Off

Category: Dojo, Offline

Brad Neuberg has started work on the Dojo Offline Toolkit backed by the generosity of SitePen. What is the Dojo Offline Toolkit? The Dojo Offline Toolkit will be a small, cross-platform, generic download that enables web applications to work offline. Let’s look at the Dojo Offline Toolkit from a user’s perspective. Imagine Alex is using Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Microformats and The Web Browser as an Information Broker (Firefox 3?)

Category: Browsers

Alex Faaborg, of Mozilla, has written an introduction to Microformats. It is basic stuff, but gets interesting at the very end with his section on The Web Browser as an Information Broker (Firefox 3?): Much in the same way that operating systems currently associate particular file types with specific applications, future Web browsers are likely Read the rest…

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Create your own Webtop in PHP and JavaScript

Category: PHP, Showcase

Chris Ravenscroft decided to build his own webtop in PHP and JavaScript and has written up the experience. He built on: Sebastien Gruhier’s Prototype Window Mohamed Ahmed’s Users Login System Michal Migursky and Matt Knapp’s Json class InputParser.php, which I extracted from my very own nextBBS‘ source tree If you are interested in the code Read the rest…

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Prototype docs – Developer Notes Updated, O’Reilly Resources

Category: Books, Prototype, Rails

Apparently Santa was listening to my request for more docs in this last post: Sergio Pereira has updated his outstanding developer notes for Prototype to cover 1.5rc2. Scott Raymond and Sergio also worked together to create the Prototype Quick Reference, a PDF that expands on Sergio’s web site. The PDF will also be updated to Read the rest…

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Monday, January 1st, 2007

Gmail CSRF Security Flaw

Category: DWR, Editorial

There is a lot of chatter regarding a CSRF security flaw in Gmail. CSRF attacks are Cross Site Request Forgery attacks, which are cousins of XSS, but different. Joe Walker of DWR has written a detailed account of CSRF and how to avoid exposing your applications to them. Anatomy of the Gmail Attack If you Read the rest…

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GCalendar: Accessing Google Calendar from JavaScript

Category: Calendar, Component, Google, JavaScript, Library

Christian Decker wanted to access Google Calendar’s new JSON services in a simple way, so he has created, and shared GCalendar, an API for doing just that. < View plain text > javascript var cal = new Calendar(“”);   cal.onsuccess = function(c){ alert(c); } cal.loadFeed();

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Purple Include Update: Easily include snippets

Category: JavaScript, Library

Brad Neuberg has announced a new Purple Include release, which gives you an even easily way to slurp in partial data from an external URL: It means that you can include and display fragments of one HTML page in another without copying and pasting any content. The new feature is the #quote(some … other) part Read the rest…

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jsFlickrSlideshow: Sliding through Flickr

Category: Canvas, JavaScript, Library, Showcase

The jsFlickrSlideshow is a JavaScript component that wraps the canvas tag to display images from Flickr. Check out the project home page View the Demo Download the code

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