Tuesday, February 13th, 2007

WebWait: Time your Ajax apps

Category: Performance, Showcase, Utility

Our own Michael Mahemoff has created WebWait. We will let him take it from here: I wanted a portable, consistent, way to benchmark Ajax web apps, that would show how long the wait is (though it’s useful for any app, especially if there were a lot of images, for instance). Using a command-line tool like Read the rest…

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SnipShot: Ajax editing fights back

Category: Showcase

We recently featured Picnik a simple Flash image editor that we liked. It seemed to make some of the Ajax solutions look a little cheesy in comparison (no offense). Then we saw SnipShot a fully Ajax editor that is fairly similar to Picnik, with some features nicer, and others that we do not prefer. There Read the rest…

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DinnerNow: Microsoft Sample Application

Category: Microsoft, Screencast

Microsoft has created a sample application that shows off their latest technology: The demo utilizes several technologies including: IIS7, ASP.NET Ajax Extensions, Linq, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Powershell, and the .NET Compact Framework. Their first screencast shows life as a shopping cart user and has the usual ajax shopping Read the rest…

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JS3 will be ready for the multicore desktop workload

Category: Editorial, JavaScript

I remember talking with Ben and Brendan Eich about threading in JavaScript. It has come up at the Ajax Experience and as Brendan says: So my default answer to questions such as the one I got at last May’s Ajax Experience, “When will you add threads to JavaScript?” is: “over your dead body!” In Brendan’s Read the rest…

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Monday, February 12th, 2007


Category: JavaScript, JSON, Library

Binary Interchange Standard and Object Notation (BISON) is a new binary format created by Kai Jäger. After seeing the direction AJ(AX) was going into with light web service protocols like JSON, I was wondering if I could come up with an even lighter binary protocol that would work with JavaScript. Not so much to replace Read the rest…

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DOM Storage and Microformats

Category: Firefox

John Resig has been writing about the bleeding edge features that will hopefully hit us around the Firefox 3 timeframe: DOM Storage and Microformat integration. DOM Storage John wanted to delve into DOM Storage and answered some of the questions posed such as: What’s to stop a script from filling an entire storage area with Read the rest…

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parseUri: Another JavaScript URL parser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Steven Levithan saw the Poly9’s Polyvalent Javascript URL Parser and thinks he has done one better. He created parseUri and thinks it has advantages: Ability to split the directory path and file name. If a path component was present in the source URL, it will always return a trailing slash as the last character in Read the rest…

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TIBCO General Interface 3.3

Category: TIBCO, Toolkit

TIBCO General Interface has a new 3.3 release that follows a public beta with lots of community participation. The new release adds support for IE7 and Firefox 2 and boosts performance to caching, application init times, and large data set rendering. TIBCO GI 3.3 contains: 100+ Ajax Components for Ajax GUI, Data, Communication, & System Read the rest…

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Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Inline maps in main Google Search

Category: Google

The ReadWriteWeb mentioned the addition of an inline map to Google Search, as seen below: The map is registered into the page, and then a table showing the map is displayed when clicked upon. < View plain text > javascript var mb1=ManyBox.register(1,3,’AHBMobKGGT4J’,’www.panamhotel.com’,’Map of&nbsp;7900 Queens Blvd, Flushing, NY 11373′) What is more interesting than the JavaScript, Read the rest…

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Friday, February 9th, 2007

Hacking Digg With Firebug and jQuery

Category: jQuery, Screencast

John Resig has posted a screencast of him “taking an introductory look at the Firebug Firefox Extension and the jQuery JavaScript Library – combining the two to build a reusable bookmarklet that can manipulate Digg Posts and Comments.” The presentation shows a couple of bookmarklets: In the presentation, I refer to a bookmarklet that you Read the rest…

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POW: Excuse me sir, you seem to have a server in your client

Category: Announcements, Editorial

Ready to take your mind for a spin? David Kellog has created POW the Plain Old Webserver. POW is a Firefox plugin that implements a full web server. That means that your browser client now has a server in it. That just sounds goofy no? It can be useful though. dojo.storage needs a server to Read the rest…

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So you want to write Javascript for a living?

Category: Editorial

“What do you need to know if you are interviewing for a job that involves Javascript development?” That is the question posed to various people in the industry such as Elaine Wherry of Meebo, Tom Trenka of Dojo, Neelesh Tendulkar of Simply Hired, and Nicholas Zakas, author of Professional JavaScript for Web Developers. Here are Read the rest…

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GPlotter 0.9: Prototype and Google Maps v2 update

Category: JavaScript, Library, Mapping

Brennan Stehling has updated his GPlotter project “to make use of the revised Google Maps API. I also completely restructured the Javascript to a much more object oriented coding style. I am using the latest release of Prototype, which recently moved to a new location as well as posted a great deal of new documentation. Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 8th, 2007

CSRF Protection Idea

Category: Security

Joe Walker has an idea for CSRF protection. Will it work? There are several ways to forge a request in a CSRF attack: iframe, script tag, image tag, scripted window.open() etc. As far as I know XHR is not one of these, because cross-domain rules kick in before the request is sent and not when Read the rest…

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Delving into JavaScript’s prototype member

Category: Articles, JavaScript

Raphael Bauduin has been playing with the Javascript prototype member in order to get an Understanding of Javascript’s prototype member. After he saw Doug Crockfords Advanced JavaScript presentation he cracked open Rhino and started playing. Take a peak at the ride: < View plain text > javascript second_hoozit.toString               Read the rest…

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Shakespeare Sonnet Shake-up

Category: Showcase

Jim Yagmin has created a fun app that uses Ajax called the Shakespeare Sonnet Shake-up. The site allows users to rearrange the lines of Shakespeare’s sonnets to create a “sonnet remix” – an entirely new poem written using lines across any of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The program understands the rhyme scheme of a sonnet, and will Read the rest…

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