Monday, March 26th, 2007

Click2Map: Ajax Map Editor

Category: Mapping, Showcase

Antony Zanetti of HylioSoft have created Click2Map, an Ajax map editor. The application is based on Bindows, the .NET Ajax framework, and it allows you to create maps, add markers, and build out the Google Map. I was a bit surprised at the startup time (loading X/Y), but to be fair this is an early Read the rest…

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BigPond V8 Supercars 2007

Category: Showcase

James Mc Parlane has created a rich live view on the BigPond V8 Supercars 2007 site. The application is written in JavaScript and uses Flash elements as a ‘dumb’ display terminal. This provides a simple and highly reactive coding environment coupled to lovely anti-aliasing and scaling via Flash. Each of the panels are detachable (and Read the rest…

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ShadedBorder: JavaScript Round Corners with Drop Shadow

Category: JavaScript, Library, UI

Steffen Rusitschka is keeping the rounded corner legend alive with his new RUZEE.ShadedBorder JavaScript library. Why another? JavaScript-only Photoshop(tm)-like rendering without external images Round corners Drop shadows Glow effects Borders with different widths Full support for liquid designs Anti-Aliasing On-hover support (except for IE 6.0) Disable some of the corners, e.g. bottom-left Change borders on-the-fly Read the rest…

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Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Slingshot: Desktop Apps via Rails

Category: Announcements, Offline, Rails

Magnetk and Joyent have created Slingshot, a tool that enables you to do offline Rails applications. It is already being touted as competition for Apollo. The model is interesting, and should be compared to solutions such as those using Dojo’s Offline Toolkit. With Dojo, you use a normal web browser, and offline starts working. With Read the rest…

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JsonMarshaller: Java 1.5 Marshalling

Category: Java, JSON, Library

JsonMarshaller is a Java 1.5 library that allows marshalling and unmarshalling of JSON objects to and from Java objects. This project’s goal is above all ease of use, transparency and static type safety. Example If you have the following Java class: < View plain text > java @Entity class Book {   @Value   private Read the rest…

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JotSpace: More whiteboards

Category: Showcase

JotSpace is a free collaboration whiteboard that allows simultaneous/multi-user drawing and editing on the screen. It also has sticky pads, image upload, connectors, chat and more. This is an alpha release, but is starting to look good.

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Operator overloading in Javascript 2 and a potential monster CSRF hole

Category: Editorial, Security

Joe Walker is thinking about security again, and is worried about Operator overloading in Javascript 2 and a potential monster CSRF hole. In question is the proposal of operator overloading in JavaScript 2 that could allow someone to override <, > and / to do some evil things. < View plain text > javascript <script Read the rest…

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Silly canvas: throwing tomatoes at Britney

Category: Canvas, Fun

At our talk on the State of Ajax, a few minutes before hand we were asked to code up a simple canvas example on the fly and we came up with a very silly example indeed…. and is only fitting for a Friday. We created the ability to throw tomatoes, or paintball, Britney Spears.

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Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Automatic testing of Ajax from Java

Category: Java, Testing

Ed Burns (of Sun and the JSF expert group) has created an automated testing framework for Ajax in Java called MCP. This framework stems from an old, old Mozilla project called the Mozilla Web Client started in 1999 as a part of the Sun/AOL/Netscape alliance. The ambitious misson statement of the project is: The webclient Read the rest…

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Kayuda: Dojo based Mind Map

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Kayuda is a new web based mind map tool that makes it easy to create and share your maps. The application has been released as an early alpha, and is based on Dojo. Create a map and play around with it. It performs really well, and feels Pipes-y.

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IE6 Virtual PC Refresh Now Available

Category: IE, Microsoft, Testing

Pete LePage of the IE team has created a new Virtual PC IE6 image that allows designers and developers to do testing in an emulation layer. This image is for Virtual PC 2007. They didn’t do a version with IE 5.5 because: We did do some investigation of shipping VHD’s with IE5.5, or earlier, but Read the rest…

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Flash vs. Ajax: It’s time to expand your toolbox

Category: Editorial

We are constantly getting asked about how Flash fits into Ajax (if at all) and the open web in general. Dan Webb has changed his opinion, and tells us how It’s time to expand your toolbox. Flash has some really quite incredible features that we struggle with implementing with HTML/CSS/JS: Sound, Dynamic vector drawing, Sockets, Read the rest…

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Dean Edwards puts out Base2, a standards based JavaScript library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Dean Edwards has come out with what he calls Yet Another JavaScript Library Without Documentation. But, this is from Dean, not your cousin Bubba, so what is interesting about it? Highlights A fast implementation the Selectors API Fixes broken browser implementations of the DOM events module including document.createEvent(), dispatchEvent(), addEventListener(), etc Supports DOMContentLoaded Fixes getAttribute()/setAttribute() Read the rest…

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OpenLaszlo 4.0 Released – Now with Ajax

Category: Ajax, Announcements, Flash

The Laszlo guys caused some buzz when they said they were going to support Ajax and Flash as runtime platforms for their new release. That release, OpenLaszlo 4.0 has just been released. With or Without Flash OpenLaszlo is designed to support deployment of Ajax applications across multiple runtimes and devices. OpenLaszlo 3.x can deploy applications Read the rest…

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Parallax Effect for Backgrounds

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library

Brett Taylor wanted to see if he could make a parallax effect in HTML+CSS+JS and make it cross-browser and came up with Parallax Backgrounds. Scroll around and you will see that the text and content scrolls normally, but the different background layers scroll at different speed. Maybe as useful as SKIP INTRO, but a nice Read the rest…

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Auto copy to clipboard

Category: JavaScript, Tip

This is an ancient tip, but a good-y. Jeffrey Larson put together a little hack to do auto copy to clipboard in a cross browser way (i.e. failing back to Flash). It is the kind of thing that can easily be abused, and you can make your users mad (You just nuked something important out Read the rest…

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