Friday, March 16th, 2007

Docs for Dojo, Prototype, Others?

In my recent post on current concerns with Ajax, there was a comment about lack of documentation for Dojo and Prototype. In the comments (of the Ajaxian post and my blog post), project members asked what would you like to see wrt documentation? Here’s my wishlist for Ajax framework docs, in particular Dojo and Prototype: Read the rest…

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JavaScript Ray-Tracing

Category: Canvas, Showcase

Adam Burmister sent us what he calls “The Worst Application of JavaScript Ever”. Perfect for a Friday :) He has built something “nobody will ever need a JavaScript based ray-tracer. The point of the exercise was actually to learn more about the Canvas HTML element, and ray tracing techniques, not JavaScript.”

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:21 am

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Unobtrusive Control Tabs

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype, Showcase, Unobtrusive JS

Ryan Johnson has created unobtrusive JavaScript tabs called Control Tabs. The project uses Prototype / Scriptaculous. You create the tabs using standard anchors and named elements, so it’s completely accessible to non JS browsers. Example < View plain text > HTML <script>     Event.observe(window,’load’,function(){         $$(‘.tabs’).each(function(tabs){           Read the rest…

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Thursday, March 15th, 2007

Visits, not page views

Category: Advertising, Business

Not for the first time, alternative models to page views are in the news. This time, comScore has announced a new “visits” metric. “AJAX” is cited as one of the motivations. comScore Media Metrix today released its monthly analysis of U.S. consumer activity at top online properties and categories for February 2007 and introduced a Read the rest…

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Are Web Interfaces “Good Enough”?

Category: Showcase

We have been talking about how the desktop and web experiences are converging, and Jeff Atwood is asking Are Web Interfaces “Good Enough”? His example is µTorrent, and how the new web UI is so similar to the downloadable version: After spending about a year interacting with µTorrent exclusively through Remote Desktop, I was pleasantly Read the rest…

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UED – URL Encoded Data

Category: JavaScript, Library, Remoting

UED is a tiny library that takes a hash and converts it into a URL. Instead of passing a JSON string, for example, you could just construct a URL containing the transfer object. Update: I should mention that this is more about the format than the library…UED is a proposal for a standard way to Read the rest…

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InstaCalc, a real-time, shareable calculator

Category: Showcase

You have a simple calculator in your computer. You can even type calculations into a Google search input, so is there room for more calculators? Instacalc thinks there is. It is a real-time, shareable calculator that features: Speed: Get answers as you type, and edit inputs in real-time. Ease of use: Write human-readable numbers and Read the rest…

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jQPie: jQuery PHP interface extension

Category: jQuery, Library, PHP

jQPie is a lightweight PHP interface to jQuery that supports XML, HTML and JSON handlers. What can jQPie do? Easily request and process data from php using $.getJSON Example Inject php generated html into elements using $.(element).load Example Call php functions directly from your web pages using $.jqpie Example Call jQuery from php in respond Read the rest…

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MinMeister: Mind Mapping to the Web

Category: Rails, Showcase

MindMeister is a collaborative online mind mapping tool written with Rails and Prototype. You can capture your thoughts and share them instantly with friends and colleagues. Although in private beta, you can play with the sample map that is embedded into the main page:

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Sun Web Developer Pack

Category: Java, jMaki, Library, PHP

The Sun Web Developer Pack isn’t a sexy name, and having ‘Sun’ start it out often doesn’t help a technology…. but there is some good technology here. The Sun Web Developer Pack helps you to leverage emerging web technologies and techniques to create interactive and dynamic web applications for the enterprise. This toolkit is a Read the rest…

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Fresh Logic Studios Bug Tracker

Category: Showcase

We mentioned Fresh Logic Studiosand their OO JavaScript framework before. Now they have created a simple Bug Tracker using their tools. It is very lean and allows you to do most tasks inline.

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Category: JavaScript, Library

GvaScript (pronounce “gee-vascript”) is a javascript framework born in Geneva, Switzerland (GVA is the IATA code for Geneva Cointrin International Airport). It is built on top of the prototype object-oriented javascript framework ( and offers a number of extensions and widgets, such as keymap handling, application-specific events, autocompletion on input field, and a tree navigator Read the rest…

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Securing your JSON

Category: Articles, JSON

Bas Wenneker read Joe Walkers piece on the insecurity of JSON and put two and two together with Dean Edwards Array hack to provide an idea on securing your JSON. < View plain text > javascript var applyArrayHack = function(){     //hackzor the Array object using Joe Walker example     this.Array = function() Read the rest…

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Hitting the bars: Blog and News bars

Category: Ajax, Showcase

The AJAX Search team at Google has been creating wizards that wrap the search APIs. I placed a news bar on my own blog, and we just found a new one that displays blog search results. It is kinda crazy to be reading some page and seeing new content on a given topic show up Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

FlickrCash: View lots of Flickr images

Category: jQuery, Showcase

Jesse Skinner has created an Ajax Flickr search FlickrCash which uses jQuery. FlickrCash searches for photos on Flickr in the most efficient way, so that you can see as many thumbnails as will fit in your browser. It loads up to 10 pages in the background, so it’s very fast to browse through to find Read the rest…

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Auto scrolling page navigation with $$

Category: Examples, Prototype

Tobie Langel likes a fistful of dollars and uses them to explain how to use auto scrolling page navigation with the new $$ operator in Prototype 1.5.1 RC. The article takes the initial: < View plain text > HTML <a href="#about" onclick="new Effect.ScrollTo(‘about’,{offset:-140}); return false">About</a> and gets it down to the unobtrusive: < View plain Read the rest…

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