Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Ext 1.0 for Prototype/Script.aculo.us

Category: Sencha

There was a lot of talk as YUI-EXT became Ext, and added jQuery into the list of supported libraries. It now appears that Jack Slocum is outdoing himself again and is also supporting Prototype and Script.aculo.us. You can check out the examples and see the drop down tests to select the library. There is a Read the rest…

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Opera Developer Console

Category: Opera, Utility

Shawn Lauriat has posted on the new Opera Developer Console. The tool is written in JavaScript and is an interesting little read. The tool covers: DOM The DOM tool lets the user inspect and alter various various aspects of the document. JS The JavaScript tool lets the user to inspect and search the JavaScript enviroment Read the rest…

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Monday, March 12th, 2007

Current Concerns with Ajax

Category: Ajax, Editorial

Our fellow Ajaxian Michael Mahemoff, has written about his current concerns with Ajax. His main concerns are: Accessibility Documentation: it is getting better for Prototype, Dojo, and the rest Lack of good cross domain option: Are you jealous that Yahoo! can put in a crossdomain.xml in for Pipes and Flash API users can do what Read the rest…

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EOGallery: Animated Image Gallery

Category: Showcase

Our FProd friends have created EOGallery, a concept of a web animated image gallery create using JQuery. It uses basic jQuery functions and Cody Lindley’s Thickbox to display larger pictures. By the way, EOGallery is XHTML 1.0 strict valid and almost CSS valid, it has been tested on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 6 and works Read the rest…

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Prototype 1.5.1 release candidate released

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, JSON, Prototype

Sam and the team have put out a Prototype 1.5.1 release candidate available to download here. One of the good changes is a sign of good community. Prototype was inspired by the CSS selector performance data that Jack Slocum and others have been talking about. Now $$/Selector is up to 5 times faster depending on Read the rest…

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Flash (In)Accessibility for the Speed Impaired

Category: Flash

Ara Pehlivanian has a few words to say on the accessibility of Flash: Disabling the Flash context menu is a bad idea! By turning it off (actually setting the menu property’s value to “false“), you’re not only not allowing me to lower the quality of the animation, but you’re also not allowing people with impaired Read the rest…

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Javascript/CSS Font Detector

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library

Lalit Patel has created a nice Javascript/CSS font detector: This Javascript code can be used to guess if a particular font is present on the users machine. It uses simple Javascript and some CSS rules to check whether that font is available. This may help desktop-like web application developers when they want to provide different Read the rest…

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Friday, March 9th, 2007

Compressed versions of Prototype

Category: Prototype

John-David Dalton has spent some time compressing Prototype in a couple of ways to keep your download time to a minimum. His package is a collection of Prototype versions 1.4, 1.5rc0, 1.5rc1, 1.5 final, and it includes original, formatted (proper semicolons, helpful for others who want to compress it), compressed, and ultraCompressed files. There is Read the rest…

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JavaScript Native Interface (JSNI) in GWT

Category: Google, GWT, JavaScript, Library

I have recently had quite a few people talking about how they like GWT but with they could get out of the Java box to delve into JavaScript for some low level work. The assumption was that you cannot do this with GWT and that if you run against the abstraction barrier you are hosed. Read the rest…

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Instacomment: Add comments to your site

Category: Component, Showcase

Instacomment allows you to embed a link to a PHP script and some JavaScript to embed a comment system anywhere on your site. The comment widget starts as a chicklet: and when clicked on opens up into a comment view: If you are looking to add a comment system to something that doesn’t bundle comments Read the rest…

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Imgjax: simple image hosting

Category: Showcase

Imgjax is a very simple Moo.fx single page image upload application. Upload images. Free storage. One page. No registration.

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3D Friday with Ajax3D

Category: Canvas

For this weeks 3D Friday we show Ajax3D a simple open source 3D engine written by Eben Upton that uses the HTML canvas tag for output.

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Thursday, March 8th, 2007

My Yahoo! Beta

Category: Showcase

The YUI revamp of Yahoo! properties keeps on chugging along with the latest My Yahoo! Beta. For the three people who do not have Yahoo! ids or if you just want to take a quick gander, you can check out a screencast. The new feel doesn’t seem as revolutionary as the some of the other Read the rest…

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Primera: 3D Communication World

Category: Firefox, Games

Sebastian Garcia has spent a year on Primera and I think it shows. Primera is a multiplayer environment where you control an avatar that moves around an isometric-scrollable map and you are able to see what other people are doing/saying, and it runs entirely on dhtml. Primera has been developed from scratch. The server side Read the rest…

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Another way to get around ActiveX silliness

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Eric Anderson has written his own script to get rid of the annoying “Click here to activate” IE now puts on all ActiveX controls (including Flash). There are other solutions such as UFO and SWFObject that we have discussed in the past. if (navigator.appName == “Microsoft Internet Explorer”) (function() { var onload = window.onload || Read the rest…

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Future Proofing JavaScript Libraries

Category: Browsers, JavaScript

John Resig has been talking about future proofing JavaScript libraries. He discusses the issue of each browser introducing more bugs (a fix to some is a bug to others!) and shows how Mozilla is trying to help out: At Mozilla, we’ve looked at this issue and Mike Shaver came up with an excellent solution: Simply Read the rest…

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