Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

W3C Relaunches HTML Activity

Category: W3C

The W3C has publicly invited browser vendors, application developers, and content designers to help design the next version of HTML by participating in the new W3C HTML Working Group. Ian Hickson commented over at the WHATWG: Surprisingly, the W3C never actually contacted the WHATWG during the chartering process. However, the WHATWG model has clearly had Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Party This Thursday in San Jose

We blogged before about Desktop Matters, the conference on Java desktop development we’re holding this week in San Jose. We’ve decided to open up the party on Thursday night to everyone, and we’re very keen to get the Ajaxian and Desktop communities together to get to know each other better and have a good time. Read the rest…

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ASP.NET Ajax-aware JavaScript IntelliSense

Category: .NET, Atlas

A new release of Visual Studio “Orcas” shows off the intellisense features nicely, including: Proactive Completion List: No more waiting for ‘.’ Keywords in Completion List: fun your way to function ASP.NET AJAX Concepts in Completion List: Direct support for Atlas IntelliSense from Script Libraries for ASPX Pages: Now you can see objects that exist Read the rest…

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Toggl: Ajax based timetracker tool

Category: Rails, Ruby, Showcase

Alari Aho has created Toggl, an Ajax based timetracker tool written in Ruby on Rails that uses several Ajax tehniques, including pre-fetch and asynchronous postings.

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JSJuicer: Slice and Dice those JS files

Category: JavaScript, Utility

jsjuicer is a free tool for safely reducing the size of your JavaScript files. Reducing the size and number of the JavaScript files included in a web page will enable it to load faster. It is available as portable C++ code with a BSD-style licence. Why did Adrian Johnston write another JavaScript obfuscater and minimizer? Read the rest…

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Ajax Portlets: JSR-168 portlets, SOA, and more

Category: Portal, Screencast, TIBCO

TIBCO GI recently had a webinar on Ajax portlets where they discuss various topics revolving around portals, SOA, and Ajax. The content was recorded and is now available for your perusal. Ajax RIA + Portal + SOA = Success for H&R Block H&R Block Sr. Systems Architect, Dan Cahoon, shares how H&R Block delivered SOA-connected Read the rest…

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Garbage Collection in IE6

Category: Articles, JavaScript, Performance

Daniel Pupius had the unfortunate “cause to do some investigation into the effects of Internet Explorer’s garbage collection routines on performance” and kindly wrote up his findings: Eric Lippert posted about the internals of IE’s garbage collector back in September 2003, though he skimmed over the important bits, which were later noted in the comments. Read the rest…

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Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Lily: Graphical data-flow programming environment

Category: Showcase, Utility

Bill Orcutt has been working on Lily, a graphical data-flow programming environment that runs in a web browser: Programs are built graphically by connecting modules to add functionality, fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add interactivity or display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Read the rest…

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MyPunchbowl Upgrades Event System

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous, Showcase

MyPunchbowl, the event planner that may kill evite, has pushed a new version, now with 150% more Ajax. We asked Matt Douglas (Punchbowl team) to tell us what is new, and he replied: All Sign in and Sign up windows are done in a modal dialog. Note the cool Ajax zoom effect we chose to Read the rest…

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Couchville: Simple TV Listings

Category: Showcase, Yahoo!

Couchville is another site that has stepped up to the plate to fill the void after the Yahoo! TV ruckus (there are others such as TV Listings. Couchville’s purpose is to be a simple TV listings website. In addition to being usable and fast, there are interesting features such as the draggable program guide (a Read the rest…

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The safety of JSON

Category: JSON, Security

Joe Walker is talking about the safety of JSON. He has talked about CSRF in the past, and this time he delves into the Array/JSON hack: Here’s how it works, and you can follow along with any JavaScript console: Redefine the Array constructor: function Array() { alert(“hi”); } Verify that this constructor is called when Read the rest…

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Monday, March 5th, 2007

United updates their web site

Category: Showcase

When I went to United to look for some tickets I had a pleasant surprise. Normally I curse the website, as I do with most of the airline sites. We are used to some nice usable websites these days. We have rich date pickers and the like. The airlines often have us in old-school land, Read the rest…

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Browser Wars: Mozilla, IE, Opera join up for a panel discussion

Category: Browsers, Firefox, IE, Interview, Microsoft, Opera

Presented by the Silicon Valley WebBuilder, this event brought together Mike Shaver from Mozilla, Chris Wilson from Microsoft’s IE team, HÃ¥kon Lie from Opera, and expertly moderator Douglas Crockford from Yahoo! to talk about the current state of the browser landscape. At first, each person got a chance to say their peace. Here are some Read the rest…

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AOL launches Dojo based Ajax WebMail

Category: Showcase

AOL has launched their AIM Webmail beta that uses Dojo for rich interaction a la Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. AOL has been a long term fan of Dojo and it shows in view source: < View plain text > HTML <script type="text/javascript">var djConfig = { isDebug: false, debugAtAllCosts: false, useXDomain: false, debugContainerId: "wsDebugger" };</script>   Read the rest…

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Category: HTML, Opera

Opera has published a proposal (that is implemented in an internal build) for a <video> HTML element. This has been talked about for quite awhile, and they got around to doing it. Example < View plain text > HTML <script>   function play(video) { document.getElementById(video).play() }   function pause(video) { document.getElementById(video).pause() }   function stop(video) Read the rest…

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Weebly Relaunches

Category: RichTextWidget, Showcase

If you are interested in the WYSIWYG race, then you have probably checked out Weebly. They relaunched this morning, adding the features: Bring your own domain, and we’ll still host your website at your domain for free. We’ve integrated SnipShot image editing so that users can edit, crop, resize and retouch images within the Weebly Read the rest…

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