Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Fun Safari Bugs Episode 34

Category: Browsers, Tip, WebKit

Tobie Langel fearlessly deals with browser quirks so Prototype users will not have too. His latest battle revolves around a Regex bug that causes Safari to crash when the string is large. /(.)+/.test(string); They fixed the usage of this in some areas but still have issues with JSON sanitization. The good news is that WebKit Read the rest…

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S60: More Mobile Ajax

Category: Ajax, Mobile

There were several people showing off the latest S60 browser software (built on WebKit) running on Nokia phones. There is richer Ajax support, and was even a nudge, nudge, wink wink comment regarding support of canvas and the like. Still, although it is great to have Safari on the phone, and zooming around the page Read the rest…

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Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Handling Keyboard Shortcuts in JavaScript is a simple script that allows you to declare shortcut event handling in your applications. < View plain text > javascript shortcut("Ctrl+Shift+X", function() {     alert("Hi there!"); }); You can also pass in options: type: The event type – can be ‘keydown’,’keyup’,’keypress’. Default: ‘keydown’ target: The element that should Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Google announces new AJAX Feed API

Category: Google, JavaScript, Library

The Google AJAX API team has announced a genuinely useful Feed API that gives an Ajax developer the ability to access feeds, cached in the fast Google edge cache where appropriate, from across the web using a simple JavaScript API. This is a subtle service that does one thing that is currently a pain-point for Read the rest…

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Performance test results show strong WebKit outcome

Category: Dojo, Editorial

Ryan Breen put out a call for help on a distributed performance test that had many people hitting a Dojo charting system. The results are now in and the data seems to show: At 37ms, Safari is easily the fastest implementation, over 3 times faster than Firefox. Internet Explorer is by far the slowest, but Read the rest…

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Make the XHR abstraction shorter

Category: Ajax, Tip

In low-level land, the try/catch trick that Prototype uses was king for ‘most fun way to get the XHR object’. Nicolas Faugout has put his hat in the ring with: < View plain text > javascript if (!XMLHttpRequest) {   function XMLHttpRequest() {     return new ActiveXObject(‘Microsoft.XMLHTTP’);   } } This feels like the Read the rest…

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Ext 1.0: Build your own Ext

Category: JavaScript, Library, Sencha

We previously announced launching, and now Ext JS 1.0 has been released. You can see screenshots showing off the nice looking stuff and you can now customize your own build. First, you will select the base library (Prototype, jQuery, YUI) and then you will get a list of all of the components allowing you Read the rest…

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Sylvester: Vector and Matrix Math for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

James Coglan wanted to create a generally useful JavaScript library that does vector and matrix math well. He has released Sylvester, which let’s developers write readable object-oriented code for dealing with vector and matrix mathematics. Its first release includes classes for vectors, matrices, and lines and planes in 3D space. Future releases will add more Read the rest…

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GWT-Jsonizer: JSON/JavaBeans translator

Category: GWT, JSON, Library

Andrés Testi has developed a JSON/JavaBean translator for the Google Web Toolkit named GWT Jsonizer, which simplifies the GWT interaction with non-java backends. The Jsonizer interface, has only two methods: ‘asJavaObject’ and ‘asString’. As possibly you can infer, the ‘asJavaObject’ method unjsonizes JSON values, and the ‘asString’ method, performs the opposite action. Example < View Read the rest…

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Monday, April 16th, 2007

LightWindow 1.1: A window to various media

Category: UI

Kevin Miller has released LightWindow 1.1, another in the trend of light boxes. Another one? After researching every single modal window, lightbox, slimbox, etc out there nothing fit the bill. Granted some of them were very nice but only fit a specific purpose, others were a nightmare on the code end, and others were just Read the rest…

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dsHistory: another history / back button manager

Category: JavaScript, Library

Andrew Mattie has released a new JavaScript history manager that allows one to bind functions to history events either with or without changing the window hash (depending on the developer’s preference). Andrew details his travels on getting this library out by discussing those who came before him: Really Simple History (RSH), Brad Neuberg AJAX-Nav, Mike Read the rest…

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Dojo Widgets Rebirth

Category: Dojo

Dojo is getting some big changes. One of them is a change in the widget structure. The Dojo folk just updated us on the status of Dijit, the new system. To get an idea of what is going on, check out this PDF that gives you what you need to know: Dijit looks cleaner and Read the rest…

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Friday, April 13th, 2007

Advancing JavaScript with Libraries

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Library, Presentation

The Yahoo! UI team kindly invited me to listen to John Resig, of Mozilla and jQuery, talk to the team on “Advancing JavaScript with Libraries”. John wanted to talk about his experiences developing a number of JavaScript libraries, At Mozilla John is working on FUEL, a JavaScript library that should be shipping in Firefox 3, Read the rest…

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Fireclipse: Debug from FF straight into Eclipse

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Utility

John J. Barton has released a new open source framework named Fireclipse that enables nice coupling of Firefox and Eclipse for debugging purposes, working on top of Firebug. Fireclipse routes error messages from Firefox’s Javascript Console to Eclipse’s console. Fireclipse positions an Eclipse editor on the source line reported by Firefox. Calls to dump() end Read the rest…

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The true meaning behind Apollo, Atlas, Ajax, and Dionysius

Category: Editorial, Fun

It is appropriate that the answer to the toughest riddle since the Davinci Code has been solved on Friday the 13th. John Eckman has written about Rich Internet Applications and Greek Mythology and uncovers the reasons why Adobe named their project Apollo, and Microsoft named theirs Atlas. It even gets to the conclusion that Dionysus Read the rest…

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CookieJar: JSON Cookies

Category: JavaScript, Library

Lalit Patel has created a JavaScript Library to use JSON to store data in cookies. JSON Cookies is built on top of Prototype and gives you a simple API to put and get JSON values into cookies: < View plain text > javascript var jar = new CookieJar({        expires:3600,   // seconds Read the rest…

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