Friday, April 6th, 2007

JSMP: JavaScript Media Player

Category: JavaScript, Showcase

Azer Koculu has created JSMP, a JavaScript media player. It has an interesting effect.

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TIBCO announces General Interface Test Automation Kit

Category: JavaScript, Testing, TIBCO

TIBCO GI has released a new test automation kit: To further support rapid Ajax application development cycles in the enterprise, TIBCO has released TIBCO General Interface Test Automation Kit, a free, open source kit optimized for functional, unit and regression testing of solutions built with its TIBCO General Interface Ajax toolkit. The testing suite extends Read the rest…

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Jester: JavaScriptian REST

Category: JavaScript, Library

The nice giant robots have smashed away a JavaScript REST implementation that is inspired by the Rails ActiveResource library. Jester builds on Prototype and ObjTree, a nice DOM parsing engine for JavaScript. Take a peak at how it works via the examples (run in Firebug): < View plain text > javascript Base.model("User") Base.model("Child", "", "child", Read the rest…

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Multiplayer Connect 4

Category: Games, Showcase

Azer Koçulu developed a multi-player platform for Connect4 using php and javascript. It is possible to play the game simultaneously in multiple tables and chat with your opponents b y opening multiple game windows. So, if you are few up wasting some time at work on Twitter, jump over and play some Connect 4!

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Update Firebug to 1.0.4

Category: Tip, Utility

Update — go get 1.04 — its a more robust fix for the security issue – read Joe’s comment here. Joe Hewitt has posted an update to Firebug that you should grab right away as it fixes a couple of issues and covers a 0-day security hole. The update has been published to, so Read the rest…

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Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Protecting a JavaScript Service

Category: Articles, Security

There is increasing buzz over security with JavaScript, and people are stepping up to the plate. In How to Protect a JSON or Javascript Service, Joe Walker looks at a few solutions such as: Use a Secret in the Request Force pre-eval() Processing Force POST requests Joe implements some of these in DWR, including: Prefix Read the rest…

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Event.Behavior: DSL for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Ryan Johnson is quite prolific these days. His newest creation is Event.Behavior, a domain specific language for describing and defining events in your JavaScript applications. It attempts to approximate how one would describe an event in the english language and allows you to extend it with your own verbs. The library was inspired by Adam Read the rest…

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MJT: JavaScript Templating Library

Category: JavaScript, Library, Utility

The group behind Freebase have released MTJ, the templating library they created for their own use: Mjt makes it very simple to take data from a web service and format it in a browser, with no server support. The templates are hosted and delivered as static HTML, and they are compiled and applied entirely in Read the rest…

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Participate: Distribute Performance Test

Category: Dojo

Ryan Breen and the Dojo folk wanted to take a look at the performance of Dojo Charting on various browsers. Ryan setup a test page that you can click on, that will measure the performance. The more diverse a group we can get the better, so give it a shot and take a peak at Read the rest…

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Ext JS goes live

Category: Announcements, Sencha

We have been holding our breath a little on this one. Ext JS hasn’t been a secret, but the site wasn’t complete and live until now, and we didn’t want to hammer poor Jack Slocum with an Ajaxian post until he said he was ready! The new site launch comes with more than just the Read the rest…

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The Offline Battle: You aren’t on a plane

Category: Chat, Editorial, Offline, Screencast

The arguments around offline have been brewing for some time. DHH came out with typical flare on why offline doesn’t matter as you are either online all the time, or if you aren’t, you don’t mind it. I hope that offline matters less and less over time, but for me connectivity can be very spotty Read the rest…

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Pipes: A tech talk

Category: Presentation, Yahoo!

Pasha Sadril, Jonathan Trevor, and others on the Yahoo! Pipes team showed up at Google to discuss Yahoo! Pipes. The presentation was recorded for all as part of the Google Tech Talk series. The presentation started with Pasha discussing how Pipes came into being, and showing it in action. Then, Jonathan took over to discuss Read the rest…

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Towards Secure Ajax Mashups

Category: JSON, Remoting, Security

Ajax pioneer Brent Ashley has written a Developerworks article about making Ajax mashup secure. It looks at where it’s at today and where it’s all headed. He begins by surveying current techniques for calling external servers, such as the popular On-Demand Javascript technique. This has well-known security issues. The scalability benefit of the <script> tag Read the rest…

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pack:tag: Compressing JSP Taglib

Category: Java, JavaScript, Library

pack:tag is a static-resource compressing JSP-Taglib. It caches ad hoc compressed JavaScript or CSS in memory (in a Java Servlet) or in a generated file. It works transparently to the developer and the compressing-algorithms are pluggable. Features Minification of JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets Caching to filesystem or memory (servlet) When caching to memory, the Read the rest…

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Cruiser Behaviors Library

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library, Unobtrusive JS

Dan Yoder has created the Cruiser Behaviors Library, extensible stylesheets for decorating DOM elements with interfaces and event handlers. Cruiser uses Prototype, and is inspired by the Behaviour library itself. A simple example shows the library in action. A new behaviour of “strike out a link with the special class of ‘demo’” is added to Read the rest…

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Ajax CRUD with Struts 2 and TIBCO GI

Category: Articles, Java, TIBCO

Brian Walsh has written an article on Ajax CRUD with Struts 2 and TIBCO GI: In this article you will learn how to create a new Ajax RIA front end to an existing Apache Struts2 .jsp application using TIBCO General Interface (GI), an open source Ajax toolkit with a MVC architecture similar to that of Read the rest…

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