Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Dtrace Firefox to get inside the black box

Category: Editorial

John Rice gave a presentation at JavaOne on using Dtrace to instrument Firefox. The JavaScript VM has long been a black box. We long for monitoring tools that give us access to the runtime as we are used to on the JVM or CLR. We may get there with Silverlight in the future. Adding Dtrace Read the rest…

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Velocity2JS: Templating within

Category: Examples, JavaScript, Library

Velocity is a popular templating system for Java developers. Velocity2JS takes the engine and has it output JavaScript functions. Example Velocity Template < View plain text > HTML <html> <body> Hello $world.name! <table> #foreach( $greeting in $greetings )    <tr>     <td>$greeting.language</td>     <td>$greeting.text</td>    </tr> #end </table> </body> </html> JS Output < Read the rest…

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The One True Way to Open a Window in JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Ryan Johnson shares his short tip on how to use JavaScript to open a window, letting users decide how they want to handle it, and supporting non-JavaScript clients: < View plain text > HTML <a href="your_link" onclick="window.open(this.href,’window_name’,’options’); return false;"></a> unobtrusively add on to an item: < View plain text > javascript $$(‘#mylink’).each(function(link) {   link.onclick Read the rest…

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Monday, May 14th, 2007

Slider.js – Prototype based Carousel

Category: Component, JavaScript, Library, Prototype, Scriptaculous

Bruno Bornsztein has created Slider.js, a carousel widget that flips between content, based on Prototype and Script.aculo.us. You can see it in action, or download it.

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Simple Tree-based JSON Editor

Category: JSON, Utility

Marc of Braincast has whipped up a JSON Editor that builds a tree from your JSON, and lets you walk the tree. Then, find a node, and edit at that point.

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Subspace: Enabling trusted cross domain Ajax

Category: Editorial

Collin Jackson and Helen Wang presented their paper at WWW2007 on Subspace: Secure Cross-Domain Communication for Web Mashups: Combining data and code from third-party sources has enabled a new wave of web mashups that add creativity and functionality to web applications. However, browsers are poorly designed to pass data between domains, often forcing web developers Read the rest…

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JS Commander: JavaScript console via proxy

Category: Library, Ruby

Shinya Kasatani has created JS Commander, an HTTP proxy server with a JavaScript console. You run the Ruby based proxy, configure a browser to use it, and then you get access to a command prompt to play with. There are also features such as supporting URL forwarding, allowing one browser to direct another. Obviously, for Read the rest…

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Friday, May 11th, 2007

iCarousel: open source carousel

Category: JavaScript, Library

Fabio Zendhi Nagao has created iCarousel, an open source javascript tool for creating carousel like widgets. It is very flexible, builds on MooTools v1.1, and an example looks like: < View plain text > javascript new iCarousel("example_3_content", {       idPrevious: "example_3_previous",       idNext: "example_3_next",       idToggle: "undefined",     Read the rest…

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HTML 5: Positive Momentum

Category: HTML

Kevin Yank has written up a roundup of the first six months with the new HTML working group, with one piece of very positive news: A Surprise Proposal Before the search could begin, however, representatives of Mozilla, Apple, and Opera came forward with a proposal to adopt the WHAT Working Group’s HTML5 draft specification as Read the rest…

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Category: Rails, Showcase

Richard White has created another Rails Ajax Scaffolding solution with the ActiveScaffold plugin: ActiveScaffold provides you with a wealth of dynamically created goodness: An AJAXified table interface for creating, updating, and deleting objects Automatic handling of ActiveRecord associations Sorting, Search and Pagination Graceful JavaScript degradation RESTful API support (XML/YAML/JSON) baked in Sexy CSS styling and Read the rest…

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Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Rich Text Controls: Tiny MCE 2.1.1 and Control.TextArea

Category: JavaScript, Library, RichTextWidget

There are a couple of updates in the world of rich text controls. Ryan Johnson has created a new control: Control.TextArea. This is a very different tool, as it isn’t about WYSIWYG functionality, but rather building toolbar based text areas that wrap simple text. It has support for functionality such as Markdown, Textile, etc. Everything Read the rest…

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Overlay Pictures on Yahoo! Travel Maps

Category: Mapping, Showcase

Yahoo! Travel has added a new Map on Map feature which allows you to overlay maps, and set the opacity. For example, this example has the forum in Rome overlayed on top of the city. You can also check out the Grand Canyon and the National Mall.

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MooTools Video Tutorial

Category: Examples, MooTools, Recording, Screencast

Rick Blalock has released a free version of his MooTools video tutorial that covers: Lesson Two – De-Cluttering the Membership Page Lesson Three – Using MooTabs to Condense Related Products Lesson Four – Using a MooTools ‘Light Box’ to Create a Friendly Gallery Lesson Five – Using Fx.Styles to Control Font Size Lesson Six – Read the rest…

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Iris: Example of combining Java applets and Ajax

Category: Java, Showcase

Last week I got to see Iris, a Flickr manager that uses Java applets and Ajax together to give enhanced features such as: Native desktop integration (drag and drop works, full screen) Rich media: OpenGL for 3D graphics (hardware accelerated), OpenAL for spatialized audio, Java Media codecs Jasper Potts, a Sun developer, explains Iris, and Read the rest…

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XAJAX PHP Live Datagrid

Category: Examples, JavaScript, PHP

Timothy Lorens has created a XAJAX PHP Live Datagrid that is as simple to setup as: < View plain text > HTML <div id=“dataGrid” align=“center”></div> <script type=“text/javascript”>   xajax_showDataGrid(); </script> xajax_showDataGrid is a callback where you get to implement methods such as passing back how many rows there are, and the rows to show.

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Google Analytics: MeasureMap is Alive

Category: Google, Showcase

I am personally excited to see that Google Analytics has announced a new version. Ever since the Measure Map acquisition people have been hounding “what are they doing with Measure Map?”. Now, Jeffrey Vreen can proudly announce it to the world. I have been able to use it on internal Google blogs, and they have Read the rest…

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