Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

“Ajax is now an Endangered Species”

Category: Editorial

Dare Obasanjo, of Microsoft, is an obvious fan of Silverlight, and has a piece on how Ajax is now an Endangered Species. Now, there is some compelling work in Silverlight, but come on ;) Flash has been around for a long time, yet Ajax became en vogue a couple of years ago. It wasn’t because Read the rest…

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The Ajax Experience Call for Papers Closed

Category: Announcements, The Ajax Experience

If you haven’t already submitted your presentation idea for The Ajax Experience in San Francisco July 25-27, too late! The call for papers officially closed last week. We received over double the submissions we received in the last call and are hard at work reviewing them. Thanks to all of you who submitted a paper. Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 9:23 am
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Squeeze CSS and JS into one file

Category: Articles, CSS, JavaScript

If you wanted a hack to allow you to put JavaScript and CSS into the same file you got it:

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Prototype 1.5.1 Released

Category: Announcements, JavaScript, Library, Prototype

The full release of Prototype 1.5.1 has been released, and if you are on the 1.5 branch you should upgrade. Features Incredible Selector speedup and full CSS3 support (read about it in the original post). Full JSON encoding and decoding support and options for improved security. Optimized Element#get/setStyle for cross-browser compatibility and speed. Various String Read the rest…

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TJPzoom 3: More Image Zooming

Category: JavaScript, Library

At the same time as the post on Loupe.js, we were told about another image magnifier, TJPzoom 3, created by Janos Pal Toth. The latest version gives you: Has transparent drop shadow Works on IE7 (and on most major browsers) Much cleaner code for you to insert You can change the relative position of your Read the rest…

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Heap Feng Shui in JavaScript and HeapLib

Category: IE, JavaScript, Library

Alexander Sotirov has gone deep into JavaScript internals in IE. Really deep. His focus was on exploits, but there is knowledge that help us understand why Array.join is better than string += “foo” for large amounts of data. Introduction The exploitation of heap corruption vulnerabilities on the Windows platform has become increasingly more difficult since Read the rest…

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Loupe.js: Magnifier Component

Category: Canvas, Component, Showcase

Christian Effenberger is having great fun with canvas. His latest incarnation is Loupe.js, which allows you to add a magnifier to an object on your page. All you have to do is tell Loupe where to put it: < View plain text > HTML <div> <img id="…" onLoad="initLoupe(;" src="…" width="356" height="205" alt="…"/> </div>

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Creating an Ajax Rating Widget

Category: Articles

Laurent Haan has taken the time to write a detailed article on Creating an Ajax Rating Widget. Not only does Laurent take the time to walk through the implementation of a rating widget, but he ports it across Dojo, Prototype, Mootools, and jQuery. It is interesting to go through the examples in each library and Read the rest…

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Jayrock: JSON and JSON-RPC for .NET

Category: .NET, JavaScript, JSON

Jayrock is a modest and an open source implementation of JSON and JSON-RPC for the Microsoft .NET Framework, including ASP.NET. What’s so modest about it? Well, modest as in plain and basic and no work of genius. A developer creates a helloworld.ashx that contains your server side logic: < View plain text > C# < Read the rest…

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