Saturday, June 30th, 2007

How to write a Google Gadget

Category: Google, JavaScript, Programming, Widgets

I’ve written some notes on the Google Gadget API and how to write a gadget, targeted at developers who already know Ajax. What’s a Gadget? The gadget is an XML file sitting on your server. In my case, It will get cached, so effectively it must be a static file. The user adds your Read the rest…

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iPhone Safari Notes and Quirks

Category: iPhone

Now we can get our hands on an iPhone, developers are testing out Safari to see what is actually available. How is the DOM? What events get fired? How does the keyboard send onkey* events? How is scrolling handled? How is the JavaScript support? Abe Fettig has been jotting down his notes, which include: Poking Read the rest…

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Friday, June 29th, 2007

htsh: http shell

Category: Showcase

Adeel Khan has created another HTTP shell called htsh using PHP on the backend and jQuery for the front end. It currently supports most common commands, like cd, chmod, cp, edit, exit, ls, mkdir, mv, rm, rmdir, touch, unzip, and zip. It is also very easy to add your own commands. It even supports tab-completion. Read the rest…

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Art with Tables

Category: Fun, HTML

As we rant and rave about CSS the true artists are up to amazing things with HTML tables :) Here is some Friday fun:

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A report on Push versus Pull

Category: Comet

Engin Bozdag, Ali Mesbah, and Arie van Deursen of the Delft University of Technology have compiled a technical report on various push versus pull techniques of building Ajax applications based on an example application that they built. They concluded that: In this paper we have compared pull and push solutions for achieving web-based real time Read the rest…

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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

iPhone Development: Aptana and Morfik

Category: iPhone

People are clamoring on the iPhone buzz to get developers using their products for iPhone development. Two early IDE folk are Morfik and Aptana: Aptana iPhone Support We’ve released the first beta of our iPhone Development Plugin for the Aptana IDE. Since ‘Web 2.0’ is the development model of choice for the iPhone, and that Read the rest…

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Cerny.js – Method call interception, Schemas, Type checking and more

Category: JavaScript, Library

Robert Cerny has created a JavaScript library in his own image Cerny.js. The library has an entire slew of things: method call interception, type checking for arguments and return values on function calls, programming by contract, logging, validation of an object against a schema, dictionaries, pretty printing JSON in text or HTML, dependency management, easy Read the rest…

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PhotoFolder: JSON Image Gallery API

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous

Ryan Johnson has developed PhotoFolder, a simple library that “scans a given folder for JPEG files with any number of thumbnail sizes per image. If the resized images do not yet exist, it will automatically create the thumbnails for you. The result is that your workflow for adding new images to an application built with Read the rest…

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Open-source Ajax widgets available from Dekoh

Category: Component

Dekoh is rolling out some of their widgets as open source standalone components. New widgets will be released every week during the run-up to the product release of Dekoh itself, and they have started with a tag cloud. To find out how you can embed it in your application or to download the widget source Read the rest…

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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Adobe AIR Free Book Download

Category: Adobe, Books

Mike Chambers and the Adobe AIR crew have generously released the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide (Amazon) under a creative commons license. They have given us an electronic copy available for download for free, here. The pocket guide covers: Introduction to AIR Getting Started with AIR development Working with JavaScript and Read the rest…

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Vayama: Visual Web 2.0 Travel

Category: Showcase

Vayama is a new Travel 2.0 site that has an Ajax UI. Vayama itself has a focus on international travel for U.S. travelers. To help out, you get visual clues on your itinerary. Maybe this is because they know that the US has some… erm…. issues with geography? :) The Ajax (DWR and more) and Read the rest…

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Google Docs and Spreadsheets Updated

Category: Showcase

Ron Schneider announced a new look for Google Docs and Spreadsheets today. This is a good example of changing the feel for an app that you use daily, and adding some nice Ajax effects and features, such as the good ‘ole left side folder list. I wonder if anyone will be confused that these folders Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Digg’s new comment system and jQuery

Category: jQuery, JSON, Showcase

There has been a lot of talk in the Digg community about their new comment system. Joe Stump implemented the new system, and in the process he took out, and created a jQuery plugin based solution. By far the most complex portion of the comments system was how dynamic it was going to be. Read the rest…

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IE Memory Leaks Be-gone

Category: IE

We can all rejoice as their are officially no more memory leaks in IE. Ok, there are probably still plenty, but it is good news to hear that with the MS07-033 security update we get: General distribution release (GDR) fixes A memory leak occurs in Internet Explorer 6 when you view a Web page that Read the rest…

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Chronoscope: GWT Charting and Vector Graphics platform

Category: GWT, Java, JavaScript, Library

Ray Cromwell and his team released Chronoscope a GWT based charting and vector graphics platform: We aim to bring the Google Maps experience to exploration of time series data. Using GWT, we have created a chart component which creates zoomable views of very large datasets (20,000+ points), stylable with CSS, mashupable with Javascript API and Read the rest…

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Monday, June 25th, 2007

JavaFX SVG Translator

Category: Java

Chris Oliver (Mr. JavaFX Script) has posted a preview of a JavaFX to SVG translator: It’ll take a few more days before we post the code to OpenJFX, but in the meantime here’s a preview of the latest version of our SVG to FX translator. The translator converts an SVG document into a single JavaFX Read the rest…

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