Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

A JavaScript Module Pattern

Category: Articles, JavaScript

Eric Miraglia, of Yahoo!, has documented his explanation of what Douglas Crockford calls the JavaScript Module pattern. Eric discusses the steps: Create a namespace object: If you’re using YUI, you can use the YAHOO.namespace() method Assign the return value of an anonymous function to your namespace object Add “private” methods and variables in the anonymous Read the rest…

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Resource Accelerate: Caching and Compression

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Utility

Kris Zyp has released Resource Accelerate, “a J2EE web application filter that provides three signficant performance enhancements to web applications that use CSS, JavaScript, and shared images in a simple, easy to use package.” Caching Header Directives – this can significantly reduce the number of requests a browser needs to make for a web application Read the rest…

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

SlickSpeed CSS Selector TestSuite

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library, MooTools

SlickSpeed is a CSS selector test suite provided by the MooTools folk. This tool comes at the same time as they release CSS3 support in Mootools, and it compares Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, Ext, and CSS Query. Every framework runs in his own iFrame, thus no conflicts can happen. Tests are run selector by selector, with Read the rest…

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ZK 2.4 Released

Category: Framework

Version 2.4 of ZK, the server-side Ajax framework, has just  been released. What’s new in 2.4? Load on demand, i.e. won’t create child components until they become visible, saving memory and initial load times. Simplified ZUML annotations (for data binding, etc.) New highlighted window that behaves like a modal window without suspending the event processing Read the rest…

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Apple Revamps its website

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous, Showcase

To go with the keynote, Apple pushed live a new revamped website that looks even more like it is running in iTunes. There are lots of effects, courtesy of Prototype and, such as mouseover accordians, and horizontal scroll areas. Fred Oliveira wasn’t all impressed: Apple launched a new website. “Great!”, I hear you say Read the rest…

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jMaki Extension for Google Gears

Category: Gears, Java, jMaki, Library

Greg Murray has posted his jMaki Extension for Google Gears. He details the steps required to create an extension for jMaki, and then showed an example of mapping the save button for the Dojo Editor and Dojo Inline Edit components which publish to the topic “*onSave”. < View plain text > javascript jmaki.addGlueListener("*onSave", function(args) { Read the rest…

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Monday, June 11th, 2007

Safari for Windows, Ajax on iPhone

Category: iPhone, WebKit

Steve Jobs gave the keynote at WWDC this morning, where he announced a couple of items that affect Ajax developers. Safari for Windows Apple is releasing the public beta of Safari for Windows today. Steve gave demos of Safari, claiming that it screams: ibench html performance: IE 4.6 sec, FF 3.7, Safari 2.2 seconds javascript: Read the rest…

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Aptana IDE adds AIR support

Category: Adobe, Aptana, Utility

Adding support for AIR feels kinda funny to write. I guess Aptana wants to be life support for Ajax development (boom, boom). The Aptana IDE now supports Adobe AIR: This means that Ajax developers can now use our IDE to build desktop apps seamlessly using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of the features we added Read the rest…

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Ext 1.1 Beta + Feed Reader 3 Demo

Category: Sencha

Jack Slocum saw our post on the Joomla widget, and pointed us to a his FeedViewer 3 application, slated to be released with Ext 2.0: The FeedViewer example app has been rewritten from scratch for Ext 2.0. It is intended to be a good reference implementation of 2.0 and unlike the other examples which were Read the rest…

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TARR: Tabbed Ajax RSS Reader

Category: Showcase

Marc B. Stroz pointed us to a new Joomla module called TARR (Tabbed Ajax RSS Reader). TARR is using the EXT JS libraries, JQuery and the simplepie xml parser to display different feeds in a tabbed format. It allows for server defined defaults / favorites and for users to add to their favorites for later Read the rest…

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Adobe AIR: Fresh name for Apollo

Category: Adobe, Offline

I personally like Apollo, and it had already built recognition, but it is now called Adobe Air. What is new in the Air beta? New features in the Adobe AIR beta include an embedded local database, PDF support, enhanced capabilities for JavaScript developers, and deeper integration with Adobe Flex. The new beta version of Adobe Read the rest…

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007

ECMAScript Edition 4 Reference Implementation

Category: JavaScript

There is a new website,, created by the ECMAScript group to share information about ES Edition 4, and the first milestone release, which is implemented in ML. You can download the reference interpreter as well as checking out the documentation. Brendan Eich blogged about the release: As Dave notes, this is a “pre-release” in Read the rest…

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Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Remember The Milk Offline

Category: Gears, Offline, Showcase

Remember The Milk is one of the early Web 2.0 entrants that keeps innovating. I think that they were probably the first popular-non-google web applicationto go offline with Gears. They decided to take an approach similar to Google Reader’s offline model: What can I do offline? Just about everything that’s possible online with Remember The Read the rest…

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Friday, June 8th, 2007

Ajax Experience Schedule Finalized

Category: The Ajax Experience

As we’ve mentioned before, it was really tough to choose from all the great content that all of you from the community submitted this year. You can see what we chose now that we’ve got the schedule for Ajax Experience 2007 West finalized. Well, somewhat finalized. We’ve also got a session on the new Google Read the rest…

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Ajax Chinese Chess

Category: Games

Kevin Hoang Le and his team have created an Ajax Chinese Chess game. It’s true Ajax (as opposed to just Javascript) since all the move computations of the “computer” player is done on the server and the data is passed in JSON format back and forth. The Javascript code is entirely unobtrusive and weights only Read the rest…

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Maintainers Wanted: Really Simple History, and Flash Storage

Category: Editorial

Brad Neuberg has put out a plea for maintainers to take on some of his work. He is looking for someone for: Really Simple History Today, RSH is used by a huge number of websites to solve Ajax bookmarking and history issues; it is also integrated into alot of other open source projects. Members from Read the rest…

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