Friday, July 13th, 2007

Robot Replay: Watch your users via Ajax

Category: Showcase

Robot Replay is a Rails application written by Nitobi that allows you to record how your users use your site, and play it back later. You include a piece of JavaScript on your site, and then user events are chunked, and sent up to RobotReplay every now and then. Once the user is done with Read the rest…

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Friday fun with speech bubbles

Category: Fun, JavaScript

Remy Sharp has just released his initial version of JavaScript Speech Bubbles – allowing you to place and share speech bubbles with your own commentary from any web site like Facebook or Flickr. Remy said: I’ve often looked a picture of friends and wanted to slap on my own speech bubble with some amusing comment, Read the rest…

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J4P5: JavaScript interpreter written in PHP 5

Category: JavaScript, PHP

I haven’t seen many languages implemented in PHP. J4P5 “is a JavaScript interpreter written in PHP 5, that allows to run untrusted scripts in a sandbox on your server. It aims to implement most of Ecma-262 3d edition.” J4P5 uses a modified version of the CFG parser of the MetaPHP project, and is licensed under Read the rest…

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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

TrimPath is back, now with Gears

Category: Gears, Server

After a two year hiatus Steve Yen has brought the original “JavaScript RoR-like thing”, TrimPath, back to life with a new release of Junction and Next Action. The new release is huge, literally, since it has gone from < 150 KB back in 2005, to 5.3 MB today. This is mostly due to the new Read the rest…

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Google Gears Roadmap and Features

Category: Gears, Google

Othman Laraki of the Google Gears team has published news on the Gears Roadmap and Development Process in which he discusses new features and details on the open process that the Gears team is going to follow. Two concrete features that are forthcoming are: Cross-Origin API Google Gears has a strict same-origin security model. However, Read the rest…

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Ext File Tree Widget

Category: Component, Sencha

Jozef Sakalos has created a File Tree widget for Ext that features: Ajax load and display of nodes File type icons File upload Folder create File or folder delete File or folder rename File or folder move by drag & drop On demand folder reload

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DOMDom: More DOM, Less DOM

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library

Zach Leatherman has created another DOM creation class, DOMDom, (with support for HTML Fragments) that uses the CSS query language. But instead of using the language to query nodes, it is used to create nodes. To make <div style=”width:100%;border:1px solid blue” class=”testClass”><a href=””><span>Google</span></a></div>, you’d have to do the following in other packages: DomHelper: < View Read the rest…

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

TIBCO GI Ajax Challenge

Category: TIBCO

TIBCO has created an Ajax Challenge where the goal is to build the world’s largest mashup over the summer using TIBCO GI. Your components must: Must use General Interfaceâ„¢ v3.4.1, an open source Ajax toolkit from TIBCO with over 100 Ajax components and a suite of visual tools. You may also include other Ajax components Read the rest…

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iUI gets even better: cleanup and features

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, Library, Mobile

Joe Hewitt has upgraded iUI with some cleanup, and a bunch of new features. The demo application will show you how it has come along. New Features New UI controls: List groups, on/off switches, and fieldsets that look like the iPhone “Settings” app Linking to external pages via Ajax: Links to external URLs are now Read the rest…

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CSS Selectors – Speed Myths

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Library

Jack Slocum has continued the CSS Selector trend by taking another look at the various frameworks and dispelling some CSS Selectors Speed Myths. Jack talks about the various approaches, comparing Firefox support to cross browser support, and tweaks the slickspeed tests with a few others, ending up with:

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4.1 rating from 56 votes Annual Reader Survey

Category: Editorial

We have opened up our third annual Reader Survey. We are looking to learn more about the Ajax community, so please spare a couple of minutes and let us know more about how you are using Ajax. Sample questions are: Which browser Plug-ins have you used or have you considered using? Which frameworks have Read the rest…

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Uncluttr: A cleaner Amazon

Category: Prototype, Rails, Showcase

Derek Gaw gave an ignite talk tonight onAIR which showed off his Uncluttr project. Derek works for Amazon, but this is outside of his company work. He is frustrated seeing 1.5MB of content being downloaded when you login, find a book, and then view the detail page. That is too much. Uncluttr uses the Amazon Read the rest…

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

LightWindow 2.0: Themed and Animated

Category: Component, JavaScript

LightWindow 2.0 has been released by Kevin Miller. The new release has been completely rewritten allowing for the user to build their own theme and animations. Featuring Dynamic captions Create a window with a Javascript call Call LightWindow from an iframe More parameters to further customize the window presentation Improved default animations All Media including Read the rest…

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The Ajax Experience Draws Close: July 25-27th

Category: The Ajax Experience

The Ajax Experience is drawing really close. I am excited to get together with everyone on July 25-27th in San Francisco to talk all things Ajax. Ben and I will be giving our traditional State of Ajax talk, and as we look over the time between the last show and this one quite a lot Read the rest…

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JavaScript running to the server

Category: JavaScript

JavaScript continues to get more talk on the server (yes, years after Netscape Enterprise Server!). John Resig spent a weekend hacking in the zone, to bring the browser to the server. This resulting environment allows you to do interesting things such as: Screen scraping < View plain text > javascript load("env.js"); window.location = ""; window.onload Read the rest…

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Bay Partners Announces Facebook AppFactory Seed Program

Category: Ajax, Announcements, Social Networks

Salil Deshpande has announced a bold move with the Facebook AppFactory. Bay Partners is announcing The AppFactory, a seed program to fund Facebook application developers via a fast-track process. This program shows that Bay Partners believes that Facebook, in essence, has become the Social Operating System. And historically the creation of an operating system, or Read the rest…

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