Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Dojo 0.9: The next generation is here

Category: Announcements, Dojo

Dojo 0.9 has been released in beta. This is a brand new Dojo, and a very exciting time for the project: SPEED: Stripped of all ‘excessive’, redundant, and backwards-compatible code, the new Dojo core is a speed-demon. It consists of a streamlined, compact Base (aka: dojo.js) which provides a plethora of reliable features for you Read the rest…

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Script.aculo.us Effect.Tooltip

Category: JavaScript, Library, Scriptaculous

Nick Stakenburg has written a nice simple tooltip built on Script.aculo.us called Effect.Tooltip. It is as simple to setup as: < View plain text > javascript new Effect.Tooltip(element, content, {title : ‘title’, className: ‘class’, offset: {x:0, y:0}});

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New York on Tap iPhone App

Category: iPhone, JavaScript

Christopher Lukic has created an iPhone application that has been optimized with the network issues in mind. It’s a bar and subway finder for New York City, and I implement a number of techniques to overcome some of the short coming of AT&T’s edge network. Virtually the entire site is composed from a single javascript Read the rest…

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Ajaxed: Ajax for classic ASP

Category: .NET, JavaScript, Library

Are you writing classic ASP pages and want to join in the Ajax revolution too? Really? Well, Ajaxed is for you. The framework is simialr to xajax for PHP, in that it allows you to tie in to a named function on th eserver side. It looks like this: < View plain text > javascript Read the rest…

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Monthly Ajaxian Roundup for June, 2007: Airing out the Gears

Category: Ajax, Roundup

High Level / Big News June has been a busy month, and the focus has been around the release of Google Gears, and the Apple iPhone. Both have shaken up the market showing the the future for Ajax is bright and expanding. It is reaching to the desktop, and the phone. Offline: Gears and AIR Read the rest…

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jQuery 1.1.3: 800%+ Faster, still 20KB

Category: Announcements, jQuery

The jQuery team has a new release, jQuery 1.1.3. The main features are: Improved speeds, with DOM traversal over 800% faster than in 1.1.2 A re-written event system, with more graceful handling of keyboard events A re-written effects system (with an accompanying fx test suite), featuring faster execution and better cross-platform support New selectors: Unicode, Read the rest…

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Writing a desktop application with Ext, AIR, Aptana, and Red Bull

Category: Adobe, Aptana, Gears, Offline, Sencha

Jack Slocum has kicked off his new Ext JS blog with an entry on his experience writing an application with Ext JS, AIR, Aptana, and lots of Red Bull. As part of the experience Jack has created Ext.air.MainWindow which makes your AIR window look like a Ext.Window. Jack actually created two versions, the online one Read the rest…

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iPhone Javascript and spec benchmark

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, Performance

John Murch has been running some benchmarks on both his iPhone and MacBook Pro to get a comparison . For example, JSSpeed: iPhone Try/Catch with errors 378 Layer movement 3078 Random number engine (Did not compute) Math engine 3474 DOM speed Testing… (998/1000) Array functions 1739 String functions 535 Ajax declaration 1089 Total Duration 10293 Read the rest…

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Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Firebug for iPhone

Category: iPhone, Mobile

It is no surprise that a bunch of news over the weekend has been related to developers spending time with the iPhone. We aren’t interested in “i love the iPhone” posts, but there are some interesting ones such as Firebug for iPhone. Joe Hewitt was sick thinking about debugging with alert() again, and didn’t want Read the rest…

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