Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Amazon Music Selection

Category: Showcase

I was sneaking around Amazon looking for this, that, and a bit of the other. I happened upon a stash of Flight of the Conchords and I clicked on the “Music Sampler” icon. It brought up a really nicely done window that lets you listen to samples of the tracks in a very rich webby Read the rest…

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Google Web Toolkit 1.4 RC 2: Almost there

Category: Google, GWT

The GWT community has released the Google Web Toolkit 1.4 Release Candidate 2. As Scott Blum says: This may well be the best and most solid GWT release to date, and we expect this build will become the final 1.4 release. But: Still, until we designate a “final” 1.4 release, we strongly recommend against using Read the rest…

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Adobe steps up video with new Flash and AIR for Flash gets easier

Category: Adobe, Microsoft

One of the Silverlight talking points has been their video story. Top quality. Same across all devices. Of course, Adobe wasn’t sitting on its hands, and today they are releasing a Flash Player that supports H.264 video and more. The ReadWriteWeb reported on this via Adobe Launches “Moviestar” Version of Flash Player – HD Television Read the rest…

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Monday, August 20th, 2007

Dojo 0.9 Final Version Released

Category: Announcements, Dojo, JavaScript, Library

Congrats to the entire Dojo team on shipping Dojo 0.9. In short, you can now expect great things from this revamp, including a tight, fast core, a unified good looking set of widgets, and an extensible space for all things Dojo. Now that this new base is out there, the team can continue to build Read the rest…

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Fun with ternary operators

Category: JavaScript

Paul Bakaus wanted to save some bytes, and ended up geeking out on ternary operators and bitwise operations in JavaScript. Ready to write some code like this? < View plain text > javascript condition == true && ( foo() | bar() | some() );   function findActive(selector) {     return selector != undefined   Read the rest…

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iPhone Apps: Facebook and Minglets

Category: iPhone, Showcase, Social Networks

As soon as Joe Hewitt was part of the Facebook team, we contacted the local bookie to put some money on the number of days before an iPhone view of Facebook would appear. Joe was slacking off, so my guess of 3 days was a little off. ;) Joe and team did a great job Read the rest…

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How stacked are you?

Category: JavaScript

Mark Wubben, of sIFR fame, had to write a depth-first tree iterator and was wondering what the call stack limitations were for the various browsers, so he wrote: < View plain text > javascript function Foo() {     Foo.count++; }   Foo.count = 0; Foo.prototype.invoke = function() {     new Foo().invoke(); };   Read the rest…

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Wot no magnifying glass?

Category: iPhone, Tip

We have heard this a couple of times now, so thought that we should post it as a quick tip. Why does the magnifying glass not show in my app? It turns out that if you set user-scalable=0 in the meta tag, the magnifying glass doesn’t show for input type=”text” fields. It does still work Read the rest…

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Sunday, August 19th, 2007

The Future of CSS and the end of 3.0

Category: CSS, Editorial

We have all been frustrated with CSS over the years. The implementation has been spotty across the browsers, and it has all but died off. IE 7 stepped up and fixed a lot, even if some weren’t happy with how far they got. CSS 3 has been out there for quite some time, but apart Read the rest…

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Friday, August 17th, 2007

Fixing GC issues on IE 6: New IE download

Category: IE, Microsoft

The issues with garbage collection in IE 6 are well known. IE 7 has fixed the bulk of them, but what about IE 6 users? It turns out that Microsoft has downloads for the various Windows operating systems, so if you could get your users to install one of these puppies they would be a Read the rest…

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Empires: Ajax Axis and Allies

Category: Games

Bryan Brunton has created Empires, a game of expansion and conflict set in an alternate history prior to World War II. You and your opponents are leaders of the most powerful nations in the world. Empires was based upon the board games Attack! and Axis and Allies. Dojo, DWR, and JavaServer Faces are the weapons Read the rest…

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JavaScript Model Objects

Category: JavaScript, Library

Denny Ferrassoli has been thinking about data-binding as it related to JavaScript and HTML, and came up with JavaScript Model Objects. His example was a simple table row repeater which looks like: < View plain text > javascript // Data var myTestObj = {             "rows":         Read the rest…

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Web Forms 2.0: Cross Browser Implementation

Category: HTML, Standards

Weston Ruter has created Web Forms 2, a cross-browser implementation of the WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 specification. This specification is currently a mature working draft and has been adopted by the W3C HTML Working Group to serve as a starting point for the next version of HTML. This implementation will follow the HTML 5 specification Read the rest…

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Tales of the Rich Text Editor and Safari Support

Category: Yahoo!

I love to hear the stories behind the technology. This way you have a chance of learning from a fellow developers trials and tribulations. Dav Glass of the YUI team was in charge of building the new Rich Text Editor that was just released, and has documented part of the journey which includes how he Read the rest…

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Purple Include 1.9

In July, Brad Neuberg and a group of talented hackers released Purple Include, a library that does transclusions. Now there is a new version which is a major refactoring that simplifies working with the library and now works across all major browsers. Brad tells us more: Purple Include is a client-side JavaScript library that allows Read the rest…

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Prototype 1.6: The event overhaul, and a whole lot more

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

This is big. Prototype 1.6 is a major upgrade, and the first RC has been released. There is a large number of updates and my pet favourites are: The event system has been cleaned up. It now works the way you would expect, with “this” doing the right thing You can observe and fire custom Read the rest…

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