Thursday, August 16th, 2007

jQuery for JavaScript programmers

Category: jQuery

Simon Willison has followed up his jQuery presentation with his thoughts on jQuery should be of interest to experienced programmers. He admits to having a different view of jQuery at first: Over the past few months it’s become clear to me exactly how wrong I was. jQuery is an exceptionally clever piece of engineering. It Read the rest…

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Lazy Function Definition Pattern

Category: Articles, JavaScript

Peter Michaux has written about the Lazy Function Definition Pattern. His article takes you down the path of implementing a simple problem: Write a function foo that returns a Date object that holds the time that foo was first called. After critiquing 3 iterations he ends up with: < View plain text > javascript var Read the rest…

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Building an event-based Ajax application

Category: Dojo, JavaScript

Dojo has had a publish/subscribe system forever. With 0.9 it gets even better, and this writeup discusses how you can wire up your Ajax application using pub/sub. If you have an application that uses devices like deferred loading, or “parse on demand”, wrapping it with an initializer helps keep it that way. The final code Read the rest…

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Good Practices for ActiveX Updates

Category: IE

Over on the IEBlog they are chatting about Good Practices for ActiveX Updates. They came up with: Add detection logic to your ActiveX control to check for updates Build an update executable and launch it out of Protected Mode to install the update Give end users and IT Admins the choice to make updates The Read the rest…

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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Work around the z-index issue with heavyweight IE components

Category: HTML, JavaScript, Library

Brandon Aaron has developed a general work around for the common, nagging problem with IE6 and heavyweight components such as a select drop down ignoring z-index. Brandon created the background iframe (bgiframe) jQuery plugin which “provides a very small, quick and easy way to fix that problem so you don’t have to worry about it. Read the rest…

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YUI Compressor: The latest minification tool

Category: Java, JavaScript, Utility

Julien Lecomte has created a new tool that aims to minify better than JSMin, and compress better than the Dojo compressor: The What The YUI Compressor is a new JavaScript minifier. Its level of compaction is higher than the Dojo compressor, and it is as safe as JSMin. Tests on the YUI library have shown Read the rest…

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BuiltWith What Tech?

Category: Showcase, Yahoo!

BuiltWith is the latest attempt at gathering information about a given URL. It aims to weazel around and find out as much technical information about the site as possible. For example: What web server? What JavaScript libraries? Do they use a CDN? What analytics programs do they use? What widgets are installed If you have Read the rest…

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Blueprint CSS Framework: Typography matters

Category: CSS, Framework

Olav Bjorkoy recently launched Blueprint CSS, a framework that takes typography into account. Why did Olav create it? After reading an article by Jeff Croft on frameworks for designers, I started looking at the existing CSS frameworks, trying to find one that was right for me. Never again was I to repeat the tedious task Read the rest…

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Monday, August 13th, 2007

Ellipsis or “truncate with dots” via JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library

Steffen Rusitschka wanted a cross-browser text-overflow:ellipsis, so he created it and told us all about it via Ellipsis or “truncate with dots” via JavaScript. You can see it in action, or download the code. The main ellipsis function: < View plain text > javascript function ellipsis(e) {   var w = e.getWidth() – 10000;   Read the rest…

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CSS Keys, and the search for the right Sprite

Category: CSS

Glen Lipka wanted an easier way to manage the “one big matrix image that CSS uses to chop up to display pieces” technique, and wrote about the right sprite where he delves into various cleaner workarounds for the fact that Firefox doesn’t support background-position-x. He ends up with foreground-sprites. Jonathan Snook also talks a bit Read the rest…

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Analyzing the .Mac Gallery and speeding it up 4x

Category: Performance

As with everything Apple, there was a lot of buzz about their .Mac Web Gallery, including folk who thought it was too slow. Steve Brewer looked into the code and has written up his findings which include: How Apple left 128 lines of comments in How the images are used inefficiently How one change brought Read the rest…

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Friday, August 10th, 2007

RegexPal: Now with colours

Category: Utility

If you needed more web regular expression options, this is your lucky Friday. RegexPal does the job, and changes colour on the fly as it mixes and matches.

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Review of Learning JQuery

Category: Book Reviews, jQuery

My colleague Brian Dillard has written a review of Learning JQuery: Having spent most of the Ajax era at a large dot-com writing custom JavaScript backed by Prototype and some really solid internal libraries, I’m astounded by the staggering number of competing frameworks that have been quietly chugging along while I was busy elsewhere. It’s Read the rest…

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The choice of Tamarin

Category: Java, JavaScript

John Resig has aggregated the Why Tamarin? debate: What’s the advantage of Tamarin over integrating the Mono VM into Firefox? Mike Shaver: Here are a few, at least as I see them: Optimized to run JavaScript and sibling languages, which is our most important language target by a vast margin. Licensed appropriately. About 1/25 the Read the rest…

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Getting Fuzzy with jsfunfuzz

Category: JavaScript, Utility

Jesse Ruderman has released jsfunfuzz, a fuzz tester that hunts for edge cases that can break things. It tests the JavaScript language engine itself, not the DOM. (That means that it works with language features such as functions, objects, operators, garbage collection rather than DOM objects accessed through “window” or “document”.) It has found about Read the rest…

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Flickr’s New File Uploader

Category: Flash, Showcase, Yahoo!

Flickr has released a new browser photo uploader that uses Flash and JavaScript to let users grab multiple files, and give them progress on the upload process. The heavy lifting is done by the Flash FileReference & FileReferenceList classes, which give you the callbacks on progress.

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