Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Amazon MP3 Service

Category: Showcase

We posted about the Amazon Music Selection Ajax experience, and people seemed to like it apart from: a) Real player, b) The code. Today Amazon launched their MP3 service, so this interface is going to get a lot more usage as you can grab 256kbs non-DRM songs for 89 cents a pop. There is a Read the rest…

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Reiterate: Symbol#to_proc for JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

James Coglan has ported ideas from ideas from Ruby’s Symbol#to_proc and Methodphitamine to create Reiterate, a library for Prototype. The library means that instead of code like this: < View plain text > javascript var value = radioGroup.find(function(radio) {   return radio.checked; }).value;   var divs = someDivs.findAll(function(div) {   return div.hasClassName(‘myClass’) && div.visible(); }); Read the rest…

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If I Told You You Had a Beautiful Figure…

Category: JavaScript, JSON, Library, Prototype

…. would you hold it against Aaron Gustafson? Aaron has written about “laying out images consistently within a design is difficult; especially when you hand the keys over to someone else to fill in the content.” The article discusses a microformat for figures so you define a figure using as little or as much as: Read the rest…

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JS-CTYPES: Calling out to native code from XUL

Category: Firefox, JavaScript, Library

Mark Finkle has ported Python’s ctypes to JavaScript, and has created JS-CTYPES which allows you to declare and call exported methods from binary/shared libraries from Mozilla’s privileged JavaScript. The idea is to make dealing with XPCOM simpler. You end up with code like this: < View plain text > javascript const nsINativeType = Components.interfaces.nsINativeType;   Read the rest…

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gefingerpoken: Multi Touch Gestures

Category: Flash, Showcase, UI

Michal Migurski implemented the two-finger drag of a multi-touch interface in Flash: (Please install the Flash Player plugin) In his example he visually shows how the implementation calculates a third point of the triangle. He explains this all: There are two main difficulties: figuring out how precisely the two contacts should act on an object, Read the rest…

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Monday, September 24th, 2007

Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: AutoCompleter 101

Category: Tutorial

Jamie Mcconnell has taken the age old classic Ajax autocompleter, and has created a simple tutorial using jQuery and PHP. Jamie takes time to explain the “why” as much as the “how”: < View plain text > javascript <script src="jquery-1.2.1.pack.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script type="text/javascript">   function lookup(inputString) {     if(inputString.length == 0) {       Read the rest…

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jabsorb: A new JSON-RPC for Java

Category: Java, JavaScript, JSON, Library

Arthur Blake (with friends) has forked JSON-RPC-Java and has created jabsorb: The project goal for jabsorb is to maintain (and hopefully improve) the practicality and beautiful simplicity that makes JSON-RPC-Java a great library, while also adding new common sense features, more test cases, and more documentation to make the library better for everyone. jabsorb also Read the rest…

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Go Ajax, Young Man

Category: Ajax, Editorial, Toolkit

Aaron Newton and Jep Castelein wrote in pointers to a recent Joel “on software” Spolsky’s essay, which this time around has an Ajax focus. His whole essay revolves around this observation: So, we don’t care about performance or optimization much anymore. Except in one place: JavaScript running on browsers in AJAX applications. And since that’s Read the rest…

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IE Feedback: Closed for Business

Category: IE

Say no more?

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Friday, September 21st, 2007

Ajax Experience East Update

Category: The Ajax Experience

Here are the latest updates on the upcoming Ajax Experience East show in Boston Oct. 24-26: Next Friday, hotel rates go up and the iPhone Giveaway ends; register today! ;-) Speaking to Ajax audiences can be tricky; half of the group usually has a lot of Ajax experience, while the other half has little to Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 8:21 am

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CSS 3 and where we could be

Category: CSS

Alex keeps it up by discussing how CSS 3 is a giant serving of fail. Alex believes that in 2007 you should be able to do things like this in CSS: < View plain text > css .highlight {   color: red;   text-decoration: underline; }     .updated {   @importRule ‘.highlight’;   background-color: Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:36 am

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CSSVista: Tweak CSS and see it in IE and Firefox at the same time

Category: CSS, Utility

CSSVista is a free Windows application for web developers which lets you edit your CSS code live in both Internet Explorer and Firefox simultaneously. The software is brought to us by the authors of Litmus, a tool that tests your websites on a set of browsers.

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Finding ‘send’ in JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Ola Bini found send in JavaScript and it was a surprise for a bunch of people. To call a method on a function you use (). You could get the function object via the ‘.’ notation, or the array access method. This is why it makes sense that given: < View plain text > javascript Read the rest…

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Google launches JavaScript API that allows you to write back

Category: Google, JavaScript, Library

I am pretty excited about this one. We have long been able to use a JavaScript API to do read only work on GData feeds from Google. That is all well and good, but sometimes you want to be able to access feeds that require authentication, or be able to write and update data in Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:27 am

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“Ajax” Forever?

Category: Ajax, Editorial

When we started Ajaxian, we thought that the term “Ajax” would have legs for a few months, maybe a few years, and that it would eventually disintegrate back into the web development ether. As the years have gone by, it’s clear that the term Ajax is still hanging around. The most recent data point is Read the rest…

Posted by Ben Galbraith at 6:00 am

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IE6 Leak on Form Tag

Category: IE

Jon Sykes happened across another IE 6 leak to do with form tag orphans. The bug means that (as of yet) there seems to be no way of removing a FORM tag from the DOM without it resulting in an orphaned node and increased memory consumption. It seems to have minimal documentation, and I can’t Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:38 am

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