Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Transitioning from Java Classes to JavaScript Prototypes

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To class or not to class, that has been a question than many developers have faced as they came from class based OO worlds into the Prototype Oriented world of JavaScript. Much pain has endured for those that try to contort it. Peter Michaux has detailed transitioning from Java Classes to JavaScript prototypes by looking Read the rest…

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Aptana reaches 1.0, breaks out of milestone phase

Category: Aptana, JavaScript

The very popular Aptana IDE has finally broken out of the milestone phase and reached version 1.0. We are very proud to have released Aptana Studio 1.0 (formerly Aptana IDE). After over two years of non-stop development and close to a million downloads, we have finally reached “1.0”. Along with the release of 1.0, we Read the rest…

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Category: GWT

Adam Houghton was viewing some comments on the Mac Web Gallery and inspiration came for him to implement the coverflow pattern in JavaScript. His weapon of choice was GWT, and thus GWT Flow was born. GWTFlow uses standard GWT widgets for positioning the images and callouts to for the effects. All of the photos Read the rest…

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Pownce announces new API

Category: Web20

The Pownce team released version 1 of the Pownce API yesterday. The API allows for various methods of retrieving Pownce-related data such as notes, users or fans and allows for return data to be formatted as XML or JSON. Since the API will be evolving quickly, the team has also taken the added step of Read the rest…

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jQuery Demo: Creating A Sliding Image Puzzle Plug-In

Category: Examples, jQuery

Ben Nadel has created a new jQuery plugin that allows you to have fun with sliding image puzzles by simple calling: < View plain text > javascript $( "div.puzzle, p" ).puzzle( 100 ); Ben walks you through how it all works and you can check out the action yourself.

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Gmail gets a JavaScript facelift

Category: Google, Showcase

Dan Pupius is a stellar JavaScript developer at Google, and he has been knees deep in producing a new front end framework for Gmail which is now launching into the wild, and it is all about speed: We have also been fanatical about speed. Even on a fast Internet connection, it can take a second Read the rest…

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Xythos On Demand Ajax Revamp

Category: Screencast, Showcase

Xythos On Demand is a software as a service application that lets you share files. They have released a new version that uses YUI and various commercial components to create a desktop-like application. Eric Preston is the team lead, and I got a chance to visit him in the Xythos San Francisco office to chat Read the rest…

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Joe Walker on Web Application Security

Category: Security

Joe Walker gave a standout talk on Web Application Security at The Ajax Experience. I love to watch people leaving this talk as they are usually gasping as they realise that we are not secure :) Joe has posted the slides from his talk, and has provided some great resources:

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Prototip 1.1: Adding more control to your tooltips

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

Nick Stakenburg has rewritten his Prototip to use Prototype 1.6: You can now open, close and toggle tooltips using any mouse event. Keeping your tooltips open adds a new dimension to the library, allowing tooltips to be used in new ways. This release also introduces close buttons, delay and the option to add your own Read the rest…

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Write your first JavaFX Script

Category: Java

Jim Weaver has posted a simple tutorial on writing your first JavaFX Script which discusses how you can use the JavaFX Pad to get it working. < View plain text > java /*  *  HelloJFX.fx – A JavaFX Script "Hello World" style example  *  *  Developed 2007 by James L. Weaver (jim.weaver at jmentor dot Read the rest…

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Monday, October 29th, 2007

GChart: GWT charts without JSNI, plugins, or server round-trips

Category: GWT, Java, JavaScript, Library

John C. Gunther is building a technical computing application that generates all of the data that it charts via client-side computations. He didn’t want to create the charts on the server side, and decided to use GWT to do the work for him. This is how he created GChart. To see it at work, check Read the rest…

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Webkit CSS Transforms

Category: CSS, WebKit

Webkit now has CSS Transforms: Boxes can be scaled, rotated, skewed and translated. The current nightly builds support affine transformations. A transform can be specified using the -webkit-transform property. It supports a list of functions, where each single function represents a transform operation to apply. You can chain together operations to apply multiple transforms at Read the rest…

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ECMAScript Edition 4: Brendan Speaks Out

Category: Editorial, JavaScript

At one of the panels at last weeks Ajax Experience we talked at some length about ECMAScript Edition 4, the paper that was released, and the future of JavaScript. Douglas Crockford has spoken up at all of our events about how he feels that ECMAScript Edition 4 is not JavaScript. In his mind it is Read the rest…

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Mozilla Prism: Save As Web Application

Category: Firefox

Mozilla has announced a new application that has been placed in Labs called Prism. Prism takes WebRunner and let’s it integrate nicely into the target operating system. This means that you can take any web site that you currently visit a lot, and place it in its own process, and you can launch it like Read the rest…

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Friday, October 26th, 2007

Introducing a cross site Ajax plugin for Prototype

Category: JavaScript, Prototype

Thierry Schellenbach has implemented a Prototype plugin that allows you to do cross site remoting using the dynamic script tag method that other frameworks such as Dojo and jQuery have supported for awhile. You can implement this by simply setting crossSite: true as a config parameter to Ajax.Request: < View plain text > javascript new Read the rest…

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Honeypot Captcha

Category: Security

Phil Haack has a new take on using a Honeypot technique for CAPTCHA. The most similar technique to this one is what WP-HashCash does, using JavaScript to fill out a form before it gets submitted, and assuming that evil bots don’t grok JavaScript. Unfortunately, I have found in the past that some bots seem to Read the rest…

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