Monday, October 22nd, 2007

JSLoader: On Demand JavaScript Libraries

Category: JavaScript, Library

Dov B. Katz has released JSLoader, his open source on-demand JavaScript library. He explained to us: It provides a methodology for organizing JS libraries, and programmatically loading them by simply “asking” for them. Example code: JSLoader.load(“ria”,”ext”,”2.0-beta1”); I developed it as a mechanism to provide hosted Ajax libraries within a large enterprise (zero install, we maintain Read the rest…

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A little Flickr hacking (in a good way)

Category: JavaScript

Christian Heilmann is at it again posting an entry about a neat method of grabbing Flickr photos without having to using the Flickr API: Here you’ll learn how to get Flickr photos into your JavaScript solutions without having to resort to using the full API. As this is a hack you will only get the Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 8:50 am

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WebKit Does HTML5 Client-side Database Storage

Category: Browsers, Database

The WebKit team has implemented an implementation of the HTML 5 client side storage API which gives you an asynchronous API: < View plain text > javascript var database = openDatabase("Database Name", "Database Version");   database.executeSql("SELECT * FROM test", function(result1) {    // do something with the results    database.executeSql("DROP TABLE test", function(result2) {   Read the rest…

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Ajax Javascript Galleries, Slideshows and Effects Redux

Category: Ajax, Articles, UI

Max Kiesler has been doing some nice roundup posts recently. He just published Ajax Javascript Galleries, Slideshows and Effects Redux, a piece that goes through a large group of libraries and apps that show off image related functionality. He ends up discussing: e2 AJAX Gallery FrogJS Javascript Gallery Highslide JonDesign’s SmoothGallery 2.0 LightWindow v2.0 Pyxy Read the rest…

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ShadedBorder Updated

Category: CSS, Design, JavaScript

Steffen Rusitschka has released an update to ShadedBorder. You can now use gradients and the library degrades gracefully. You can see this all at work: < View plain text > javascript var linksBorder = RUZEE.ShadedBorder.create({ corner:10, border:2 }); var linkBorder = RUZEE.ShadedBorder.create({ shadow:4 });   linksBorder.render(‘links’); linkBorder.render($(‘links’).getElementsByTagName(‘a’));

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Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Coming soon to Flickr: Photo editing

Category: Flash, UI, Yahoo!

TechCrunch reports Flickr is to gain photo editing. It will use IFrame-based integration with Flash editing tool Picnik. Flickr has chosen Seattle-based Picnik (profile) to handle the long requested photo editing feature for Flickr users. Currently, you can rotate photos on Flickr, but the editing stops there. When the new tools launch, users will be Read the rest…

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Friday, October 19th, 2007

Blog.gears: An offline Blogger client using the new GData Blogger JavaScript Client

Category: Examples, Gears, Google, JavaScript, Screencast, Showcase

I was excited when Google announced their first JavaScript API that allows you to write back to a service. Now, they have released a Blogger client that does the same, which means that you can now manipulate your blog posts directly from JavaScript. Along with the release there are a few examples such as: A Read the rest…

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Gears in Motion: Database Tool

Category: Gears, Utility

Eric Abouaf has released Gears in Motion, a tool that allows you to quickly and easily look at your local SQLite database, and make edits on the fly. You can make schema changes, data chances, and see the entire flow of relationships. It even groks URLs so if you put a JPG in the database, Read the rest…

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JavaScript Mouse Move Logger

Category: JavaScript, Library

Marcel Oelke has resurrected some code that he wrote to record mouse movement using JavaScript and Ajax. The “movelogger” records the mouse movement a users does on a web site. Just before the user leaves the current page, the recorded data get posted back to the server using Ajax. The cool thing is that you Read the rest…

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jQuery Logging

Category: jQuery, Library, Plugins, Tip

Dominic Mitchell has created a mini jQuery logging plugin that ties Firebug to the call chain. This means that if you are debugging something you can quickly add a .log(“….”) in the chain: < View plain text > javascript jQuery.fn.log = function (msg) {       console.log("%s: %o", msg, this);       return Read the rest…

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Relative URLs as //

Category: HTML, Tip

I had never thought to use relative URLs that are just relative to the protocol scheme as Ned Batchelder explains in his post on Http-https transitions and relative URLs. < View plain text > HTML <img src=’//’ /> Who knew.

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SilverStripe 2.1: New Ajax Modules

Category: Component, Showcase

Sigurd Magnusson of the SilverStripe opensource CMS application pinged us about the SilverStripe 2.1 release which features: Blog module with drag & drop widgets: View screencast, Demo (login: admin/password) Support for the updated gallery module: Tour, Demo. Security system developed by Markus from Google Summer of Code NOTE: SilverStripe is one of the finalists of Read the rest…

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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Ken Russell on the new Java Plugin

Category: Java, Podcasts, Recording

After we posted about the news that Sun has rewritten the browser Java plugin system, we got a chance to sit down with the lead engineer on the project, Ken Russell. He got to tell us about the fun implementation issues behind the rewrite. It turns out that the new system is mostly written in Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:00 am

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Google Analytics expands tracking capabilities

Category: Ajax, Flash, Google, JavaScript

VentureBeat is reporting that Google has updated their popular Google Analytics service to begin tracking Ajax and Flash-based requests: The new additions reflect a growing feeling on the web that pageviews are a less important metric than they used to be. Google Analytics is opening a feature for beta testing that tracks user engagement with Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 7:00 am

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Enunciate your web APIs

Category: GWT, Java

Enunciate is an open source framework that allows you to automatically build, package, deploy, and to clearly, accurately deliver your Web service API on the Java platform. It will automatically give you multiple endpoints (SOAP, REST, JSON, GWT-RPC, etc.), generate client code, and give you full documentation. The new 1.4 release also includes support for Read the rest…

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PackR: Rails Packing

Category: JavaScript, Rails, Utility

James Coglan has produced a Rails plugin to handle Dean Edwards Packer. PackR allows you to programatically compress: < View plain text > ruby # Create a new instance of Packr first packr = compressed = packr.pack(script)   # Pass options to control the type of compression compressed = packr.pack(script, :shrink_vars => true) compressed Read the rest…

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