Monday, October 15th, 2007

Dojo Image Widgets v1.0

Category: Dojo

Over the weekend Shane O’Sullivan released version 1.0 of Dojo Image Widgets, a set of Dojo widgets that allows easy creation of image galleries from Flickr. One of the coolest features of all of these widgets is that they all feed off image data provided by the API. What this basically means is that Read the rest…

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KDice – GWT-based strategy game

Category: Ajax, Fun, Games, GWT

Ryan Dewsbury, creator of gpokr is no stranger to Ajaxian as we did a writeup about his Ajax poker app last year. Ryan has since released another Ajax-based game called Kdice. Kdice is an online strategy game built using the Google Web Toolkit. The goal of the KDice is to win all territories. At the Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 7:30 am

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Ajax meet OSGi: Expanding Universes Collide with Eclipse RAP 1.0

Category: Java, JavaScript, Toolkit

Ben and I have been surprised at how the universe of Ajax continues to expand. This redshift which has taken it past the browser onto the phone, the Wii, and the server is amazing. Another technology that has done a similar thing is OSGi in the Java space. It started as a component model for Read the rest…

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Friday, October 12th, 2007

Making JavaScript Safe with Google Caja

Category: Google, Security

Douglas Crockford continues to bang the drum for securing JavaScript in his latest post: It is possible to make secure programming languages. Most language designers do not consider that possibility. JavaScript’s biggest weakness is that it is not secure. That puts JavaScript in very good company, but it puts web developers in an untenable position Read the rest…

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Web Performance Interview: Stuart Colville and Ed Eliot of Yahoo!

Category: Performance, Yahoo!

Yahoo! has got a parallel universe going on between the US and the UK. Last week we interviewed Steve Souders, Chief Performance Yahoo!, on the update to YSlow. Steve has a book out called High Performance Web Sites. Meanwhile, in the UK, Stuart Colville and Ed Eliot also of Yahoo! have a book in the Read the rest…

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Testing JavaScript Objects with and Crosscheck

Category: JavaScript, Testing, Tip

Jason Harwig has written a quick tip on Testing JavaScript Objects with The example that he uses is: < View plain text > javascript /**  * Call a function with the given execution context and parameters.  * @param <object> instance the object to use as the "this" inside the function  * @param <array of Read the rest…

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Evaulate Low Level JavaScript Performance Characteristics

Category: Performance

Bob Buffone (Nexaweb, XAP, and a lot more) has created an application to test JavaScript performance. You can run the app in various browsers to compare the results. Bob has done that work for you though, and has documented his findings which has him concluding that the general ranking is Safari, Firefox, IE.

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Ajaxian 2007 Survey Results

Category: Survey

Back in July, we held our third annual Ajax Reader Survey. The results are in. Some interesting observations: Prototype and Scriptaculous still dominate the field with 68% and 59% of readers using them, respectively. jQuery has a respectable 48% share. Yahoo UI!, Dojo, and Ext JS round out the top six. Google Gears enjoys usage Read the rest…

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John Resig’s turn to tease with some Sneaky 2

Category: jQuery

Rey linked to Thomas Fuchs tease last week and now it is John Resig’s turn. Are we going to see a nice visualization engine in jQuery?

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Thursday, October 11th, 2007

GWT Wrapper for Rialto

Category: Framework, GWT, Widgets

Supplementing GWT’s basic set of widgets with wrappers around those of existing widget frameworks has become a bit of a cottage industry. There are wrappers for Scriptaculous, JsGraphics, TinyMCE (see the GWT Widget Library for these), Ext Js and many more. Now add Rialto to that list. (For a demo of the Rialto widgets, such Read the rest…

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 1:10 pm

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Ext 2.0 Beta 1 released

Category: Ajax, Sencha

The Ext team continues to move forward on Ext 2.0, announcing the availability of Ext v2.0 Beta 1. This release of the Ext framework features updated portal and desktop examples, documentation updates, and bug fixes. Big enhancements were done to two sample applications, Web Desktop and Portal, which make extensive use of new functionality in Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 10:51 am

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Inheritance is evil, and must be destroyed: part 1

Category: Articles

When we wrote about Bernard Sumption’s Animator.js there was a lot of “interest” in Bernies position that OO inheritance sucks. Bernie decided to fuel the fire and expanded his thoughts, explaining how the strategy pattern is in fact your saviour ;) All of the pain caused by inheritance can be traced back to the fact Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:10 am

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JSON News: JSON Schema and JSON Referencing

Category: JSON

Kris Zyp has been plugging away on a couple of interesting JSON topics: JSON Referencing Schemes There has been a lot of discussion about handling referencing schemes, so Kris has gotten the various ideas and summarized them. He takes the following object call: < View plain text > javascript obj = {name:"foo", child: {"name" : Read the rest…

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3.6 rating from 22 votes Redesign

Category: Showcase

Amazon was an early user of dHTML techniques, and one of the first mega-sites to do inline popups and such (See All Categories). The new design takes this to the next level with many more menus that popup when you mouseover them. Since Amazon has so many products these days, it must be a nightmare Read the rest…

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Ajaxian Featured Tutorial: Defining classes and inheritance using Prototype 1.60

Category: Ajax, Prototype

Straight from the source, today’s Ajaxian Featured Tutorial is about how to use inheritance within Prototype 1.60: Prototype 1.6.0 now comes with inheritance support through the Class module, which has taken several steps further since the last version; you can make richer classes in your code with more ease than before. Here’s an example of Read the rest…

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Ajax Experience Updates

Category: The Ajax Experience

With the Ajax Experience East in Boston coming up just around the corner (Oct. 24 – 26, just about two weeks away), we thought we’d provide a few updates: Aptana founder Paul Colton will present best practices and pitfalls on developing with the iPhone and iPod Touch. And while we’re talking about talks from dev Read the rest…

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