Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Mad Cool Date Library

Category: Ajax, Announcements, JavaScript

Ok, I’ve seen some cool libraries in my time but I’ve just found one that is ssssooo cool that I didn’t want to wait to post about it until tomorrow (sorry Dion!). So I get this email from a bud asking me to check out this date handling library and I’m figuring “great, Yet Another Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:18 pm

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New Grid Filter Plugin for Ext

Category: Sencha

Ext 2.0’s design goal of making it easily extensible has been a rousing success. Witness the frenetic activity in the extensions and plugins forum. Now Steve Skrla from ControlPath has released a Grid Filter plugin that expands greatly on the basic filtering provided by Ext. From the feature list: Creating of custom filter types and Read the rest…

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 12:25 pm

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Firefox Canvas 3D Extension Available

Category: Canvas, Firefox

When Ben and I gave our latest State of Ajax talk we wanted to show off Canvas 3D. We saw the “moz-gles11” context for Firefox 3, but at the time you had to build that bad boy from source. Riiight. Now the game has changed. Vladamir has detailed Canvas 3D in Firefox and has created Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:31 am

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Grizzly attacks: DWR’s Reverse Ajax to support The Comet Implementation

Category: Comet, Java

Jean-Francois Arcand of the Tomcat team has implemented DWR Reverse Ajax in Grizzly: The Grizzly framework has been designed to help developers to take advantage of the Javaâ„¢ NIO API. Originally developed under the GlassFish umbrella, the framework is now available as a standalone project. Grizzly goals is to help developers to build scalable and Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:36 am
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Facebook Beacon JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Social Networks

The Web has been all a flutter with the Facebook Beacon launch, and how all of a sudden people are worried about privacy as they see third party sites throwing content into their news feeds: I put a lot of trust in sites like Facebook to do the right thing when it comes to privacy. Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:21 am

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Monday, November 26th, 2007

Kevin Hoyt on the AIR Experience

Category: Adobe, Flash, JavaScript, Presentation

Kevin Hoyt of Adobe gives a personal tour of how you can take your web development skills to the desktop using the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) in his presentation from The Ajax Experience, which was recorded, and shown here. Kevin is a top notch guy, and really gets Ajax. One good example is his latest Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:00 am

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Zoho Writer Offline with Editing

Category: Gears, Offline, Showcase

Zoho Writer was quick to release offline support using Gears, which allows you to carry read-only views of your data around when you were offline. This was just the first step in their offline support, and now they have announced the next step. This new version allows you to edit on the road with a Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:00 am
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Scal: Calendar widget for Prototype

Category: Component, Prototype

Scal is a a simple Javascript calendar based on Prototype which features: Lightweight Fast and easy to setup Multiple Calendars can be initiated without conflict Valid HTML/XHTML generated code Skinnable Language translation supported Event Planner To use, you simply tell it the div and callback that you want: < View plain text > javascript var Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:41 am

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Product pages: so much suck, so easy to fix

Category: Articles, UI, Usability

Now and then we weave the Ajaxian car into the designer fast lane from the developer one as we see something interesting. This time around we have Amy Hoy talking about product pages as an example of how to do good UX(P|D|). She starts out with UX 101: Be nice to your users and customers Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:10 am

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Friday, November 23rd, 2007

URI vs. URL: What’s the difference?

Category: Articles

REST groupies can talk your ear off about resources and the difference between URI and URL. Many developers still don’t really know the difference though, and Ryan McDonough has put up this simple summary. His summary is by example and goes like this: URI A URI identifies a resource either by location or name. More Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 7:59 am

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User Extensions and Themes for Ext 2.0

Category: Sencha

When I think of Ext, I think of a framework that really cares about the look and feel of components. Well, it seems like a real community has joined Jack and Rey and we get to see some of their recent work. Rey details the community work: LiveGrid by MindPatterns: Thorsten Suckow-Homberg developed an extension Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 6:31 am
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Joe’s Goals Gets a Revamp

Category: Announcements, ColdFusion, Yahoo!

When Ian Smith launched Joe’s Goals back in June, 2006, it was an instant hit due to it’s simplicity, excellent UI, and it’s excelllent ability to handle the task of managing your goals. By leveraging YUI, the FamFamFam icon library and ColdFusion, Ian created one of most recognizable Ajax-based applications out today. Ian just announced Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:30 am
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Avoid unnecessary Ajax traffic with session state

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, Tip

David Mertz has written an article on avoiding unnecessary Ajax traffic with session state, which discusses RESTful techniques to minimize traffic, and how you can tweak your XHR code to be watchful. Basically, use 304 please! This tip presented some server code written in Python, but almost the same design would apply for nearly any Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 2:38 am

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

The 2007 Ajax Turkeys

Category: Ajax

Dietrich Kappe has posted up a list of what he feels are the Ajax Turkeys of 2007: Every American school child has heard vague rumors that Ben Franklin once suggested that the Turkey would make a better national symbol than the Bald Eagle. What they haven’t heard, of course, is that the Turkey is “though Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 11:31 am

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Chronoscope: GWT based charting library

Category: GWT, JavaScript, Library, UI

Ray Cromwell and the Timepedia team have released Chronoscope, a charting and visualization platform for Google Web Toolkit, as open source. Chronoscope provides a rich Java API for you to play with: Canvas abstraction for drawing vector graphs Graph Style Sheets abstraction for configuring the look-and-feel of charts Scalable multiresolution rendering supporting up to tens Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:00 am

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Wikipedia Offline with GearsMonkey

Category: Articles, Gears, Google, Offline, Showcase

Working on the Gears team we also run across applications that we would love to take offline. A lot of these applications aren’t Google’s so we thought it would be nice to be able to take third party apps offline. This also makes sense since Aaron Boodman (Mr. Greasemonkey) is co-tech lead on Gears itself! Read the rest…

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:24 am

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