Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Mindmeister: Take your mind map offline

Category: Gears, Offline, Showcase

Mindmeister has taken their mind map tool and now allow you to map offline. The tool itself is a nice Ruby on Rails application (includes pink fade effects! yellow is so 2006) that gives you a visual canvas to play with your mind. Their approach to offline is similar to Google Reader in that the Read the rest…

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Opera Mini 4 Released

Category: Opera

We just talked about how JavaScript and Ajax works in Opera Mini and today Opera released the full version. Features Opera Link We’ve added support for Opera Link in Opera Mini 4. With Opera Link, you’re able to instantly synchronize and share your bookmarks and Speed Dial with the Opera browser for your computer. Overview Read the rest…

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Dojo: The cigarette after the ….

Category: Dojo

The baby is here so now you can relax. Alex has taken this time to chat about the new release where he discusses some of the other posts that show off features of the release: Following up shortly on the heels of the release, Dylan screen shots of Dojo charting running on the iPhone. It’s Read the rest…

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TIBCO GI Performance Profiler

Category: Testing, TIBCO

TIBCO has released a new open source Ajax Performance Profiler that aims to answer the questions: How long did it take that service to respond? How long did it take for that component to render? How long did it take that data to parse? How long did it take for that function to execute? Check Read the rest…

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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

MarkMail: Search and Analyze Email Traffic

Category: Showcase

Jason Hunter of MarkLogic has unveiled a new application that allows you to search and analyze email traffic. The service is called MarkMail, and you can check out the Apache instance to see it at work. The application is written using MochiKit. Jason gave us detailed information on the goals: As you’ll see with the Read the rest…

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Google Code Revamps with jQuery

Category: Google, JavaScript, jQuery, Showcase

We have revamped Google Code, the site which is the home to developers, and open source hosting. A ton of work went into cleaning up the UI integrating and unifying content, and simplifying. The site uses jQuery for a lot of its work, and also eats a lot of dogfood. The video below goes through Read the rest…

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Real Men Don’t Do JavaScript Do They?

Category: Editorial, JavaScript

Dave Thomas (The AOP/Bedarra one, not the Ruby one) has a column titled Programming the World in a Browser: Real Men Don’t Do JavaScript Do They?! where he discusses how JavaScript won: The mainstream professional developer community has never taken JavaScript seriously but soon they will have no choice. JavaScript is ready to move to Read the rest…

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Monday, November 5th, 2007

MooMonth – MooTools-based Calendar

Category: Calendar, MooTools

Roland Poulter recently released MooMonth, a MooTools-based calendar system. I did a brief email interview with Roland and here’s his feedback: When did you release it into alpha? I put the site online a little more than a week ago. It was actually kinda slapped together, I designed a logo and stuff but I didn’t Read the rest…

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New UI library for Prototype in the works

Category: Prototype, Scriptaculous

Sébastien Gruhier, author of the VERY cool Prototype Window class has started a new initiative to build a complimentary UI library for Prototype. Accompanied by Samuel Lebeau, Juriy Zaytsev and Vincent Le Moign, the team aims to build easy to implement UI components that will enhance the user experience in web applications. At the beginning Read the rest…

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Dojo 1.0 Released: The Granddaddy is Born

Category: Announcements, Dojo

Ben and I have been talking about Dojo forever. We talked about Net Windows and MochiKit before it, and when a slew of JavaScript hackers came together to create Dojo we knew it would be a good thing. Dojo was more than an XHR wrapper, which consisted of the majority of libraries that appeared on Read the rest…

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URI Comparison Functions

Category: Articles, IE

It is nice to see a post on IEBlog that isn’t about ES4 ;) Dave Risney provides just that as he details the perils of comparing URIs, a common cause for security exploits and errors in general. Investigating URI parsing related issues in various products, I’ve run across many instances of code erroneously attempting to Read the rest…

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How To Minimize Your Javascript and CSS Files for Faster Page Loads

Category: Performance

Max Kiesler continues he topic resources with a wrapup of how to minimize your Javascript and CSS files for faster page loads. He links to resources that discuss: JavaScript and CSS compression Just JavaScript compressions JavaScript and CSS compression with Java JavaScript compression with PHP JavaScript and CSS compression with Rails JavaScript compression with Rhino Read the rest…

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4.1 rating from 34 votes An example of how libraries can co-exist

Category: Ajax, jQuery, Prototype

While reading an article on about eBay search engine, I did my usual code snooping to see what was powering some of the effects. Lo and behold, what do I see, but Prototype, and jQuery smiling at me! Yep, is leveraging all three to enhance their site. It looks as if Read the rest…

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sosymbol: Mashup your icons

Category: SVG, UI

Raymond Penners has launched sosymbol, a site with a collection of web2.0 (read: big?) style buttons and symbols that can be mashed up online and exported to svg/screensaver.

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PopBox! – A Javascript Image Magnifier

WebAppers has a nice post about a JavaScript image magnifier called PopBox!: PopBox is an image magnification javascript solution for dynamically moving and resizing images on your web page. Javascript? Yes – I know it’s nothing new and that you’ve been able to move and resize things in Javascript for years, but only now is Read the rest…

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007

New Ajax for Old Iron

Category: Flash, JSON, Sencha, Showcase

In the rush to develop entirely new Web 2.0 systems based on Ajax, it is often easy to lose sight of how it can be used to improve the so-called “legacy” enterprise systems. Over at the Ext JS blog, there’s a post about German developer who put together a reporting/BI application to front-end RPG code Read the rest…

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