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2008: Awesome JavaScript

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Jacob Seidelin has a really nice 2008 roundup of awesome JavaScript-yness that focuses a little on his own area of expertise (canvas whiz and all):

2008 has been just great, not least because of all the great stuff people have been doing with JavaScript, the new canvas element and the web in general. Browser vendors are now competing, trying to outdo each other in terms of JavaScript performance, leaving developers and end-users as winners as we now get to do cool stuff that wasn’t really feasible before. Here’s a summary of the neat things of the year 2008 as I saw it.

He starts out with fun canvas games such as Super Mario, Pac-Man, Breakout, Space Invaders, Bomberman or T&C Surf Designs.

Then we get to some fun demos… including small ones Rubber effect, Tunnex, Mars.

Then we get to 3D: Everything from basic 3D cubes, texturing experiments to regular JavaScript/Canvas 3D engines have been done.

And, emulators:

That JavaScript performance is getting better and better must be true since it’s now possible to emulate other systems in the browser. Matt Westcott (who also made the Antisocial demo) pulled another rabbit out of the hat, JSSpeccy the ZX Spectrum emulator. That’s just way cool.

James Urquhart also played a bit and created a proof of concept SCUMM interpreter. It won’t let you play Day of the Tentacle or even Maniac Mansion, but supposedly it can at least let you see a bit of OpenQuest.

A personal favorite of mine was António Afonso’s JavaScript AGI interpreter. AGI was the system used by Sierra in the golden days of adventure gaming and when António made this little gem with an (almost) working Leisure Suit Larry, it just totally tickled my fancy.

This is just the start, as we get to audio, visual, and other cool fun times from 2008. Thanks for the great roundup Jacob. I think 2009 will be even better!

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Tunnex is my personal favorite because it’s so C64-ish :)

Comment by fzammetti — January 5, 2009

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