Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Secure String Interpolation in JavaScript

Category: JavaScript, Library, Security

Mike Samuel of the Google Caja team (and much more) has a fantastically detailed document on the choices for secure String interpolation in JavaScript. He spends a lot of time discussing: Cataloging the most common vulnerabilities Various alternatives such as templating, DOM manipulation, and tainting Goals and Non-Goals Design and Implementation Benchmarking the choices There Read the rest…

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DomAPI 4.5: New, improved, and more free

Category: JavaScript, Library

DomAPI has been around for ever but the package has been updated: DomAPI version 4.5 has a new lower price and a simplified licensing plan. In a nutshell, there are now 2 license types, ‘Free’ and ‘Pro’. Both types can be used on commercial sites, in any capacity, with no restrictions. The benefits of the Read the rest…

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Most Relevant Browsers of 2009

Category: Browsers

John has taken a shot at listing the most relevant browsers of 2009: IE 7 IE 6 Firefox 3 Safari 3 Opera 9.5 I think that Firefox 3 and Safari 3 may end up tieing, and if you frame it as rendering engines, Webkit will probably beat Gecko as it is also being used by Read the rest…

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JSON 2.0: Libraries and browser support

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, JSON, Library

John is at it again, writing a piece on recent news surrounding JSON. He links to an updated library by Douglas Crockford,

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Rhino on Rails: JavaScript MVC on the server

Category: Framework, Java, JavaScript, Rails

Cross posted from my personal blog Last week we posted about Jaxer which offers an approach of turtles all the way down where JavaScript is used on the client and the server. Then, I got to interview Steve Yegge. Last year, Steve posted about Rhino on Rails, his port of Ruby on Rails to the Read the rest…

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Dreamweaver Users Rejoice! Support for JS Libs Now Available.

Category: Adobe, jQuery, Prototype

Adobe Dreamweaver isn’t know for it’s JavaScript support let alone coding help for the popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Up to now, developers and designers who’ve used DW for their client-side work have been left out of the fun of other IDEs such as Eclipse and Komodo . That’s all changed now that to a Read the rest…

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jQuery Validation Plugin v1.2 Updated

Category: Ajax, jQuery

Jörn Zaefferer went absolutely feature crazy when he decided to update his jQuery Validation plugin. Update is putting it mildly with “overhaul” coming immediately to mind. Here are some of the cool new features added in: AJAX-captcha validation example (based on Support for “remote” ajax-validation. In other words: Remote validation is now possible and Read the rest…

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Book Review: Ajax Security by Billy Hoffman

Category: Ajax, Book Reviews, Security

Brian Dillard of Agile Ajax has a review of Billy Hoffman’s new book “Ajax Security“. If you’ve not picked this book up, you really need to. It’s received rave reviews and is quickly becoming the must-have security book for client-side development. As Brian can attest: The book itself, of course, documents dozens more specific security Read the rest…

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Lipsiadmin: Rails 2.0 Ext Admin

Category: Rails, Sencha

Lipsiadmin is a framework that generates Ext 2.0 views on top of your Rails 2.0 application, a compelling duo indeed. You can strap into your migrations to add menus such as: < View plain text > ruby # I will create also my menu menu = Menu.create(:name => "Articles", :admin => true, :position => 1) Read the rest…

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YUI Grid CSS and Grid Builder

Category: CSS, Utility, Yahoo!

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! just found the YUI Grid Builder that does what you would imagine… gives you a tool to generate your CSS layout. Will Duff took that and made YahooPages which adds even more WYSIWYG fun.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Adobe AIR is on Fire

Category: Adobe

Adobe AIR, the platform that lets you create desktop apps using web technologies, continues to garner attention. With Beta 3 just recently released and a host of companies coming out with new apps, AIR is building up a ton of steam just prior to it’s official v1.0 release. First up, Adobe’s Kevion Hoyt gives us Read the rest…

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Lily, JavaScript Visual Programming Tool

Category: JavaScript

Bill Orcutt just announced the first beta release of Lily, an open source, Mozilla based visual programming environment written in Javascript. Lily is a very neat way of building an application by connecting modules which handle the intricacies of working with data, animation and sound. It’s a testament to the power of JavaScript: I’m happy Read the rest…

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You Used JavaScript to Write WHAT?

Category: Articles

Michael Morrison, author of Head First JavaScript, has written a piece for CIO magazine titled You Used JavaScript to Write WHAT? which is part of a series of articles on when to use a particular language or platform. It is always interesting to see what the CXO folks are reading wrt our beloved Web :) Read the rest…

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Dominos: Changing the feedback model

Category: Flash, Showcase

I don’t know about you, but the idea of ordering food online has had promise, but often falls flat. When I lived in Boulder I would order from The Sink, but they would call you back and confirm the order, which kinda defeated the point. If you don’t get a call back though, then you Read the rest…

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Prototype: new cheat sheet and in place editor

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

The maintainer of scripteka, the Prototype extensions library, has produced a new cheat sheet for the recent release. He also has his own widgets such as Proto.IPS an unobtrusive in-place-select widget that mimics the Gmail chat ability to drop down and select, or type in your own new content.

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Do you have a pretty date?

Category: JavaScript, jQuery, Library

John Resig has created a little script to give you pretty dates that Web 2.0 know and love (thanks Rails): < View plain text > javascript prettyDate("2008-01-28T20:24:17Z") // => "2 hours ago" prettyDate("2008-01-27T22:24:17Z") // => "Yesterday" prettyDate("2008-01-26T22:24:17Z") // => "2 days ago" prettyDate("2008-01-14T22:24:17Z") // => "2 weeks ago" The library is short and sweet: /* Read the rest…

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