Thursday, January 24th, 2008

The IE7 auto-rollout: fact and fiction

Category: Browsers, IE

When some people saw the new knowledge base article on IE 7 rollouts and thought “what? I finally get to see IE 6 die off????”. Ken Fisher is here to tell us “sorry guys” in his piece on the IE7 auto rollout: What’s happening: come February 12, Microsoft will release IE7 as an “Update Rollup” Read the rest…

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The Art and Science of JavaScript Games

Category: Articles, Games

James Edwards has written a very detailed tutorial on using dhtml to create a game which is part of his book: In this chapter, we took the languages of CSS and JavaScript well beyond the tasks for which they were intended?the presentation and basic behavior of HTML documents — and used them to create an Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

MooTools 1.2 Beta 2 Released, Adds New Element Storage

Category: MooTools

The MooTools team has been quietly hacking away at their next major release of the MooTools library. A couple of days ago, project leader Valerio announced Beta 2 of MooTools v1.2 for public consumption: Its been almost 2 months since the first 1.2 beta. Bugs were fixed, features were improved, and here it comes: the Read the rest…

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HTML 5 Public Working Draft Released

Category: HTML

While the community argued over X-UA-Compatible or X-IE-VERSION-FREEZE, depending on which side of the fence you sit, the W3C published two new and important documents: Moments ago the joint effort of the W3C HTML WG and WHATWG resulted in publication of two documents in the W3C Technical Report space: HTML 5 and HTML 5 differences Read the rest…

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Ext Scaffold Generator Plugin for Rails

Category: Examples, Rails, Ruby, Sencha

Martin Rehfeld has released a Rails plugin that generates Ext JS scaffolds The Ext Scaffold Generator Plugin provides a custom MIME type alias :ext_json to be able to handle requests from the Ext frontend separately. The generated controllers show how to do this. To make data delivery to the Ext frontend easy, the plugin extends Read the rest…

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New Twist on Date Pickers

Category: JavaScript, Prototype, Scriptaculous

We’ve all seen variations on date selection components such as Marc Grabanski’s UI DatePicker and the very unique DateJS library. So it’s refreshing to see new ideas cropping up in this space. Geoffrey McGill, developer of the DateJS library, pointed me to a new date select control that uses a slider bar for choosing dates: Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Aptana releases Jaxer, Ajax server built on Mozilla

Category: Ajax, Aptana, JavaScript, Library, Screencast, Server

Aptana has been known for its Eclipse based Ajax IDE Aptana Studio. Paul Colton, CEO, has impressed us at The Ajax Experience as he has shown of Studio, and how Aptana is fast to adapt and come out with support for iPhone development, Adobe AIR, and more. But today Aptana is breaking out of the Read the rest…

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IE8 Compatibility with X-UA-Compatible

Category: Browsers, IE

If you want compatibility to work well in IE8 and lower, then it is time to get to know the X-UA-Compatible header. This is according to Chris Wilson in his post on compatibility and IE8. He links to Aaron Gustafson’s new article on the issue, and summarizes himself: Aaron Gustafson, one of the members of Read the rest…

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Roxer: Simple web page creation and editing

Category: Dojo, RichTextWidget, Showcase

Jeremiah Grossman is known for his amazing Web security talks. Now though, along with Lex Arquette, he has come out with a Dojo powered project (using 1.0.2) Roxer which aims to be the easiest way to make a web page: Targeted mostly for novices, where with Roxer anyone can build just about any Web page Read the rest…

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jQuery ScrollTo Plugin

Category: JavaScript, jQuery

Ariel Flesler has a nice little jQuery plugin, ScrollTo, that lets you scroll with many configuration options: Axes to be scrolled, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘xy’ or ‘yx’. Animation length (or by default, no animation) Easing method Whether to take in account, the margin of the target element If both axes are chosen, whether to animate together, Read the rest…

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Eloquent JavaScript

Category: Books

Marijn Haverbeke has put together an online book titled Eloquent JavaScript that not only has some nice content, but incorporates an integrated interface for editing and running example programs. Introduction Basic JavaScript: values, variables, and control flow Functions Data structures: Objects and Arrays Error Handling Functional Programming Searching Object-oriented Programming Modularity Regular Expressions Web programming: Read the rest…

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Sub pixel fun with browsers

Category: Browsers, CSS

John Resig has been tinkering with the sub pixel problems in CSS and how browsers deal with bit of pixels: Something that jumped at me, recently, was a rendering dilemma that browsers have to encounter, and gracefully handle, on a day-by-day basis with little, to no, standardization. Take the following page for example. You have Read the rest…

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Monday, January 21st, 2008

ExtTLD: Create Ext components with XML

Category: Java, JavaScript, Sencha

Jaroslav Benc has created ExtTLD, a JSP taglib generator that creates Ext JS components from your Java projects, using XML syntax: Roadmap Hibernate integration – HibernateStore component DWR integration etc. Eclipse plugin UX Tags: Ext.ux.*, Ext.portal.*, Ext.feedreader.*, Ext.desktop.* How ExtTLD works with ExtJS ExtTLD is using a constructor definition to generate ExtJS code. Every component Read the rest…

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How widgets go viral

Enterprise RSS has some observations on features that make widgets go viral, largely inspired by observations on Facebook apps such as SuperPoke. The parallel on the widget front is an “interaction loop”, these are the hooks built in widgets that encourage interaction – by responding to content or sharing with others. The main difference between Read the rest…

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Effect.wobble and Effect.illuminate: iPhone effects in the browser

Category: JavaScript, Library

Rakuto Furutani has taken inspiration from the iPhone (who hasn’t at this point?) and implemented Effect.wobble and Effect.illuminate to mimic the effects on the iPhone: < View plain text > javascript // Effect.wobble $(‘img.wobble’).each(function(img) { img.observe(‘mouseover’, function(event) {{duration: 2, degree: 1.5}) }); });   // Effect.illuminate $(‘illuminated_msg’).illuminate({color: ‘#fff’}); You thought those effects were annoying Read the rest…

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Full Page Zoom Is For Sissies

Category: CSS

Ryan Tomayko has a post titled Full Page Zoom Is For Sissies that delves into the fun of trying to build a website using purely em and relative sizing: About a year ago, I spent the better part of a day making this site’s layout entirely em based and set on a vertical baseline grid… Read the rest…

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