Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Simplicity: PHP Ajax Framework using Ext

Category: Framework, PHP

John Le Drew has been working on a PHP framework for a few years, and has now packaged it as Simplicity: The Simplicity PHP Application Framework is an advanced, scalable and extensible PHP application framework to aid developers in creating high traffic, high availability Web 2.0 online applications. Integrating a solid MVC framework with some Read the rest…

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Ajax Experience 2008 Call for Papers

Category: The Ajax Experience

It’s time to plan ahead. Today we’re announcing and opening the Call for Papers for the next Ajax Experience event–in September 2008. For the past two years, we’ve put on two Ajax Experience events, the so-called West and East shows. For 2008, we think it’s time to consolidate them into one. After doing quite a Read the rest…

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3.2 rating from 41 votes Gets a Facelift

Category: Ajax, Announcements

Boasting over 900 controls from many of the popular JavaScript libraries, has become one of the main resources for finding JavaScript and Ajax components. Owner Archana Patchirajan just sent me an email to let me know that AjaxRain has had a major facelift including: A new UI A revamped home page with the latest Read the rest…

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Accessible Google Charts

Category: Accessibility, Google, JavaScript

Accessibility is something most developers consider an afterthought but not Chris Heilmann, web architect at Yahoo!. As a member of the Yahoo! Accessibility Stakeholders group he takes issues concerning accessibility very seriously and makes it a top consideration in everything he builds. Chris Heilmann recently described his technique for making Google Charts more accessible for Read the rest…

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Tastebook: Rails Ajax Cookbook App

Category: Ajax, Flash, Rails, Showcase

I was at the PCWorld innovative product awards at CES last night, and ran into Tastebook, a site that allows you to build a personal cookbook from both online and your grandma’s recipes. The site is Rails based, and uses a mixture of JavaScript and Flash to get rich functionality such as a visual representation Read the rest…

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CNN Politics Election Center

Category: Showcase

The primaries and caucuses are here, and people want their information. CNN has an Election Center to give you that information, and it has an Ajax flavour this year: < View plain text > HTML <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src=""></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> Read the rest…

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AjaxSwing 2.0: AJAX front end for Swing applications

Category: Java, Toolkit

WebCream has been renamed and a new version launched as AjaxSwing 2.0, a framework that “does all server communication via asynchronous JavaScript and uses partial page updates to reflect changes in the browser.” New Features AJAX functionality for component rendering and asynchronous communication with the server Asynchronous submit of client-side events and operations Partial page Read the rest…

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Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

XUL Templates

Category: Firefox

Mark Finkle has posted about new datasources for XUL templating which links to a nice tutorial. I hope to see more XUL/like features finding their way into the Open Web. Take a look at some of the examples: Using vbox to use fun box model stuff and create a simple vertical box: < View plain Read the rest…

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Ext 2.0 and ColdFusion

Category: ColdFusion, Sencha

Adobe adding the Ext framework to ColdFusion 8 was a great idea as it allowed CF developers to leverage some of the best UI components out there. The main downside is that it’s using Ext v1.0, two releases past what’s currently available. With Ext 2.0 out and tearing it up, it’s no wonder that CF Read the rest…

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Buxfer: Another Personal Finance 2.0 Site

Category: Gears, Prototype, Showcase

Buxfer is another personal finance site, a la Mint. Todd Ritter reports: Buxfer has a few interesting features that differentiate it from the others. While it offers auto-syncing of transaction information with your banks and credit cards, budgeting, and expense analysis, Buxfer also has three key characteristics: Shared Finances – Buxfer allows you to create Read the rest…

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Ajax.NET: Move to ASP.NET Ajax with PageMethods

Category: Microsoft

Michael Schwarz is moving on from his Ajax.NET library, and suggests that you go back to the mothership and use ASP.Net Ajax and the PageMethods feature. History I’m happy to see that Ajax.NET Professional is used about 13.3% when using .NET related web applications. Starting with my first post Using a HttpHandler and Attributes to Read the rest…

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Beyond DOM

Category: Editorial, JavaScript

Neil Mix is scheming and waiting for someone to go beyond DOM: Here’s the problem as I see it: the UI I’ve coded, what you see on the screen, is a reflection (some would call it a transformation) of the data sitting in memory in my JavaScript objects. So why is it that every time Read the rest…

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Monday, January 7th, 2008

20,000 Reasons that Comet Scales

Category: Comet

Greg Wilkins is marching a long with better and more performant Comet support as shown in his piece 20,000 Reasons Why Comet Scales: After some recent optimizations, the Dojo Cometd implementation of the Bayeux protocol running on the Jetty web server can now handle up to 20,000 simultaneous users per server while maintaining sub-second latency. Read the rest…

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Photophlow: Interactive Community Flickr

Category: Showcase

Photophlow is a rich interactive communication device around Flickr, created by Neil Berkman and striatic. Photophlow allows you to add Flickr streams to its chat rooms, so you can discuss away. It also integrates with Twitter. A view source shows both Prototype and Dojo under the hood, and the UI itself is quite rich. Comet Read the rest…

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Dean Edwards IE7.js 2.0 Release

Category: IE, JavaScript, Library

The first famous “IE7” out there was Dean Edwards script that fixed IE 6 in as many ways as possible. Now the IE7 browser itself has come out, Dean has updated his library to make sense in the new world, resulting in the new IE7.js 2.0 release which features: The IE7 project is now hosted Read the rest…

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Bunkai: Dojo Interactive Workbench

Category: Dojo, Showcase

Peter Svensson is back in the online IDE business with a new interactive workbench called Bunkai. Peter formerly created JDA Composer which he claimed “tried to do too many things at once, and so it was hard to understand at first glance.” He setup apart things with a new goal: My goal is to create Read the rest…

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