Friday, February 29th, 2008

Firefox 3 Performance Numbers

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Performance

Moving on from the “let me use that API” conversation and only some real stuff, urandom (thanks for the comment) let us know about the Cybernet News article on Firefox 3 performance. They are reporting that Firefox 3 is now faster than Safari 3, and is close to WebKit nightly in certain benchmarks. I can Read the rest…

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Snoto Photo: Snook, Flickr and AIR

Category: Adobe, Ajax, Announcements, MooTools

After recently installing Snitter, I have to say I’ve become a bit of a fanboy of Jonathan Snook. The guy just produces some good stuff. So when I saw that he announced a new AIR application, I had to get it installed and checked out. While Snoto (ya know, Snook, Snitter, Snoto) isn’t as polished Read the rest…

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Pownce API v2.0 Released

Category: Announcements, Toolkit

The Pownce team has been working hard to get their API up to speed and have gotten the API to a point where some cool applications can be built from it. Yesterday, they announced v2.0 of the Pownce API: We’re sorry it took so long for us to release a complete API. We’ve taken great Read the rest…

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xssinterface: cross domain access using postMessage and more

Category: JavaScript, Security

Malte Ubl has put together a library called xssinterface (somewhat scary name) that uses postMessage when available, and tries work-arounds when not, to give you cross domain JavaScript access. How it works For Browsers that support it, we use the postMessage() interface. For all other browsers, we use the following mechanism: All sites that participate Read the rest…

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Firefox 3 Mac performance gains due to undocumented APIs

Category: Browsers, Firefox, WebKit

Vladimir Vukićević has posted on the performance improvements of Firefox 3 on the Mac, and how one hack, albeit “dangerous” has helped ton. Vladamir says: While figuring all this out, I noticed that Safari/WebKit didn’t seem to be affected by this framerate cap — the fps meter when Safari was running the same benchmark happily Read the rest…

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Windows Live Teasers before Mix

Category: JavaScript, Library, Microsoft

We are waiting for the big news at MIX, mainly revolving around IE 8. We have heard some reports from people who have IE 8 beta that the bugger is a bit of a disappointment, and that it hasn’t moved on too much from IE 7, but lets wait and see before passing judgement. Today Read the rest…

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Components of Browser Performance

Category: Browsers, JavaScript

If you could increase the performance of the JavaScript engine that would be great, but it is only one cog in the machine that needs to improve. We have long seen issues to to DOM bottlenecks and the like, and John Resig has gone through and diagramed the pieces (above) and wrote: What’s interesting about Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 28th, 2008

pQuery where p = Perl

Category: jQuery, Perl

We have talked about a pQuery before, which was a PHP port of jQuery. Now we have a new pQuery for the Perl community: pQuery is a pragmatic attempt to port the jQuery JavaScript framework to Perl. It is pragmatic in the sense that it switches certain JavaScript idioms for Perl ones, in order to Read the rest…

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WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio 3.1.1 Released

Category: Dojo, Toolkit, Utility

WaveMaker has just released a new version of its open source Visual Ajax Studio v3.1.1. It is similar to TIBCO GI, but built on top of Dojo with JavaScript output that is very terse and even looks like something you may have written (which is rare indeed for a tool). Studio lets users create database- Read the rest…

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1000 Scripts and Counting

Category: Ajax

We’ve posted about before, especially regarding the great job that they’re doing in aggregating JavaScript and Ajax-related extensions from all over the web. Last night hit a big milestone by posting script number 1,000. The lucky script, inline content editor called jWYSIWYG, was developed by Juan M Martínez and is designed to allow Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 6:22 am

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Every keystroke is a prisoner – a neat commenting trick

Category: JavaScript, PHP, Tip

My favourite kind of tutorial or trick are the ones that are very easy to do but make a lot of sense – you know the ones that make you slap your forehead and say “why didn’t I do that before?”. Dirk Ginader blogged about a commenting trick (in German) that is one of these. Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The Presentation Tier @ TSSJS

Justin Gehtland is the track host of The Presentation Tier track at TheServerSide Java Symposium. In this podcast interview, Justin discusses all that has to happen on the server side in order to render Ajax and its related technologies on the client side, what the shift toward RESTful-style apps means for developers, why there’s an Read the rest…

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gearsAJAXHelper: Using Gears as an optional speed boost

Category: Gears, Google, JavaScript, Performance

Ben Lisbakken, who sits 100 feet away from me, developed gearsAJAXHelper, a library that bridges the AJAX search and feed APIs with Gears, to get a speed improvement: We decided it would be cool to write a small library to make it easy for you AJAX APIs developers to write quick-loading, always fresh searches/feeds. The Read the rest…

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Kevin Hakman joins Aptana

Category: Aptana, Editorial, TIBCO

When we posted the last podcast on Aptana Jaxer, someone commented on the fact that Kevin Hakman was there, and “Doesn’t Kevin Hakman work for Tibco? What does he have to do with Aptana?”. Aptana has now come out with the news that they have hired Kevin: We are excited to announce that Kevin Hakman Read the rest…

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Adobe extending Flash platform: Run C, C++, Java and more

Category: Adobe, Flash

Paul Krill picked up on Kevin Lynch saying “It’s basically a way to take other languages and make them run on top of Flash Player” as he answered a question from the audience at Engage the other night. Expanding on the project, Ted Patrick, Adobe technical evangelist, said the technology would allow for cross-compiling existing Read the rest…

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Rounded tabs with Dijit

Category: CSS, Dojo

Nikolai Onken has written a detailed post on rounded tabs and how to get them all nice and happy with Dijit. Although the example is focused on Dijit and tweaking the tab template: < View plain text > HTML <div waiRole="presentation" dojoAttachEvent=’onclick:onClick,onmouseenter:_onMouse,onmouseleave:_onMouse’> <div waiRole="presentation" class=’dijitTabInnerDiv’ dojoAttachPoint=’innerDiv’> <div waiRole="presentation" class=’dijitTabContent’ dojoAttachPoint=’tabContent’>           Read the rest…

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