Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Motionbox EventHandler: Event Subscription and Delegation

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

The developers of MotionBox have written a custom Prototype.js based library to handle event delegation and they decided to open source their work. They told me: As you know, the technique of listening to events high in the DOM adds a lot of benefits. The two most notable are: The ability to bind to events Read the rest…

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DOMAssistant 2.6 Released

Category: JavaScript, Library

DOMAssistant 2.6 has been released and the team focused on performance for this version. They have their own version of slickspeed which includes their library. The CSS changes include: Where querySelectorAll and getElementsByClassName aren’t available, DOMAssistant resorts to XPath to select elements, which is an approach that also has very impressive performance results, not to Read the rest…

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Slickspeed Adds Dojo

Category: CSS, JavaScript, Performance

The MooTools folks have added Dojo 1.0.2 to the set of tests on their Slickspeed. It is actually quite cool of them to put up this test and compare other frameworks. I just ran it on Firefox beta 3 on the Mac and the final results (for what it is worth) were: Dojo 1.0.2: 145 Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

YUI 2.5 released – Layout Manager, File Uploader and graphical JavaScript Profiler – and that is just the start

Category: Framework, JavaScript, JSON, Library, Yahoo!

Version 2.5 of the Yahoo User Interface Library (YUI) was released today. You can get all the details on the official blog post, but here’s the “change log”: The new Layout Manager allows you to create multi-pane user interfaces that are collapsible and resizable. The Flash-enhanced File Uploader control might be known to you from Read the rest…

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Measuring the state of Mobile Ajax Performance

Category: Mobile

Reposted from Thesis: A thorough study on the state of Mobile Ajax Performance on devphone Mikko Pervilä has released a thesis for his MSci at the University of Helsinki titled Performance of Ajax Applications on Mobile Devices: This thesis evaluates the presentational capability and measures the performance of five mobile browsers on the Apple iPhone Read the rest…

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Gears 0.2 is in the wild, in production

Category: Gears, Google

We have talked before about Google Gears 0.2. Now, it has been fully released and has been updated on users machines so you can rely on the APIs. The API changes include: New modules: HttpRequest and Timer. The main reason for these modules was that developers told us they wanted to make HTTP requests and Read the rest…

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Dojo rating widget with dojo.gfx

Category: Dojo, Widgets

Tobias von Klipstein has created a Dojo rating component that uses dojo.gfx: This example should demonstrate a case, where geometric forms can be combined with other widgets and how simple it is to achieve a widget using vector graphics. dojox.gfx was a great help, because it prints the appropriate vector format for you (svg/vml/canvas) and Read the rest…

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Air on Rails…. the Euro kind

Category: Adobe, Conferences

Mike and the Air team have announced that the Adobe Bus tour is moving to europe, just without the bus. Instead, they will be doing it like the europeans do, and jumping on the train. Far better for the environment :) As you may have noticed, we have just updated the on AIR tour website, Read the rest…

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Ajax-based social bookmark widget

Category: Ajax, MooTools

Sometimes the smallest and simplest widgets are the absolutely coolest. In this case, mooSocialize fits that description. Similar in concept to the social bookmarking toolbar from, mooSocialize allows you to consolidate submission links for various networks in a neat little slidedown/out panel: mooSocialize uses the MooTools JavaScript library to generate the fluid effects and Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Shooting browsers: Threat or Menace?

Category: Articles, IE

Two articles were shot onto A List Apart this morning. We have Jeffrey Zeldman on the threat or menace of version targeting. Then we have Jeremy Keith on browser shooting. Both are opinions on the version targeting issue that has blown up on the Web recently. Jeremy concludes: Version targeting is not a bad idea. Read the rest…

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Cursing with JavaScript: Three Random Tips

Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Tip

I ran across a few posts in a row in my news reader that were each mini tips that involved Prototype, Firefox, and IE. Prototype Custom Events Howard Lewis Ship is making sure that Tapestry 5 will have 50% more Ajax, and has been playing with Prototype. He found a nagging bug to do with Read the rest…

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Create annotated walk-throughs with Step by Step

Category: Yahoo!

Finding ways to help your users leverage your application’s full potential can be a challenge and UX experts rack their brains daily trying to figure out new ways of improving this experience. One useful technique is the use of annotated walk-throughs which help guide users via detailed textual indicators (eg: popups). Chris Heilmann has created Read the rest…

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Lightview 2: Not just images, now on Prototype.Latest

Category: Library, Prototype

Nick Stakenburg has released Lightview 2, an update of his lightbox-esque library: With the first released of Lightview I aimed to make overlaying images as elegant as possible, rethinking what we know as Lightbox. With Lightview 2.0 I’m going a step further, doing the same for video (Quicktime), swf, Ajax, iframe and inline content. You Read the rest…

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Jack is back: Ext for Air and Vista

Category: Examples, Sencha

Jack had posted a couple of entries back to back in the world of Ext. First, he has been playing with Air again, and quickly wrapped the Ext 2.0 docs in Air, which would have been helpful when I was hacking the Ext toy on the plane: Second, he has been playing with Vista gadgets Read the rest…

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Monday, February 18th, 2008

.Net and Ext: Coolite has the Answer

Category: Sencha

The Ext team has posted about a new community initiative that has been kicked off by Coolite, the same guys that brought you the cool ninja-inspired DateJS parsing library. Coolite Studio, a suite of professional ASP.NET Web Controls built on the Ext JavaScript Framework, aims to make it easy for .Net developers to use Ext’s Read the rest…

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Audible Ajax Episode 24: Aptana Jaxer Talk

Category: Aptana, Framework, JavaScript, Podcasts

I had the opportunity to sit down with three fine gents from Aptana to discuss their recent launch of Jaxer, the “server side Ajax framework”. Paul Colton, Uri Sarid, and Kevin Hakman all sat with me to chat about things. I have already played with Jaxer, and created the Google Gears wrapper which can be Read the rest…

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