Monday, February 18th, 2008

Self Printing JavaScript Literals

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Are you ever sick of seeing Object get printed out when you try to output a variable to your console. Oliver Steele talks about Self Printing JavaScript Literals where you can clean that up with a toString: < View plain text > javascript function makeLiteral(name) {return {toString:function(){return name}}} var L1 = makeLiteral("L1"); var L2 = Read the rest…

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Liberator Comet Platform: Free Edition

Category: Comet, Java, JavaScript, Library

Caplin Systems, creator of the Liberator Comet platform have announced a free version which can be used for non-commercial applications and for evaluation. Liberator includes a high-performance Comet server, a JavaScript client library, and a Java server integration library. There are many examples such as the subscriptions sample which shows a page with realtime updating Read the rest…

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Friday, February 15th, 2008

Facebook Style Input Box

Category: Ajax, MooTools, Prototype

If you used Facebook on a regularly basis, you’ve probably come across their cool autocomplete method of adding multiple recipients to messages. For those that haven’t seen it, here’s a pic: Guillermo Rauch set out to build something similar and he did a very good job of mimicking this behavior using MooTools v1.2: While working Read the rest…

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Using setTimeout to Solve DOMContentLoaded?

Category: JavaScript

Stuart Colville was reading the following info on setTimeout() from JavaScript the Definitive Guide: “In practice, setTimeout() tells the browser to invoke the function when it has finished running the event handlers for any currently pending events and has finished updated the current state of the document” He then thought, does setTimeout solve the DOMContentLoaded Read the rest…

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newjs: JavaScript Project Creation

Category: JavaScript, Testing, Utility

When you start a new JavaScript library, how do you layout the source files, the tests, the distribution files? Do you have support scripts to generate distributions from source files? Run your JavaScript unit tests? Generators to create new unit test HTML files? This is why Dr. Nic created newjs, a Ruby script that sets Read the rest…

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Dual-Side Templating for 2010

Category: JavaScript

Michael Mahemoff is bullish on templating that runs all over the shop, and explained the progression in his Dual-Side Templating piece: c. 1995: Server-Side Templating. This is the standard templating used in Java’s JSP, Perl’s Mason, PHP, ASP, etc. ie some html code with <?= “language” ?> code embedded in it. c. 2005: Browser-Side Templating. Read the rest…

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Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Nextpoint: Taking Ajax to Court

Category: Prototype, Ruby, Scriptaculous, Showcase

I used to work in the healthcare sector, and was always amazed to see the amount of paperwork that was required. Literally paper work that is. The industry was full of drawers overflowing with paper. I imagine that the legal profession has its fair share of this too, but one company Nextpoint, is trying to Read the rest…

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Moo.rd: Extensions to MooTools

Category: JavaScript, Library, MooTools

Moo.rd is an extension library to MooTools that brings you more effects, and helpers for tables, lists, and lightboxes. You can see examples of the new extensions including: Custom Alert Custom Confirm Smooth Scrolling The new Custom.Alert and Custom.Confirm classes are modal, fixed, and can be draggable, like the standards. But they are “Custom”, so Read the rest…

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OnionML: Server Side JavaScript Layout Engine

Category: CSS, Framework, JavaScript

Marcello Bastéa-Forte has developed OnionML, a layout template language that uses server side JavaScript with Rhino and E4X on the back end. The high-level goal of the template engine is to be something with utility not unlike CSS, but for intended layout and composition. The actual functionality is similar to XSLT, but with the design Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

AjaxDataControls v1.0 Ajax Extensison for .Net

Category: .NET, Ajax

We’ve been trying to get more .Net-related content on Ajaxian and luckily we were contacted by the AjaxDataControls team about their new v1.0 release. The AjaxDataControls is a’s open source project built on top of Microsoft Ajax Extension. Currently it contains GridView, DataList, Repeater and Pager controls. The main goal of this project Read the rest…

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MooTools Swiff: Communicate with Flash

Category: Flash, MooTools

MooTools core team member Michelle Steigerwalt has a writeup about the MooTools 1.2 Swiff object which allows communication between Flash movie (.swf) files and a page’s JavaScript. The Swiff object makes it substantially easier to interact with ActionScript allowing you to pass values or manipulate the Flash movie using JavaScript and MooTools: Unless you’re a Read the rest…

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Prototype Deprecation.js: 1.5 to 1.6 made easier

Category: JavaScript, Library, Prototype

Tobie Langel has developed a deprecation script to help you move from Prototype 1.5 to 1.6: When your code calls a method that’s been deprecated, replaced, or modified, the script will log a warning or error to your Firebug console. Clicking its hyperlink will take you to the deprecation script itself, which isn’t all that Read the rest…

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Is easy implementation the same as good code?

Category: Accessibility, Examples, JavaScript, Security, Unobtrusive JS

I’ve just come across a solution for badges on web sites that makes it terribly easy for implementers. The idea is that the implementer could add a badge wherever they want in an HTML document, choose the look and feel and add a message to be shown. The implementation code is the following: < View Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 7:45 am

3.2 rating from 26 votes Behaviour Registration Library

Category: JavaScript, Library

Greg Reimer has followed up and posted on the new event delegation library that he is using on The library provides one object, reg which lets you hook behaviour via: < View plain text > javascript‘ > li >’, myFunction); What is happening Once that bit of code runs, regardless of whether Read the rest…

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Crazy way to change third party scripts

Category: JavaScript, Tip

Paul Irish posted a crazy method for tweaking third party scripts. His problem was that he was using MultiMap (online Mapping API) and wanted to internationalize the information, but it was hard coded in the JavaScript. To get around the problem he does this: < View plain text > javascript // WARNING!!  This is such Read the rest…

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jQuery API Browser Update

Category: jQuery, LiveSearch

Remy Sharp has revived the jQuery API browser at a new location. The old API browser hadn’t been updated since 1.1.3 and most other API browsers were running from the old doc structure (e.g. Remy added live searching and direct linking.

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