Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Django Template Language in JavaScript

Category: Dojo, Examples, JavaScript

I am learning at lot at the Dojo Developers Day one. Whenever I met Dojo folks I get the impression that there are 55 gems in the library that I have no idea about! One of them is Neil Roberts implementation of the Django template language in JavaScript. His work lives in dojox.dtl and you Read the rest…

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JavaScript Library Loading Speed

Category: JavaScript, Performance

John Resig has analyzed JavaScript library loading speed by looking into the recent PbWiki testing results. He delves into the fact that file size != speed and puts out the simple formula: Total_Speed = Time_to_Download + Time_to_Evaluate We also seem to obsess about packing and minification, where it often does give us that much since Read the rest…

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jQuery UI and jQuery Enchant Alpha Versions Released Today

Category: Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery

The jQuery UI team announced today the release of alpha versions of jQuery UI 1.5a and jQuery Enchant 1.0a! The projects aim to address the need for a strong set of UI controls and effects to complement the jQuery JavaScript library. I’m very happy to announce the first alpha release of both jQuery UI 1.5 Read the rest…

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Security Focus: JavaScript Global Namespace Pollution

Category: JavaScript, Security

Security should always be a concern when developing client-side applications as time and time again, sites have been compromised by a lack for forethought into how users, especially malicious ones, interact with your site. is an excellent site for staying abreast of new security exploits and the team constantly pushes the boundaries of how Read the rest…

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iPhone Cachability: Watch your weight

Category: iPhone, JavaScript, Mobile, Performance

Reposted from devphone. Wayne Shea and Tenni Theurer have continued their performance series by delving into the iPhone and its poor little cache. I always wonder why the cache is so small. It is typical Apple to not allow an expert mode where you can tweak it. I would rather have a few less songs Read the rest…

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

OpenAjax Alliance Launches Its Second Wave

Category: OpenAjax

The 100+ members of OpenAjax Alliance recently approved the release of OpenAjax Hub 1.0, including the OpenAjax Hub 1.0 Specification, an open source reference implementation at SourceForge, and a complete test suite. OpenAjax Hub 1.0 is a small JavaScript library (<3K) that allows multiple Ajax toolkits to work together on the same browser frame. The Read the rest…

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Server Side JavaScript Databases Access

Category: Aptana, Gears, JavaScript

Reposted from my personal blog As soon as I started to play with Aptana Jaxer, I saw an interesting opportunity to port the Google Gears Database API (note the Gears in the logo!) If I could use the same API for both client and server side database access, then I can be enabled to do Read the rest…

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Firebug 1.1 and

Category: Debugging, Firefox

John J Barton has been working hard on Firebug 1.1, but the work has been in the dark a little unless you are paying attention. He has been putting releases up, and Kris Zyp has been kind enough to host I have talked to a few people recently who keep Firefox 2 around just “because Read the rest…

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Kevin Lynch promoted to become Adobe CTO

Category: Adobe

I met this really nice bloke at the first Ajax get together, put on a few years back, by O’Reilly and Adaptive Path. Ben and I were arguing about something or other and this guy politely told us that we were totally wrong. It turned out to be Kevin. He is a really nice chap, Read the rest…

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Canvas Pie Chart from datatable

Category: Canvas, Unobtrusive JS

I love it when a plan comes together (removes cigar): After I played with Google charts and porting the idea of generating charts from accessible table data over to YUI charts Stoyan Stevanof had to use the same idea to generate his own, home-made Canvas-driven charts: His solution shows in a few lines not only Read the rest…

Posted by Chris Heilmann at 1:24 pm

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MySpace Announces Developer Platform

Category: Ajax, JavaScript

In an obvious move to counter FaceBook’s expanding developer platform, MySpace, the top trafficked social network announced today the availability of the MySpace Developer Platform. News of the imminent release had been circulating for weeks and MySpace finally gave developers the keys to its playground. The MySpace Developer Platform (MDP) allows developers to create applications Read the rest…

Posted by Rey Bango at 10:48 am

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Collaborative Drawing with Sketch

Category: Comet, Dojo

Roberto Saccon has taken the Dojo example program sketch, which itself “fully implements the idea of pipelining the drawing process based on sequential commands for adding, modifying or deleting objects” and has Cometized it: Very little additional code was necessary to combine the chat app and the drawing app into a collaborative example app. I Read the rest…

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Continous Integration for the Front End

Category: Testing, Utility

Gareth Rushgrove has posted on continous integration for the front end. He talks about a new site, that does one thing: The premise is simple; enter a few of your sites and inursite will visit them once a day and run a markup validation service over the page. You then get a feed of Read the rest…

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Random thoughts from a Firefox

Category: Editorial, Firefox

Robert O’Callahan has a nice recap of BaaCamp down under. Robert talks about various talks that he went too, for example on AIR which touted: features that can and should be provided by browsers too, possibly via extensions like Gears for the laggards, ideally via standard APIs like HTML5. Robert feels like there is still Read the rest…

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OpenSocial 0.7: Coming to prime time

Category: JavaScript, Social Networks

The latest version of the OpenSocial spec has been released, 0.7: The best news is that, based on numerous discussions with both app developers as well as container sites, we believe OpenSocial 0.7 has all the necessary pieces to launch OpenSocial apps to users at scale. In fact, both hi5 and orkut will be using Read the rest…

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Super Tuesday: Ajax Endorsements

Category: Fun

TechCrunch got political and got into the endorsement business, apparently based on their tech policy. So, surely Ajaxian needs to get in on this action. How better to do so than take a look at what toolkits are used by the top runners: Barack Obama Barack is trying to be inclusive by weilding Prototype, Scriptaculous, Read the rest…

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